RESOLVED Easy Forex Vanished My $2063 value Account


My Easy Forex Account id: 3760838

I register account on 8th April 2015.
They offered 100$ deposit and get 100$ bonus instant.

After I traded regularly and also I and Easy forex were going happily.
My account was fully verified.

I got profits and my total account balance $2063.33.
18th of May I asked for $1000 withdrawal.

They call me said you got bonus we will cut bonus.
I said ok.

They then vanished my whole account.
and said there is no record of your account.

when I given proof of email.
Now they say that when they called after withdrawal and asked me on call to close my account. And so your account is closed and you can not get your money.

My demand is if they want to close my account, good get bonus back, but give me my deposit money and profits back first.


Easy Forex Trading Ltd (CySEC - License Number 079/07) ?

then you can complain to regulator, also invite them to this thread


then, keep asking them every day by emails and some calls, also you can keep this thread active and report how situation turns out..... do you have saved account statements?


Yes, I have trade statements which easy-forex daily sent me. This can not be issue.
First they said after my request of $1000 withdraw, that over phone asked to close account so closed (Non sensible).
Now they say I "Arbitraged".

Thank God I mostly traded crude oil and even according to easy-forex Technical Analysis. Reasons why my trade deals were opened and why closed are very according to there analysis. So I said my trades can be proved.

I said them you prove I arbitraged for your $100 bonus.

They said. No, you generally arbitraged.


usual BS ... this kind of brokers must be punished... I suggest to open case ...


Brigadier General
Go ahead and get your $100, but don't sign anything about this being the end of your claims against the company.

You can also file a complaint with the Cyprus Financial Ombudsman and

Invite Easy-Forex to come here and explain where your money went.


Three steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

EF Worldwide Limited.
Ajeltake Road,
Trust Company Complex,
MH 96960, Ajeltake Island,
Majuro, Marshall Islands

Worldwide Locations

Europe Headquarters
5th Floor Kriel Court
1 Griva Digheni
P.O. Box 53742
Limassol 3317
Tel: +357 25 828 899
Fax: +357 25 817 183

Asia Pacific Headquarters
Suite 703, 65 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel: 1300 303 908
Fax: +61 3 9020 8890

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat.

3rd- Go to their Social media page and share you story as a comment on latest post.


Also share your Story at FPA Review page here Easy-Forex | Forex Brokers Reviews | Forex Peace Army

PS: We want your votes at open cases, check this section FPA Open Cases and votes for Guilty or Not Guilty.


General Info
Chat start time May 29, 2015 6:28:48 AM EST
Chat end time May 29, 2015 7:10:19 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:41:30
Operator Evelyn
Chat Transcript
info: Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are number '1' in the queue. The estimated wait time is approximately '8' seconds.
info: Welcome to the easy-forex chat. My name is Evelyn. Please give me a moment to reply to your initial question. Can speak Nantia
Evelyn: hello
Evelyn: i am sorry she is not available at the moment OK, My account was unfairly closed just due to my $2000.
Evelyn: sir we have spoken to you so many times about your account been closed She asured me that ASM will contact. But no one is contacting
Evelyn: and your funds of $100 has been transferred to your account where are other1900?
Evelyn: your ASM has spoken to you about the issue already about your account no he did not.
Evelyn: that money will not be giving to you
Evelyn: as we have already told you sir i asked him many time he give no response. He is guilty thats why 1900 are mine. You must pay that.
Evelyn: that money does not belong to you sir
Evelyn: it has been taken hahaha I have proves that is mine. but you have nothing to prove it yours. All deals trades and profit emails are in my inbox all sent by you.
Evelyn: sir you arbitraged our trading platform and also Options coupon
Evelyn: i am sorry we will not be giving you any more money but the one we have sent to you which is $100 arbitrage? where? any details? or just saw my 2000$? my trades were accourding to your technical analysis. you can match them
Evelyn: all has been checked and you arbitraged our trading platform and also Options coupon option trade?. I got 130 pips in it. you can check any other excuse?
Evelyn: sir there is noting going to happen as we have already given you the final say in reference to your trading account ok then send me email about account closure. which you done that in air.
Evelyn: i will inform your account manager about that hahaha. he is on moons tour. he will not reply. Guaranteed
Evelyn: you will receive an email about your account closure 100% sure?
Evelyn: you will get an email sir Nantia said 2 days ago. I given 48h. But This will waste your time. And mine. I also challenging you on I will do my best to declare you scam you prove your self there not guilty. your CySEC regulation traped me. else I would not join. I will complain there as well.
Evelyn: thank you sir that is not an issue with our company, we are the best at the forex market and our client are happy with our service
Evelyn: you arbitraged our trading platform and also Options coupon ya very happy. They get nothing profits if ever get. but loss is always waiting. If you have no tension then why dont you sent me email of account closure? Accounts opening thousands documentations where as closure is in air?
Evelyn: sir we will send you an email of your account been closed
Evelyn: i have told you this already I know no one will send. I also told you. then why we end this by just you send an email now?
Evelyn: your account manager told you that your account has been closed where?
Evelyn: you will get your email sir
Evelyn: as soon as possible can i get in one hour? OIC you have not my email address. this is that
Evelyn: you will get it an email sir I have given 48h to Nantia. And waited. You dont know what waiting does. And I still know no one will do. Your actions since last week told me all that.
Evelyn: sir you will get an email
Evelyn: as soon as possible
Evelyn: Is there anything else I can help you with currently? Can you check what I chated 2 days ago with nantia? She said same as you doing. But result waste of time I you people are not guilty then why this? Come solidly. Let me make it easy to you. write an email Copy past this. "you arbitraged our trading platform and also Options coupon so your account is closed, and your profit will not be given to you"
Evelyn: thank you fopr chatting with me
Evelyn: for
Evelyn: have a nice day sir
info: Chat session has been terminated by the operator.