Resolved - CM Trading -- problem

Dear Sir

We cannot keep going over the same points. You have proven to everyone that what we have said all along is correct!
We even offered you a bonus to make up for something that you have proved is beyond our control.

If you wish to withdraw your funds, you are welcome to do so, but we cannot continue any more on this.

We wish you luck in your trading
I don't know where you got the gut to say you're "CORRET" in front of the obvious evidence of fraud. I definitely will withdraw -- who would ever want to trade with this kind of company? I have well proved you and your colleagues are lying and denying your fraud, anyone is reading this thread is seeing it.
Thank you Pharaoh for your advice, I have tried to reach Mr. Ibrahim A. Aita (the Founder and Director) see if he can explain to us how I got a price significantly different than what my platform showed.

here's the message I sent:

I invite you to this thread on FPA

Dear Mr. Aita,
I am glad to find you and have a chance to send a message directly to you. I think you are also interested to know how your customer service officer actually handle complaint from your valued customers. Before you read my whole story with your company, I hope to let you know I am not an unreasonable person and pick faults or blame your company for my loss if it's solely my responsibility. I don't want to treat your company unfairly and I don't want to say things without evidence. As such I especially reached to your system developer, get certainty that my copy-trade action should not lead to such result. However your customer service officer refused to explain why I got such an unfair price.
Thank you for your time.
The answer below is written on behalf of Mr. Aita.

First and foremost, Mr. Aita would like to thank you for bringing this matter to his attention. Please know that he has been fully aware of your issue since the beginning.

We do acknowledge that you experienced a pricing issue.
We established the fact that the master trader you were copying is not a client of ours, therefore we are unable to check how he managed to receive this execution price.

We also do want to establish the fact that CM Trading has absolutely no control over execution prices, whether they are provided by Leverate or manually manipulated.

Having said that, we will take responsibility for what occurred, if only for the fact that you are a CM Trading client and that we do make it a point to take care of our clients.

In order to put this matter to rest, we have decided to credit your trading account with the total amount of your losses (538.02$).
Those funds will be available to you to do with them whatever you please, without any conditions.

For this to happen, you must first state that this is agreeable to you.
We also request that you change the subject of this case and that you close this case.

We do hope that you will remain a CM Trading client and that you will continue to use our services.
Thank you Mr. Aita, for taking your time responding to my query. Very much appreciate that you are willing to take the responsibility to the issue I encountered, even you don't agree that your company at fault.

Since you would generously take the responsibility for my loss, I would believe that this is not manually manipulated. Even the Leverate has confirmed the master trader's price won't affect my trading price, unfortunately it somehow happened. I would agree to take the compensation and close the case. I may continue stay with CM Trading as well (but not copytrade) if I know that my problem will be taken care of. I didn't had other problem with your company beside this unfortunate issue.

I'm not sure if you are also aware of that I actually reported this issue for 2 of my trading accounts with you. Both of my accounts had the same trades. The other account number in my initial post has been masked as XXXXXXXXX, ends with 788, would you please kindly help me take care if this account as well?

Thank you.
The answer below is written on behalf of Mr. Aita.

We are taking responsibility for you as a CM Trading client.
However, the responsibility of the technical issue that caused losses of funds does not lay with us, but with the quote provider that should not have let this price go through.

That being said, we checked 2 of your accounts (ending with 788 and ending with 370) and we are willing to refund the amount of 538.02$ on both accounts.

We do insist that must change the subject of this case as it is a slander to our good name, and of course you must also close this case.

If this is agreeable to you, our Support department will be in touch with you directly to finalize the procedure.
Dear Mr. Aita, thank you for your kind reply. I agree with the resolution and will contact forum administration to change the subject name.