Resolved: FBS managed account scam

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FBS Representative
Dear Compu-forex,
You are absolutely right regarding FBS actions in case IB has breached the IB agreement. And, as it was already said before, FBS would be able to take actions if the agreement has been really breached. But, as it has been already explained, “Customer Agreement or Partners Agreement do not prohibit trading activity on Client’s behalf if the Client has given access to their trading account voluntarily ”.

Next, indeed, based on the Ms./Mrs. Lisamary’s words, our Partner department manager has called the bespoken IB and demanded removing the “FBS account manager” description. As it has become known recently, the IB claimed that he never called himself “FBS account manager”, which also has been proven by Ms./Mrs. Lisamary’s screenshots. The fact that we tried to comply with Ms./Mrs. Lisamary’s request doesn’t mean that we are “lying”. We would like to remind that both Ms./Mrs. Lisamary and the IB are clients of FBS. And the company cannot be loyal to one client at the expense of another in this exact case. As it has been repeated numerous times already, FBS could take actions regarding the IB if he acted not on Client’s permission, but hacked the trading account. Though since in this case none of the agreements have been breached, and the Client has disclosed her trading account details voluntarily, FBS has no grounds for any actions towards IB. Thus, as we have said several times already, any claim a client has against an IB should be addressed to the bespoken IB. The client and the IB bear full responsibility for their actions and should come to the agreement by themselves.


@FBS Official Rep,

Ok fair enough. I should point out that it is your own posts on this thread that lead me to the conclusion that he represented himself as a FBS Accounts manager. Your post indicates that you forced him to cease this misrepresentation. Are you now saying that he did not make any such representation and therefore you did not have to force him to correct his social media representations?

@Lisamary, do you have any evidence to substantiate your claim that this guy represented himself to be an Accounts Manager for FBS?


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Lia (FBS)
Nov 27, 19:54 +03 Please be kindly informed that we have successfully contacted the partner in question and clarified the situation with him.He won't be providing the trading service anymore.
Lia (FBS)
Dec 1, 08:25 +03 Please, note that we have rechecked the situation with the IB in question, clarified he situation and confirmed that the IB is not breaking any of the rules stated in the Customer Agreement.
Johana (FBS)
Dec 9, 13:31 +03 The IB is a Partner, not a manager, all services provided by FBS are performed via our website and official e-mails. We have clarified the information with the IB and made sure he doesn't use the name of "manager" but Partner/IB.
Johana (FBS) Dec 9, 17:26 +03 We never mentioned his services were suppressed,
28 Nov 2019, 08:07 AM (GMT+0)
(08:35:20) Agniya: We have taken action to suppress this activity as was reported to you in a letter from Lia
Johana (FBS) Dec 17, 13:22 +03 We never mentioned his services were suppressed, we informed you we were investigating your case and communicating with the IB to clarify the matter.We informed you that IF the IB had violated the conditions of our Partner's Agreement we would disable his service, that is not the situation.Service= working as an IB/Parter. Him performing trading for you is not part of the IB service and we have no regulations regarding it,
Lia (FBS) Nov 27, 19:54 +03 Please be kindly informed that we have successfully contacted the partner in question and clarified the situation with him.
He won't be providing the trading service anymore.
Johana (FBS) Nov 7, 12:05 +03 We have only received one message from you so far sir, we replied to your inquiry.I will summarize the message in case you didn't receive it;
We are sorry to hear such a situation occurred, be kindly reminded that when a client registers to be a Partner or decide to be attached to a Partner all regulations for this service are specified here, the job of a Partner is to attract clients to FBS, such as yourself, and provide you with commissions (under his decision) as well as trading advice. That does NOT mean that he can trade for you, that is in fact prohibited and not a part of the services the Partner program offers.
It seems the Partner has violated the Partner's Agreement rules and will investigate this case further, for that we need you to send us images/screenshots of any conversations you had with the Partner where he offered you to trade your account in your behalf and share commissions with you, as you mentioned.
We will be waiting for your update!
Johana (FBS) Nov 15, 15:30 +03 Yes, sir, we understand your point, the information this Partner provided you is indeed not correct.
Our IB department is already investigating this and they will communicate with the Partner directly. (08:28:14) : that is what i am in need of making a complaint you see? Have you read Lia's email to me ? contrast that with what you are telling me now and tell me anyone can make sense of it seeing you are communicating differently on the same issue? (08:26:23) Agniya: I do not want to say that we do not take any actions, exactly the opposite, our departments are engaged in resolving this situation, this issue's resolving takes some time
(08:30:01) Agniya: As Lia told you: we have successfully contacted the partner in question and clarified the situation with him. He won't be providing the trading service anymore.
I would like to remind you that an IB is a person who refers clients to FBS and has no obligation to trade for you or provide you with profits or commissions, you both make a mutual agreement regarding which information you share or not privately, this is not part of FBS's services and as you can see in the Agreement (point 7.4 mentioned above) we do not advise clients to do this.

