Resolved - Ikon FX - SCAM (withdrawal problems)

Hello Mike$, with which Ikon office did you open your account? You state IkonFX but there is also mention of IFSCL which appears to be the New Zealand broker that looks like a white label of Ikon. From my research IkonFX and IFSCL are independent from each other.
1st thing, file an FIR with Police,

- mark a copy of it to Ikonfx as well as regulatory authority and your lawyer.
See if you can find a lwayer firm based in the country of this broker, they know the rules better.

- If you plan to take it to the court, file an extra compensation charge towards harrassment and Interest over that money.

I am from China and thought they would be good to trade with because they have an office in China. But their IB managers are useless with no knowledge of FOREX and their products, their "CEO" doesn't respond to my emails or return calls. I don't understand how this company is still around after seeing all the negative reviews. Sounds like total SCAM and I recommend you stay away unless you want to lose money.
Hi Mikes.
I suppose your issue had been settled long ago.
Reading from your threads, I am suggesting the following:
1) Normally livechat customer support has no authority to process payment related matter.
2) You have to find the right person to talk to which is finance department. Finance department will never go on livechat.
3) If Ikon didn't process your case immediately might due to 2 scenario:
a) Verifying your trade record (probably your trading performance way to good)
b) The finance department went for Holiday
4) Last resource should go for a phone call to look for finance department.
5) Please ensure you send the email to the right email address:
It's dangerous to assume the outcome when someone doesn't come back. Some people's problems are resolved and they don't bother to update. Others only show up here to express their anger at an issue that never gets resolved and then leave.

Are you planning in digging up every old thread about Ikon?

Do you work for Ikon?
In April 2013 (after 1.5 years!!) I finally got my money. IkonFX agreed to transfer the funds in exchange for refusal of my claim that I made to their NZ regulator.