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ITM Financial is NOT at all a scam as I mistakenly said in my first review.

I apologize to ITM Financial for burning them online without cause - This was extremely wrong of me.

I was angry because I didn't have it my way, and chose to burn them on FPA where I knew I could get away with it.

Instead of telling everyone the truth, I made myself look like a victim - and I want to make things right.

I had to edit this post after I got my refund from ITM Financial. They are a rock solid forex signal provider and I got a full refund as requested. They just had a bit of drawdown that made me mad, because I was looking to make a lot of money in forex right from the word "go".

As soon as I saw the first loss, I was angry - When I got my refund in the agreed 60 days and left, I was unlucky because they went on a hot winning streak scoring 100's of pips again.

Being a newcomer to Forex, I didn't have the experience to understand that I needed patience and the 60-day evaluation period was meant to be for exactly this, for me to evaluate the service justly.

A few notes that weren't in my original posts.

1. I tried to chargeback early, and was told I could not, and that I would get a refund on day 60 because I had signed an agreement myself. This is the agreement I agreed to when I signed up. I got angry for no reason, maybe I was just having a bad day then, and decided I couldn't not wait, so I tried a chargeback with American Express. They actually ruled against me and ruled in favor of ITM Financial - but I was wrong to have tried the chargeback in the first place.

2. When I found out I was dealing with Curt, the head of the company, I wanted special treatment. I felt like he had the power to let me out of my agreed upon contract, so I pushed it. He explained that all traders are treated equal and that I would get a full refund at the 60th day. He said all traders, big or small are treated the same at ITM Financial.

3. I did get a full refund as promised by Curt between day 60-70. There was a mix up on whether Amex had refunded me or not in their accounting department, so he didn't know I didn't get the refund. Once this was brought to their attention, he refunded me.

This is a great company and they stand by their word. When I was with them, they had a few losses, when I left I was unlucky because their wins wiped out their losses. Better luck next time for me I guess.

ITM Financial is not a scam -- I asked for my money back wrongly, but I still got it in the agreed 60 day period.

I am sorry I mislead members of the FPA here into believing my previous story -- It was wrong, and lead many people to believe that ITM Financial is a scam when they are really just an honest few guys who ran into a few small losses.

Losses are normal in trading, I just didn't have the experience before to understand this. I encourage people to make informed decisions, and to never burn a service online here at the FPA without reason like I did - I realize my mistake.


Douglas Lang
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If you think this is so bad that you opened a thread in Scam Alerts, why are you recommending people get a 30 day subscription to try it out?
I have found that the ITM does not refund the $1500 even though the initial marketing hype states very clearly that there is a 60 day money back guarantee. After a period of 30 days. I contacted ITM for a refund. They indicated that I need to wait for the 60 day period to apply for a refund. After the 60 days I was told that the refund policy states that if the account was in + by any pips they refund policy does not apply. This is totally misleading (after commission the account is in negative territory). I want my money returned. I can understand if they changed me for two months of use, even when I didn't want to continue to use the service. Something needs to be done!
What I'm saying here is that if you decide for whatever reason that this is a product you wish to try get the monthly version that offers a 60 day NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Don't sink $1500 or more into this like I did and risk losing your money or ending up with a product that has no record of to back its claims. Although recently I noticed their are changing their guarantee. Does it make any sense at all that they offer no questions asked, no 60 net pip stipulation for their inexpensive trial version and won't do the same for the $1500 plus products.
You are absolutely right Pharaoh. I am not recommending that anyone buy this product. I'm just saying if that after reading what I wrote and other posts for whatever reason you still want to try system out, don't make the same mistake that I made. Based on the documented results of this software I can't see why anyone would buy it, but their marketing and sales is slick and polished and it is an easy trap to fall into.
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If you look at myfxbook you can see that they way out of line with their claims. 300pips/day. 60%-70% win/loss. They have not had 300 pips a month in 5 months. That is false advertising and gross misrepresentation. They suck people in with false claims a shady guarantee hoping they can be 1 pip net positive every two months so they can keep your money.

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Which payments processor handled that $1500 transaction? Also, did you use a credit card?
That's half the info. I see some payment links pointing to

I recommend checking's website to see if they have a way for you to complain about the product not matching the description. You can also have a similar discussion with the fraud department at AMEX.
I have already submitted everything to AmEx. I have found them to be very aggressive about this type of activity. The CEO of this company seems to be aggressive as well. I will probably get a ruling from AmEx that they received the proper paperwork from Curt Dalton and then I will have to take it to the fraud department as the next step. It will be interesting to see if it goes to Traders Court how other traders view it. The definition of SCAM in the dictionary is as follows : 1. a fraudulent scheme; swindle. 2. to cheat; defraud. I believe that when they started documenting their results on myfxbook in October 2012 and had a lucky run they then based their marketing effort around that data, but as the months have gone by without a winning streak, in fact its been all downhill since then, at this point the data does not support their claims and they are way out of the normal standard deviation. It's time they stop with all the false advertising and offer people a real 60 Money Back Guarantee if they want to continue to try and sell this product and they should have the myfxbook results included in there marketing so that people can really see that the system has been negative for 6 months now.