27 Nov 2019,10:41 AM (GMT+0)
Noah: I perfectly understand that you are upset and demand justice for someone who you beleive did you wrong, madam. However, still, investigation will take place first and only then we will be able to pass our judgement on the situation.
(11:21:38)Noah: Do you understand the concept of "Innocent, until proven guilty"?
(11:11:52)Noah: Hence, we cannot just ban him right there and then, per your own claim. We need to INVESTIGATE. That takes TIME. So please, be patient. We are doing our work and will inform you on the developments of your case.
(11:36:20)Noah: Okay, let me be perfectly clear with you. You have shown us SCREENSHOTS of you talking to the IB. And you are so far the only one who complained about him. Such screenshots can be DRAWN manually in any graphical editor application, such as Photoshop. I can make those myself right now within 15 minutes. Therefore, they are certainly considered. But we need to investigate futher. We need to contact the said IB. We need to check his clients. We need to do a lot of fact checking, basically. And only then we can do something amount it.
(11:37:03): and in those clear discussions he is not denying he is a managed account, he is only evading accountability for the managed account shortfalls, but you are in his defense why ?
(11:39:30): why make assumptions for his advantage by taking those facts lightly? why not contact telegram and i am available for their input, they might even help with restoring all the chats that forexfamz deleted with him admitting he is sorry he blew the first account and he will restore it in full after the second deposit
(11:40:09): lets introduce telegram officials and those chats will reveal more if not all the deleted chats
(11:40:27)Noah: Because the said discussions still should be proven. His actions you claim he took should be proven. Nothing is proven YET. All I ask is for you to wait. There is no need to come to the chat additional time. I understand that you are upset and you are worried about the whole situation. But please, let us do our job. We know how to deal this this. It may be hard to sit in one place and do nothing when someone has wronged you, but there is nothing you an do at the moment to speed up the process. You delegated the issue to us. Now it is up to us to solve it. And we will, in due time.
(11:41:25): right now contact telegram and forward those screenshots and have them give you more evidence , i will be happy to see that happen
(11:42:04)Noah: You do realise, that even Russian FBI has failed to demand any passcodes from Telegram officials?
(11:42:23): and also use his link and collect your own evidence which will be the same as i sent you since the screenshots are from his telegram group
(11:43:13): what i realise is you are taking light of your fraudulent IBs criminal behavior for his advantage
(11:44:04)Noah: Lia is right here, by the way. She promises she will contact you within today.
(11:44:06): myself and the 1000s of group attendees where do you leave us as your clients ?


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Here are the 2019 amendments to the IFSC law showing that FBS are responsible for their IB's and misrepresentations they make.

International Financial Services Commission (Amendment) Act, 2019

“IFS Practitioner” means any person or entity carrying on the business of international financial services (as defined by this Act) including all registered agents qualified or designated under section 43 of the International Business Companies Act, Cap.270 (as amended) but excluding the International Business Companies Registry, International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize and Belize International Services Limited;

27. pg.22
Liability of officers, IFS practitioner and managing agent
39.(1) If an employee or agent of an IFS practitioner or managing agent, or a person acting or purporting to act on behalf of the IFS practitioner or managing agent commits an offence against this Act or the International Business Companies Act, Chapter 270for which the IFS practitioner or managing agent would have been liable had it been committed by the IFS practitioner or managing agent on premises to which the licence relates, the IFS practitioner or managing agent is to be taken also to have committed an offence and is liable to the same penalty as is prescribed for the principal offence.

(2) An IFS practitioner or managing agent may be proceeded against and convicted under subsection (1) although the employee or agent has not been proceeded against or has not been convicted under this Act.

28. pg.23
(3) It is not a defence to an offence under the Act or Regulations to show that the IFS practitioner or managing agent did not know, or could not reasonably have been aware of or have prevented the offence committed by the employee or agent or had taken reasonable steps to prevent the commission of the offence.”.


