Resolved: Exto Capital

Ognyan Dimitrov

I am deleting my post, beacuse we have resolved the case together with a representative of the company to our mutual satisfaction and I don't want to create any bad publicity for them....
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I was able to resolve my case with them and now I consider the case closed. A representative of the company contacted me and after discussing the situation we reached an agreement and I am getting my 300euro profit back. They still think that SNW news trading is not compatible with their user agreement terms but agreed to send me the money in order to have the case resolved which is fine with me and I have no further claims to them. Since now the issue is settled is it possible to have the thread removed from the Scam Alert Folder?
show me the money?

I wouldnt crow until that money posts in your bank account. I am glad they value(maybe)their reputation more than 300e. That shows a spark of intelligence
on your brokers part. Good luck though.:)
You are getting your EUR 300 back because to them it is not worth the bad publicity for such a small amount of money. But I would not like your chances of getting your profits back if it was EUR 3000 or EUR 30,000. I say any broker who cancels winning trades is a scam.