Resolved - I'm a possible victim of CMS Trader


i'm a possible victim with CMS Trader. my money is still "intact" but my request for withdrawal has been 1 week yet still no news. i'm afraid if i ask to close account they will do similar tactics to wipe out my account. my deposits are all within 60 days. pls advise what should i do now? should i get my bank to initial charge back?
Get screenshots showing the money is in your account. It would be sad if some mysterious trades popped up and wiped out your balance just after you called your bank.

Contact your bank immediately. Ask for the fraud and/or disputes department. Explain that the promised service of withdrawals is not being provided. Ask how to get a chargeback started.

Report back here about what the bank says.
Glad that you find out about what a scam CMSTrader is before it becomes too late to launch the chargeback. Follow Pharaoh's advice and contact your bank immediately. You may need to write a letter with all the details and email it to the fraud/dispute department. Remember to follow-up with call to confirm that someone is looking after your case and provide them with any additional information they require.
I am happy to report that i got all my money back. Due to some technicality/red tape in CMS & with my banks, there was a delay in processing my withdrawal & without having me to activate chargeback.
Cameel was very helpful throughout in getting the money refunded to me.
I am not sure what happened with others, but my experience with him has been a good one.