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[Forwarded from ForexFamz]
▶ STEP 1 ◀
Sign up with broker: FBS
Regulated: IFSC, CySEC
Thru my REF LINK below:
NOTE: Make sure you click LINK below!
If you don't sign up thru my REF link Below.
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Make sure to use Leverage:
1:2000 or highest level.
▶ STEP 2 ◀
After broker sign-up/verified - message FBS Chat support to verify account asap, sometimes they verify right away.
Then make minimal deposit of $200 and UP then message:
@ForexFamz the information below:

Just Profit Share At The End Of The Month 50%/50% - Via PAYPAL OR SKRILL.
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@FBS Official Rep,
Your IB never informed me he was an IB why, what was he avoiding and what was his intentions from the onset according to you for him to lie? He specifically addressed himself as an accounts manager and put forth FBS as his operation ground. You failed to produce the managed account agreement because there is non saying his services are not officially on your website neither do you officially acknowledge his management services which is against his presentations with proved lies on shared information and you still maintain no breach has occurred yet i became an FBS client believing he was officially FBS approved only to find out he was not and there is no such title or position at FBS called accounts manager?
Forexfamz has been in operation as an accounts manager for years as i observed him carry on and you say you are only finding out now seriously? I asked you to use your broker abilities to trace his IP connected accounts over the years so you contact other connected clients and verify they are aware of all that you have been sharing with me taking away client protection in defense of your IB so they become aware and take necessary actions or decisions to protect themselves in that light but you refuse to respond whether you have notified them and they now know you will leave them hanging yet not mind the financial benefits that you are generating from the same clients you refuse to attend to seeing your IB services are fraudulently brought about sealed with lies?
You have not proved your fraudulent IB has not misrepresented himself because he deleted the chats yet you speak for him with such authority why? The few screenshots shared only show what was earlier requested me to prove by FBS that he indeed was trading my account and they show forexfamz vulgar and offensive communication as he refuses to honor his $256 refund promise he made me after blowing my account saying he wants to teach me a lesson for having secured my account yet such action was so it did not retrace into red this time around else it could easily have blown like the first seeing he had like before abandoned the account.
You cannot defend him or stand as his lawyer because you have not proved he did not misrepresent himself, show your proof? You also said i did not lose money yet i did, why yet it is clear even how much i lost, that is a lie, the only ones who benefited as i lost is your IB you reward for the new clients,follow up benefits you give him and his first monthly accounts management fee of around $109 he charged me, and yourselves as FBS for all transactions this new account generated you.
You are taking decisions in favor of your fraudulent IB and speak for him without proof yet on the other hand you say i must provide that same proof so you force he restore my funds he promised to restore but decided not to do so and you say you do not see anything wrong with your warped decisions?
Who in their right minds would allow a trade to retrace into red after seeing the price fail to break resistance coupled with second disappearance by your IB against promises he wouldn't do it again plus months of lies as we chatted he would soon open new trades but not do so but still be posting accounts results in the group of profits made? He stopped trading and managing my account for months and abandoned the account and he explodes when i secure the account and move the funds for safety yet in the first account after successfully failing to contact him for several weeks with running trades abandoned it ended up blowing, so why would i allow the second account forexfamz abandoned to retrace into red unattended, you say you do not mind your IBs doing this to clients really and be collecting the connected charges to the same account?
The whole conversation from beginning with your IB he deleted when telegram introduced option that a chart deleted from one end erases also on my end i had to improvise to get the few screenshots as he had resorted to quickly responding then delete immediately then later be taunting me to produce the chats he deleted thinking since he had done so no evidence of his misconduct and unethical maneuvers just because of the refund pressure he failed to honor , you have been told this but you are asking for what your IB deleted so as to negatively substantiate your unfair stance against me in favor of your IB you said your official job you gave him is to bring you clients, he did bring me to you premised on lies, the few screenshots i have sent you you can see the lies and that he is owing and refusing to honor his promise to refund me after intentionally blowing the $256 funds when he opened trades and disappeared , he ignored my chats as i inquired at the lack of action when the funds were reducing but he only was reading but not responding to my chats until i kept using different telegram accounts pushing he stops ignoring and attends and he eventually gave in and came to me and apologized for having blown my account and said he takes full responsibility and he would refund the amount in full but he now refuses and your only action is to say he must only edit his telegram information and not mislead anyone to believe he would be trading in the FBS official capacity but in his own capacity information which misled me to join believing he was officially recognized by FBS but you say your only recognition is that he brings you clients, how do you accept clients and and follow up benefits without a care now knowing your fraudulent IB is using lies in his responsibility to you as to make him get undue financial rewards from FBS selfishly, if he had said the truth that he is just mere IB in no account management official FBS capacity do you think i was going to join? How many more do you think will continue joining? Obviously not, as there is many that advertise as IBs from different brokers that i ignore as that is not what i am looking for.
