Resolved - Greenvaultfx problem withdraw.



I request a withdraw by Skrill 03/7/2014. And since i still haven't received my money.

[02/07/2014 04:57:04] Youssef Messaoudi: Hello
[02/07/2014 04:57:12] Youssef Messaoudi: "ear Youssef Messaoudi

Your Funds Withdrawal Request has been received for Account 234501121 and forwarded to the Accounts department. Your request will be processed within 2-5 business days for live accounts."
[03/07/2014 12:15:46] Youssef Messaoudi: Hello i withdraw for comeback withe more money
[03/07/2014 12:17:46] Harry W: Hello Mr.Youssef
[03/07/2014 12:18:19] Harry W: May I know, when you gave withdrawal request?
[03/07/2014 12:18:33] Youssef Messaoudi: wednesday
[03/07/2014 12:18:45] Youssef Messaoudi: Dear Youssef Messaoudi

Your Funds Withdrawal Request has been received for Account 234501121 and forwarded to the Accounts department. Your request will be processed within 2-5 business days for live accounts.

Should you have any additional questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Greenvault FX as your forex broker.

Best Regards
[03/07/2014 12:19:01] Youssef Messaoudi: 02/07/2014
[03/07/2014 12:19:25] Harry W: It will be processed 3 to 5 days maximum
[03/07/2014 12:19:33] Youssef Messaoudi: okay
[03/07/2014 12:19:36] Harry W: How much amount?
[03/07/2014 12:19:55] Youssef Messaoudi: 2866 $ so 2095 €
[03/07/2014 12:23:58] Harry W: Hello Mr.Youssef
[03/07/2014 12:24:36] Harry W: Kindly resend the withdrawal reqest In Euro Currency
[03/07/2014 12:24:57] Harry W: Your base currency type is Euro but you gave request in USD
[03/07/2014 12:25:22] Harry W: So Please send the request once again in Euro
[03/07/2014 12:26:09] Youssef Messaoudi: ok
[03/07/2014 12:26:22] Youssef Messaoudi: on the site it's notified in USD
[03/07/2014 12:26:51] Youssef Messaoudi: Withdrawal amount (USD)
[03/07/2014 12:26:52] Harry W: But in your account base currency is Euro
[03/07/2014 12:27:00] Youssef Messaoudi: Yes yes
[03/07/2014 12:27:04] Youssef Messaoudi: Juste no my fault :p
[03/07/2014 12:27:06] Harry W: And aslo you have balance in Euro type
[03/07/2014 12:27:17] Harry W: No Problem Mr.Youssef
[03/07/2014 12:27:35] Harry W: Please resend the request, We will processing it shortly
[03/07/2014 12:28:17] Youssef Messaoudi: I've request ow
[03/07/2014 12:28:18] Youssef Messaoudi: now
[03/07/2014 12:28:25] Harry W: Do you have any friends who all interested in trading?
[03/07/2014 12:28:29] Harry W: Thank you
[03/07/2014 12:28:33] Youssef Messaoudi: Yes
[03/07/2014 12:28:43] Youssef Messaoudi: it's do
[03/07/2014 12:29:04] Harry W: can you please refer them and for that you will get a rebate
[03/07/2014 12:29:53] Youssef Messaoudi: OKay no prob
[03/07/2014 12:30:00] Harry W: thank you
[03/07/2014 12:30:32] Harry W: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
[03/07/2014 12:31:10] Youssef Messaoudi: No just withdrawal :)
[03/07/2014 12:31:41] Harry W: Are you interested to become an Business Introducer with us?
[03/07/2014 12:31:54] Youssef Messaoudi: maybe
[03/07/2014 12:32:01] Harry W: We are providing a rebate commission of 4 to 6 USD per standard lot based on the business you are bringing in.
[03/07/2014 12:33:12] Youssef Messaoudi: OK i will see later
[03/07/2014 12:33:36] *** Harry W envoie BI-Individual-Introducer-Form.pdf ***
[03/07/2014 12:35:43] Youssef Messaoudi: thank's
[03/07/2014 12:36:07] Harry W: I have sent IB form to you, If you are interested , Kindly fill it and sent it back to us.
[03/07/2014 12:36:21] Harry W: Its my pleasure
[03/07/2014 12:36:26] Harry W: Thank you
[03/07/2014 12:36:31] Harry W: Have a Great day
[03/07/2014 12:36:39] Youssef Messaoudi: OK have a good day :)
[07/07/2014 03:05:03] Youssef Messaoudi: Hello, the wthdraw has been send of account but i don't received to skrill.
[08/07/2014 11:53:13] Youssef Messaoudi: Hello you here ?
[08/07/2014 11:54:53] Harry W: Hello Mr.Youssef
[08/07/2014 11:56:26] Youssef Messaoudi: How are you ?
[08/07/2014 11:56:46] Harry W: I am doing well
[08/07/2014 11:56:47] Harry W: Thank you
