RESOLVED? - ITM Financial Issue


I have been following these guys like a hawk since they tried and stiff me. I've been active in trading forex, futures, commodities for a long time. These guys are so slick yet so obvious once you do the research that it really is a SCAM. You notice that they never responded to all the allegations that I put forth in this thread. That says it all. They can't respond in an intelligent manner because they are caught, busted. All you have to do is go through their claims item by item and you will see they don't stand up to close scrutiny. They are as slippery as an ell and arrogant on top of that. It was interesting to see that dkrock may have the goods on them its sad that he doesn't have copyright information to back him up, but the way Curt Dalton throws his ego around at some point someone will nail him. His company is nothing more than a marketing machine filled with fancy hype. Curt.... or Shawn... when you read this how about defending yourself against my earlier allegations and please do it with facts not fluff!!!!!


I have been trading and developing trading systems for 9 years. I am an indicator technologist, analyzing, modifying, and creating hundreds of indicators. I have several friends and programmers who do the same thing. We share indicators and knowledge and systems for analysis. I am a full time trader. I usually ignore marketers, but in this case their theft was blatant, so I responded. Blatant for me means it is either my indicator, or one of my friend's indicator, and being sold by someone who is not the owner. It most often occurs in Singapore, but in this case, I am not sure if Curt Dalton is a psuedo name for one of them. I actually know the creator of the tool they were passing off as theirs. I actually use it too as part of my system. Obviously my use of the indicator is correct too, so it was immediately apparent to me that not only did they steal my friend's indicator, but were not using it properly either. I DO know what I am talking about.

This is the email I sent this company after getting one of their spam emails. This is my entire email to them. Quote from me > Promoting the FX Sniper T3 CCI indicator as though it was yours. Promoting use of the renamed indicator with inappropriate settings. Promoting eToro brokerage through misdirection. All in all, very unethical!! End quote.

An actual company puts the customer first, right? So, even if you disagree, you state an apology, or declare our disagreement, or recommend another source, etc, etc. Ethical business, right?

Here is the response. Quote from them >
Thankyou for your email full of incorrect claims and non-researched rhethoric.
- We are honoured that you have taken the time to write to us with anything but correct information, we are going to suggest that you be nominated for a Nobel Prize.
Now, on to serious matters:
1. The indicators provided to you are based on MACD, RSI and CCI calculations, combined with our proprietary SSI technology.
2. There are hundreds of commercial and free indicators on the internet that use MACD, RSI and CCI.
3. Confusing our technology with indicators like FX T3 and other rehashed CCI indicators on the internet is your own problem and only says that you need to do your research correctly before making claims that don't exactly make you look very intelligent to anyone.
4. Please contact eToro yourself -- You can easily confirm by speaking to them directly, that ITM Financial is an Official, Registered Partner of eToro International. Go on, call them today, it will put your mind at ease :)

If you can write back with a more specific, actual question, we would be more than happy to answer it for you ~
Please don't waste your time or ours, by submitting nonsensical comments with no base or substance.
Many Thanks,
Support @ ITM Financial

Important Disclaimer: We reserve the unquestionable right to a) Not answer questions that are not relevant to the ITM Financial Membership, and b) Not answer to abuse or rude commentary of any nature, possibly terminating your membership should you resort to behaving unprofessionally with our staff via email or any other medium of communication.

We aim to respond to your questions within 1 to 2 business days. Please try and email us your questions all in one email instead of sending questions in multiple emails. The more emails our system receives, the further down the queue you go, and the longer it takes for us to respond.


End quote.

If this is how you like companies to respond to you, then by all means you should contact them immediately and let them bully you around. I am serious when I say the indicator is not theirs...and they are not using it properly!! Not only do I use the FX Sniper T3 CCI indicator, but I back it up with the FX Sniper Ergodic CCI Trigger indicator. Both are great tools:) Despite the critical rhetoric from Mr Dalton, apparently he likes it too or he would not be trying to sell it to you. There ya go:) Go on the Internet and download them for free, compare them to what he is trying to sell you, and DON'T try to sell things that do not belong to you. Additionally, the remark about eToro is based upon ITM wanting you to register eToro as your broker and thereby giving them a part of each spread on each trade. In other words, ITM will make themselves a referring broker and get a cut from eToro on your trading activity. Nothing illegal about that, but they do not declare that little tidbit of information. Do you really want to give money to unethical businesses?

Listen. I can easily make 200K a day using these free indicators properly. ITM makes their money selling you the free indicators with incorrect settings because they are not traders. Then they make a little more by taking a cut out of the spread on every trade you make. I have no experience with their mirror trading system, but I am 100% positive it sucks because I know for a fact how to trade and how to use these tools. Now the question is who to believe? ITM or the Nobel Prize nominee? LOL. Save your money, google the indicators I mentioned, and trade on your own:)
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