RESOLVED HFX does not send withdrawal request more than 50 days

I though like you that they want to delay the withdrawal, But after carefully reading I found that there are two tricks in their reply.

First see what they sent me and you will know where are the tricks. they told me that'' In consideration for the releases set out in this letter the Company will ,within 3 days following the signature date of this Agreement by the Parties, refund the credit card ends with 4316 for the amount of 5,000 $.
Each Party and/or anyone acting on its behalf hereby releases, discharges waives and withdraws all and/or any actions, demands, claims, obligations, set-offs and liabilities and all claims for expenses, legal costs or, damages, or interest in relation to the Settled Claims.
Client warrants that he shall avoid from posting any information, opinion, post etc. with respect to the Company over the Internet, and as far as he has the ability to, will delete or remove past posts with respect to the Company.''

1st trick is when sending me money to the credit card will be refused by the bank because my bank accept money directly to my account '' they know that''
2nd trick is my balance is more than 23000$ and incase they refuses to give another WD, I can't complaint against them.


Tell your client manager that you'll be happy to sign off against further claims once you get a similar letter which specifies the correct amount and destination for the money. Tell him you want to withdraw everything now.
I contacted the client manager and I told him that '' I will be happy to sign off against further claims once you send me all my balance which is 23333 $.
I got a reply from client manager saying that, we only give you 6000 $ and no more money you will get of you balance.

I refused and I said I have to get all of my money. the reply from client manager is this our reply and you can do what ever you want to do.


Ahmed Salem
Sounds like they plan to keep most of your money.

Let your client manager know that this issue will be made very famous.
Last replied by Mark Polen HFX Representativ on 02-11-2013, Its seems that they are ignoring this thread, Pharaoh suggest him to lodge case against them. 25k is not small amount.
HFX is a fraud company, they refused to send me any money.

I do not want any one to be a victim for this scam company
Thanks FPA for your help and support.
I received my WD request from HFX company. We can title this subject as resolved

Ahmed Salem
good to know that you have got your money back.... as 23000$ is not a small amount...
good luck and chose your broker more wisely from now on....