Initially different FBS officials said he was in violation trading my account because he was not allowed and his only job was to bring you clients so FBS had already suppressed his management services and he also in your successful contact had agreed to your suppression but later they twisted and turned saying they had said no such thing and now maintained forexfamz you clearly see is owing had done nothing wrong?
What exactly is your measure and standard of violation if all your IB has done you are not moved to resolve by instructing your IB you say listens to your orders to make adjustments but you refuse to order him to ensure my refund why when you see the amount owed? You say you are not involved as to cause the refund yet on the other hand you are instructing him to take your orders to same connected account services?
In your instruction to your IB to communicate clearly without reservation so as to rule out lies and give clients the right to decide to join on full and clear information have you allowed my request that he adds his contact details in his adjustments so anyone can reach him the way only you are able to, all you do is offhandedly tell me to contact him yet you know he has blocked me on telegram, how do you propose i contact an individual you know has blocked me as your solution to this matter yet on the other hand you see nothing wrong with holding on to the financial benefits derived by deceiving me into being an FBS client?
In the information i retained you see him saying he will teach me a lesson for taking action to secure my account after he stopped trading against his promises, why would he then be angry i secured my account after months of inactivity and failures to take action he himself had promised saying he would close the running trade going for months and open new trades which he failed to do for several months? according to you why would he accord himself rights to punish me and be teaching me a lesson when he abandoned my account for months then only show up to curse on me after i took action this time around with the blown funds still fresh in my mind?
You then say he actually is allowed to trade my account but say he can do as he pleases against my will and rights then you wonder at his arrogance and abuses with that blessing you give him using your platform to access us? Had he not lied to me i was never going to be your client as you see it took 2 years to be convinced as i was in his group initially designed for traders free interactions but later locked for only forexfamz account management results and advertisements hence many left but thousands are still in the group but when i chatted to many of them they did not even know who forexfamz is according to their responses so i was shocked how then they ended up in the group?
You had said for you to act you needed proof forexfamz had traded and blown my account and i have proved that but you have been adjusting your communications time and again avoiding the responsibility to reign in your fraudulent IB and force the refund as it appears for his good as benefits for bringing new clients to FBS, to me it appears the job has such protection benefits even when it is clear your IB is owing.
How can FBS officials like Johanna say they never suppressed his management services yet others like Lia ,Agniya etc be saying FBS had done so yet i was informed that some of those who emailed me that false information are FBS senior managers?? where did that information they had suppressed yet not having done come from and what was the purpose and what did you hope to achieve by those lies?
Look at your IBs link, you see he also lied saying FBS has 2 regulators IFSC plus Cysec but you say it is only IFSC so that is another lie you see he communicated to me, i am expectant IFSC will assist me in this predicament and enforce the refund owed, you also see in that link he said any problem to contact you and you would help but when i contact you i find you are not helping but you are avoiding instructions and guidance imposed by IFSC you asked me to provide saying you would not respond to Cysec information about how to handle such a matter as to hold your IBs accountable for what they owe and their misconduct, yet IFSC also instructs on how to handle same situation just like Cysec but you refuse to be led by regulatory framework?
You are aware your IB is owing but you refuse to enforce saying you are not involved yet you as FBS are benefiting when your IB uses lies to con me or any other clients into accepting to be a new FBS client, the financial benefits you reaped through your IB are not due you since such benefits were involuntarily acquired using lies and deception, you as FBS and your IB should return all such fraudulently acquired selfish financial benefits not due you and go about seeking clients in a transparent manner not resorting to lies and deception,such misconduct actually serves to make clients leave and stay away as soon as they find out this is how you handle your business and is more costly to yourselves yet you only need to be truthful and transparent and allow clients to freely decide without deception whether they would join FBS or not and the connected services simply that.
You are aware of your fraudulent IBs deceptive transactions you say you see nothing wrong with and refuse to resolve have brought about this situation but you refuse the regulator guide you on resolving it how come?
I have come to conclude your reluctance in enforcing what your IB promised to refund is erroneous and hard for you to support whilst pleading innocence in the same breath, his misconduct structured to selfishly benefit himself for rewards from you for new clients is benefiting FBS as an end result and you refuse to admit you are the major beneficiary of your IBs fraudulent actions and you avoid having to return fraudulent benefits acquired using false information because it is not good for your image and your pocket yet you have no choice but to cause that restoration as a resolution against you calling an unsolved matter solved and closed strangely, yet choosing to continue connected to an IB you see lying to get clients so he makes more money through lies for personal gain is worse action any broker can take and maintain and any such broker must be noted and avoided as seriously speaking in reflection who wants to be connected to a broker that does not mind their IBs lying to get paid then refuse to enforce same IB refunds as he promised without blinking an eye.
May IFSC enforce my refund according to their notification they do not allow businesses to operate in their name which causes negativity against Belize.