[08/07/2014 11:56:54] Harry W: How you doing?
[08/07/2014 11:57:03] Youssef Messaoudi: Fine thank's. I come to you about of withdraw.
[08/07/2014 11:58:42] Harry W: Please give me a Moment
[08/07/2014 11:58:50] Youssef Messaoudi: Yes sir
[08/07/2014 11:58:52] Harry W: I will check your information
[08/07/2014 12:21:29] Youssef Messaoudi: ok
[08/07/2014 12:22:01] Harry W: It will be credited in your account shortly
[08/07/2014 12:22:06] Harry W: It under processing
[08/07/2014 12:22:14] Harry W: Sorry for the Delay
[08/07/2014 12:23:42] Youssef Messaoudi: Oki thank you for the information :)
[08/07/2014 12:23:55] Harry W: Its my Pleasure
[08/07/2014 12:24:26] Harry W: Thank you
[08/07/2014 12:24:52] Youssef Messaoudi: I comeback to you when it will credited
[08/07/2014 12:25:17] Harry W: Sure, Kindly Let me know once you received you amount
[10/07/2014 15:13:31] Youssef Messaoudi: Hello, nothing :(
[10/07/2014 15:18:25] Harry W: Hello
[10/07/2014 15:18:31] Harry W: How are you?
[10/07/2014 15:18:45] Youssef Messaoudi: Fine and you ?
[10/07/2014 15:18:59] Youssef Messaoudi: it's the night to NZ
[10/07/2014 15:19:09] Harry W: Yes
[10/07/2014 15:20:03] Youssef Messaoudi: Ok
[10/07/2014 15:20:35] Harry W: Have you received your amount?
[10/07/2014 15:20:43] Youssef Messaoudi: Not :(
[10/07/2014 15:21:10 | Modifié (15:21:16)] Harry W: Please give me a Moment
[10/07/2014 15:21:39] Youssef Messaoudi: It's very long
[10/07/2014 15:21:43] Youssef Messaoudi: not normal
[10/07/2014 15:22:06] Harry W: I can Understand
[10/07/2014 15:22:17] Harry W: Its never happened before
[10/07/2014 15:22:51] Harry W: This is the 1st time, Because of some technical issue Please give me a Moment
[10/07/2014 15:23:00] Harry W: I will check with my support team
[10/07/2014 15:24:11] Harry W: It will be processed shortly
[10/07/2014 15:24:18] Youssef Messaoudi: again lol
[10/07/2014 15:25:24] Youssef Messaoudi: The procces begins at last Thursday
[10/07/2014 15:26:23] Harry W: Sorry for the delay
[10/07/2014 15:26:57] Harry W: It will be processed within 48 working hours
[10/07/2014 15:27:07] Youssef Messaoudi: Oki oki
[10/07/2014 15:27:19] Harry W: Thank you for your patience
[10/07/2014 15:27:32] Harry W: In future, Its never happen again
[10/07/2014 15:27:39] Youssef Messaoudi: I hope...
[10/07/2014 15:28:08] Harry W: I will give 100% assurance in future its never happen Mr.Youssef
[10/07/2014 15:28:27] Youssef Messaoudi: Ok :)
[10/07/2014 15:28:52] Harry W: (handshake)
[10/07/2014 15:28:57] Harry W: Thank you
[10/07/2014 15:29:28] Youssef Messaoudi: (y)
[11/07/2014 13:06:07] Youssef Messaoudi: Hello, what's up ?
[11/07/2014 13:07:15] Youssef Messaoudi: Please, say me, when the transaction was sent and in my mail ?
[11/07/2014 13:07:17] Youssef Messaoudi: Thank's
[11/07/2014 13:14:20] Harry W: Sorry for the delayed reply
[11/07/2014 13:14:49] Youssef Messaoudi: No prob
[11/07/2014 13:19:54] Harry W: You will receive your amount shortly
[11/07/2014 13:20:03] Harry W: It will be processed
[11/07/2014 13:43:15] Youssef Messaoudi: Ok
[13/07/2014 17:18:31] Youssef Messaoudi: Fast & Easy Withdrawals LOL
[13/07/2014 17:19:10] Youssef Messaoudi: Pepperstone, excelmarkets, thinkforex is very fast yeah 2 day bank wire and you... :/ :(
[14/07/2014 14:07:44] Youssef Messaoudi: Hello, on the internet, If you want to have a good reputation, you should address this problem
[14/07/2014 14:08:06] Youssef Messaoudi: On internet many complains about withdraw
[14/07/2014 14:16:50] Harry W: I can understand completely
[14/07/2014 14:20:13] Harry W: I spoke to my manager regarding this
[14/07/2014 14:20:41] Youssef Messaoudi: Okay thank you
[14/07/2014 14:20:49] Harry W: Thank you
[14/07/2014 14:20:59] Harry W: You will receive it tommorow
[14/07/2014 14:21:20] Youssef Messaoudi: (whew) wait and see lol
[14/07/2014 14:21:27] Harry W: Sure
[14/07/2014 14:21:35] Harry W: Thank you for your patience
[16/07/2014 13:14:08] Youssef Messaoudi: Hello
[16/07/2014 13:14:54] Youssef Messaoudi: I still have not received my money
[16/07/2014 13:16:11] Youssef Messaoudi:

