RESOLVED - Figfx disabled my account!


:confused:Firstly, I must say I don't know if Figfx is a scam or not, after what has happened. I think this is a huge misunderstanding or big mistake. Cos i av been enjoying FIGFX, unlike all the blogs av been reading about them.
I was trading this afternoon, after mourning the money i lost over the weekend. Then suddenly, i saw my balance become zero! Immediately i went to check my account history to find out whats going on,there i saw my real balance. Then i went to check my inbox to see if they have an explanation for me, what i saw there was baffling. I want figfx to know that not everyone in Nigeria is fraud! I use a glo modem, and am a student trying to use pips to sponsor myself through school. In the mail, they said they are sorry that my account has been permanently disabled because I and some other people where using the same IP address to trade at the same time. and then they said i should check the screenshot they sent with the mail. Actually the screenshot showed we were using the same IP address, but whats funny was that i was at home in Ado-Ekiti in University of Ado-Ekiti. and don't understand how i had the same IP address with this other people!Don't even understand how IP addresses work until a friend showed it to me. Whats got me more confused was when my friend told me how to see my IP address and it was different from what was on the screenshot. I have a screenshot of my own Network status with the IP address on it and wish i could paste it here. Now my account is disable as well as my support portal.Pls I want ForexPeaceArmy to help us resolve this misunderstanding. I really need to start trading fast, in other to get my skul fees as quickly as possible.Plssssssss help me FPA! cos i dont want to loose my studentship because of inability to pay fees.
Attached are my network details(i use glo modem) with their own screenshot

My account is 156118


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We do not allow multiple account management, which is why this banning was imposed.

Second, we have got a notification from our Lagos representative regarding this GLO service provider, and we are working to get this solved. If it appears that you are not connected, and that GLO is reponsible for the IP thing, all 6 account will be re-enabled instantly.

You shall be hearing from us very soon in regards to this matter \
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
We can not connect yet

1. Now that u guy realise we are not liable. have of our money has gone.

2. Some of cannot even login to the account yet

3. the support system were still disable

or only GOd knows what is next?
My Restored Account

I must say thank you for restoration of the accounts, I just read this from the second thread. I knew it was a huge misunderstanding all along, But however, I have a new problem now, I couldn't log into my account through the terminal. Eventhough I received a message on a daily confirmation that speaks about my new balance, but the terminal is still saying invalid account and my support portal is still suspended. Pls help me solve this case and i will be looking forward to hearing from you. I can't wait to start trading again, cos am fall behind on my target. Thank you muchly
i cannot login to my account

We received with joy when we heard our account have been restored despite the new came as early as 8.00 am. till 7.00 a.m Majority of us cannot yet login to our our account. either invalid account, or no connection.

2nd issue.
Figfx claimed it was as a result of GLo mobile but some of the people their account were suspended along our were using MTN. We need to make this clarification for future sake. I think you guy are yet tell us the main truth.

3rd Issue
Now that you guy realise we are not liable should we still be punished. When Liteforex serve went off the line and took them 2 days to come back they return all client money, i think in your case you don't even leave us with balance of the money we have in the account at the time u suspended our account but closed all our open position.

4. Issue
the support system were still disable, if not for FPA there is no way will have reached you. If you are sincere in all your operation and somebody account is suspended leave support system tell him why that must be so that most of the issue were are discussed we have been discussed in-house.

We are still looking to good working realtionship with u
This case is not yet resolve

Did u agreed that this case have been resolve, i cannot login to my account yet likewise many other people. Let them tell us so NOW WHY WE CANNOT LOGIN YET

RESOLVED Figfx disabled my account

Mr javier,

Pls i appreciate the fact that you have taken steps to restore our said you would get back to us, but we never saw another reply involving the status of account anymore in the previous thread, and that's why i created this thread. so as to let you know that the problem is not completely solved. The problem we are still having is that we couldn't log into our accounts. whenever i try to log-in, it says invalid account. Pls help us look into this matter before its too late for people like me who needs to pay up my school fees ASAP. An account we can't log-into is only slightly different from a disabled one. Pls I will really appreciate it more if this matter can be resolved quickly, in other to close all these posts we are forced to be creating. The fact that you people contacted Glo to find out what was wrong meant a lot. please sought out this matter quickly, i implore you. Thanks
This case is not yet resolve

thanks for your effort at least to get in touch with our internet provider GLO. But i will suggest next time please have for fact before referring to all with a strong term like cheat. Since we are your customer, i was told best people that have good customer relation are American but this proof otherwise.

As at now i cannot yet login to my account too. My acc no is 157780. I am looking up to you for good response.

I want to assure you that majority of us are not crook, we are only looking for legal way of make genuine money. you find a little about me at lesuire

Thanks you for considering our plea, God bless

Mike Atilola
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i have access to my account

I am glad to inform everybody and thanks everybody involve i have access to my account today.

thank you all