FBS Official Rep

FBS Representative
Dear Lisamary,
We understand your frustration and your desire to return the lost funds. But kindly let us make this clear: FBS is neither “defends” the IB nor is going to take more actions regarding him apart from those that have been taken already. We have repeated several times and we are forced to repeat once again: your claim against the IB should be addressed to the bespoken IB and both of you should come to the agreement by yourselves, FBS bears no responsibility for the situation at hand and has no grounds for any actions for or against you or IB.

As for your accusations regarding deleted chats and insufficient proofs - unfortunately, the company cannot predict each clients’ claim and can operate only with those materials that are provided by the client themselves. And taking into account the screenshots provided by you as evidence, we cannot see any mentioning of FBS which returns us to the previously said statement: your claim against the IB should be addressed to the bespoken IB and both of you should come to the agreement by yourselves.

The same goes for the lost funds: FBS can operate only with information reflected in our systems, and according to them the total sum of your withdrawals exceeds the total sum of your deposits. FBS bears no responsibility for any amount sent voluntarily by you directly to the IB.Regarding our regulators - again, there’s no lie. The Global domain of FBS for the clients from the non-European countries is regulated by IFSC. And FBS Tradestone Ltd. is a CySEC regulated European domain (operating under the trading name of FBS). The Global domain is not related to European one.

We are definitely sorry that such situation has happened to you, but, again, all we can do at this point is to recommend you to thoroughly check all the information given to you by any third party regarding services of FBS beforehand. You can address our customer support any time and ask if this person, group in Telegram or anything else is authorized by FBS. Apart from this, we would like to remind you that FBS does not provide any account management services, more than that it is strictly prohibited for any employee of FBS. Instead, FBS provides CopyTrade application, allowing to copy any chosen trader, deposit-free bonus and FBS Demo-pro contest, allowing not only to learn how to trade oneself, but also get profit without any deposit and numerous educational and analytic materials helping those who would like to successfully trade without anyone’s help.