The question comes down to whether the IB agreement you signed has anything about the minimum number of clients before payments are made. If it does, you may not yet be entitled to anything. If it doesn't, then they are ripping you off and you should avoid sending clients to them.

I've received withdrawal but this not the right amount.

In currency USD so my money is €uros.

Also i complaint to FSP, FSCL and

-------- Message original --------
Sujet: Complaint - Greenvault. Our ref: 14/00419
Date : Tue, 22 Jul 2014 03:54:40 +0000
De : Complaints <>
Pour : y

Dear Youssef,

Thank you for your complaint against Greenvault Markets Limited.

Before we can look at investigating your complaint, we need to give Greenvault the opportunity to consider the complaint through its internal complaints process.

I have forwarded your email to Jagadish Shanmugasundaram of Greenvault and asked him to contact you directly in an effort to resolve your complaint. If you are not satisfied with Greenvault’s response, or if you do not hear from Greenvault, please let me know.

If Greenvault is not able to resolve your complaint with you, please complete the attached complaint form and return it to us with any further information about your complaint.

I also attach some information about FSCL and a summary of our investigation process.

Kind regards

Josephine Byrnes | Early Assistance Officer


T: (04) 472 3725 or 0800 347 257

F: (04) 472 3728


Financial Services Complaints Limited | Home

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Sujet: Withdrawal Processes
Date : Tue, 22 Jul 2014 13:25:11 +0530
De : Support Department <>
Pour : Y

Dear Sir,
The withdrawal that you placed for $2095.73 has been processed successfully. For your reference we are attaching the screenshot of the transaction. And the inconvenience caused has been totally regretted. We would like to receive a confirmation mail from you once receive your payment.

Best Regards

Greenvaultfx - Support

GV Global Ltd

20-22 Munroe Street,Napier 4110, New Zealand

FSP No. 297266

NZ: +64 68243669 | |

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On their site, the base currency for withdrawal is dollars, this not in €uro, so i converted euros in dollars.


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it's crazy that we should complain that they activate but it's not finish, after for me i don't work with them, thieves, not serious.
good for you, its nice to see issue resolved. good luck on your next investment, pls be extra cautious :)