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@FBS Official Rep,
I also am forced to again repeat as done several times, the IFSC regulations guiding you with framework on addressing this situation caused by an FBS IB or connected individuals you refuse to acknowledge why? FBS staff initially said they were not aware of forexfamz managed accounts and they had suppressed his services only to say later they actually had not done such an action, FBS later changed their communication i received from staff said to be senior managers and other staff you try to excuse saying they were trained differently really?
and the IFSC says that is not an excuse to say you did not know,
Even so their "i did not say what i said" reflects dishonesty right as they cannot say they did not say what they said, where does that leave me and what do you think it makes me think about FBS?
when your IB used false information you can see for yourselves to con me to sign up as an FBS client that is wrong and unethical and you have benefited as FBS through those lies and you know this but still feel okay in keeping funds you are well aware according to the proof before you the financial benefits that accrued you came through falsified information?
You say you are not involved in your FBS IBs misconduct yet the financial benefits that accrued you through the same token you believe you deserve them and refuse to return them knowing they accrued you based on lies?Why not distance yourselves even from those tainted financial benefits and be clean, you know your IB misled me and you say you will do nothing ?
You refuse to acknowledge that simple fact so as to not be seen returning those wrongly acquired financial benefits, and you say you must be understood in that weird presentation? Saying you feel sorry this FBS IB has put me through a torrid time then say you will not do any thing about it means you actually are not with me in this and what you communicate has no meaning, it is empty words and does not cause a change or resolution expected in line with that communication and i am of the right reflection calling your communication insincere, how can you be sorry at your IBs deception but retain the financial enrichment this FBS IB brought you by his deception?
I funded with $200 and only retained $100 on the first deposit after the FBS IB doubled the account to about $401 then took payment of $109., he again traded the original deposit of $200 to $256 and intentionally blew it and said he takes full responsibility after he had abandoned the account with running trades for weeks and did not respond to my inquires about the dwindled funds but he was reading the chats. All this information your IB knows it is not news hence his ploy to delete the said evidence but in his heart and memory it is retained which makes me understand the bad character and person he is and how far he can and has gone to cause personal financial gain to himself and the broker against an FBS client, i am glad my interactions with him were limited to online service because there is no telling what his environment is like and what else he can do just for personal selfish gains while abusing others, yet the more shocking thing is your saying you see no violations electing to continue your business dealings with him which reveals to me you are no better than your IB.
I have tried to guard against these kinds of brokers and connected appalling and unethical trading services and i am let down i let this FBS IB mislead me, i will be even more vigilant.
When your IB finally responded apologizing saying not to worry he will return to my account the blown funds in full if i deposited again any amount i took his word for it on his promises the blown funds intentionally so done was a small thing for him to restore so i funded again with $100 but there was again trouble against his last promises not to ever abandon the account and do better account management and the account had another huge draw down below half the account and it miraculously recovered to $116 and he had been promising to close the troublesome EURCHF trade and open new trades but failed to do so for months until after it became apparent he had stopped trading again i secured the funds and moved them out of his reach into my second account i had funded with $105 if i am correct.
All this i need not repeat because you are aware of all those transactions to the dot but you insist against what you know to be facts saying i did not lose money, of what benefit is that insistence against facts easily viewed on your broker system and evidence against this FBS IB?
When your IB also said to confirm with you if any questions that to me and anyone else before signing up is a declaration you as the broker are aware and approve of what he has presented to me and that is structured to make me accept his misrepresentations knowing clients seek such assurances before signing up for safety only to find all those assurances were not so and were only designed just to ensure personal financial benefit to himself without any intention of fulfilling that contract and promises, your FBS name in what he presented me seen also on your IB link was also in line with his accounts management offer as fact proof he used to mislead me that he really was who he said he was at FBS, you are aware of this as it all is in line with what he deleted but is still visible from what was left undeleted as evidence left before you and you still see no violation and no need to act against your fraudulent IB to cause restorations and communicate you are not involved and do not care what he does he is free to so do and continue without your intervention as all he is doing connects you as the client base beneficiary in those misrepresentations causing undue financial benefit to yourselves, as FBS you take those benefits gladly without standing away from such criminally derived benefits?
If your IBs lies has caused me loss and caused those losses to end up with you you are okay with that and refuse to renounce such benefits and associations? Answer me this and say out you do not mind as you avoid saying so in my many requests for your outright response?
Only you are in contact with your IB, i have informed you on this but you still insist i must contact him still and you refuse to help, how do you suggest i do this?
After what i was experiencing believing i had secured the funds in the second account and kept pushing your FBS IB to deliver and seeing him refuse and go off on a tangent refusing to honor his promises as you see in the screenshots i was not feeling safe and stopped immediately trading the second account and removed my funds from the broker with small profit not more than $10 but you can confirm how much exactly , so you are well aware i made 3 separate deposits of 1. $200 ( grown to $401 minus $109 sent to your IB and $100 only i retained and the remaining balance of $256 blown, 2. $100( $16 profit), 3. $105( about $5 profit) , your FBS IB took half of the $200 to his skrill account as evidence before you and i never received anything above the funded $200 back as i was left with $100, you know this and still say i never made a loss?
You have seen as proof on his managed accounts link that he lied saying FBS is regulated with 2 regulators which is consistent with all his misrepresentations, that makes you aware he conned me to cause me be an FBS client which you have benefited from yet you are reluctant to renounce your wrongly acquired financial benefits against my will and rights and refuse to distance yourself from your fraudulent IB you see lying to cause you that financial benefit and communicate you see nothing wrong?
I never mentioned anything about Tradestone why are you bringing that up as that name never came up in all my contact with FBS, we are talking about FBS i had my accounts with that your other staff have said is only regulated by IFSC,i checked and it appears as FBS Markets Inc on the IFSC website and your own website, all our connected broker services and interactions are with your known FBS company name as presented so lets keep it simple.


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Hie all, thank you for all the support, i have reached a settlement with FBS and currently waiting to be paid,thanks to FBS also for their response and offered settlement, i will update as soon as i confirm receipt of the settlement.


Hie all, thank you for all the support, i have reached a settlement with FBS and currently waiting to be paid,thanks to FBS also for their response and offered settlement, i will update as soon as i confirm receipt of the settlement.

That's really good news :) must be a relief for you!
I hope your entirely happy and everything is settled and paid soon.