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RESOLVED | masterforex.com big issue. Fail to admit their mistake.

Discussion in 'Resolved Issues' started by ppm, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. ppm

    ppm Private

    Apr 16, 2014
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    @ Alonedevils there is NO POINT of bonus decrease.

    Because According to their bonus rule..At first What you lose in trade is your capital once your capital turns to be 0 all bonus automatically get cancelled..So at any case your bonus will not decrease till your capital turns to be 0 so there is NO POINT of bonus decrease and continue trade.
  2. ppm

    ppm Private

    Apr 16, 2014
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    Alright it seems these guys finally have stopped reply my emails.Over the last 3 days before these post daily i send the reminder to update the status of my claim. They never replied my email nor update these thread at FPA...

    So i decided to go live and ask the status by live chat on dated 25/04/2014 when ever i PUT my name(account registered name) and email id(account registered email id) and then when i click for chat they IGNORE my chat and they refuse to attend my chat.

    so to trick them i have changed my name and email id and IP address and go on live chat immediately the guy attend the chat...

    Then i chat i have asked:

    So you guys trying to block my chat??I have tried to come live chat 10 times and all time you reject my request??

    What happen to my claim? Ticket: #KME-861-70388

    immediately he disconnects the chat and escapes....lol(Screen shot added) 12.

    These shows that they were not interested in replying my query nor refund of 600 USD.

    Pupils please imagine when these guys abscond for just 600 USD mean then think off when you invest big amount with them??Do you think they will care you???

    Now next i plan to file a case for public voting in Forexpeacearmy and file a scam alert.

    And i also i send the documents to bank to raise a charge back the transaction....:mad:

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  3. MFX

    MFX MasterForex.org Representative

    Apr 17, 2014
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    Dear Alonedevils!
    Thank you for your posts. it seems that you are here the one having adequate vision of the situation.

    Dear Pharaoh, please, read my comments to find answers to your questions

    Sorry, I have no doctorate in English, have you read your own posts? We both write in English not good.

    English is not my native language - true, it is always good to improve it. Nevertheless, I worked as tech support in different companies with huge amount of clients with all range deposits and much complicated issues... what else... they understood me enough for long work with my companies and even warm relationship.

    I have to ask again: have you read my first post?
    I already told that I meant the case when you fulfill the conditions of the promotion and I could not imagine that you would decide to flush your full deposit with the first and the only trade.

    Returning to your application to claims department.
    You wrote... only e-mails a lot of e-mails, but no one contained the official Client's claim submission form
    where according to the claims regulations http://masterforex.com/files/documents/en/en_09_claims_regulations.pdf :
    "1.1. The Client has a right to present a claim to MFX Broker Inc. in case of a dispute. Claims are accepted within 5 (five) working days from the
    date of a claim grounds emergence.
    1.2. Claim is submitted in the set form with a personal handwritten signature of the Client and sent to the Claims department:
    claims@masterforex.com. Claims presented by other means, will not be accepted."

    We all understand that neither our clients nor our empoyess are robots, we accept e-mailed claims and try to solve all of them as they are. We have a few claims in our claims department so that emotional e-mails from ppm made approximately a half of year quantity.

    It seems that either you did not read our regulations or this matter is not so important for you to escalate it in a proper way. which happened according to these regulations.

    All your e-mails were read at once they contained notifications about this forum updates, demands for lost deposit returning and list of steps that you are going to take.
    As I told in my first post, this forum is not our official way of communication, so the answers would not be very fast.
    Concerning deposit returning the question is being discussed here and the answer about impossibility of such returning was sent in one of the first answers.
    Our management is informed about your steps, it is your right to take any steps you consider correct.

    It is known that chats work over the internet and internet connection may be unstable... when it disconnects end of chat occurs.
    The first thing I've heard in the office today was: "... your client came to the chat but the internet seems to be down he does not respond my answers ...".

    Again don't you think, your conclusions are... slightly inappropriate?

    It seems that sometimes chat visitors are trying to trick operators and ask strange questions...

    It is quite clear that you are emotional and upset with money loss and I can understand you as a man, but we are bound with our regulations and according to them we cannot satisfy you claim because the full responsibility on the situation are completely upon you due to your actions.

    According to the above I can summarize:
    - You saw an attractive looking bonus and imagined that it is too good to be true (our marketing works well)
    - As a clever man you decided to clarify the conditions and you asked a question appeared to be inappropriate and received an answer appeared to be inappropriate too because of the question. Our conversation had duration 3 minutes only when you told "thanks for clarafication" and right after it you asked me about withdrawal and I also understood that you were planning to withdraw bonus withis is possible according to the rules when you trade the necessary lotage. No other clarification of possible losses... only the way of withdrawal! (withdrawal is much pleaseant then losses, but why so careless?)
    - Then you accepted still Unclear terms of the bonus by claiming it (careless again, but, ok, you are thinking about profits and withdrawal, you should gain it!)
    - The first and the only trade lived for 7 minutes... and there is a total loss.. (openning a trade with near the full bonus amount margin equal to a half of the whole deposit. Why didn't you try ether to open less lotage or add more money to your account? Wasn't it too risky and careless? )
    - Then there is an emotional explosion (it is quite understandable)
    - You wrote a claim... but you haven't even read the rules for claim submission (what's this, isn't it a careless attitude to the matter?)
    - Then you tried to settle the question here on the forum, but it seems that my answers were not either read or understood, so as your Company's regulations in the very beginning.
    - Your impatience and too quick and inappropriate conclusions in chat communucation...

    I may conclude that you are an impulsive, emotional but rather careless person who may take a big risk for quick and big win but these qualities impede the correct estimation of situation.

    You should take the full responsubility for all your actions. Money and regulations are very serious matters to be carefully observed at any time.

    We are very sorry about the situation, but our company sees no reasons to satisfy your claim.

    Any way, the claim should be included into the trainig course for our new empoyees to make our service better.

    Best regards,
    MFX Broker

    P.S. It seems the case may be closed.
  4. ppm

    ppm Private

    Apr 16, 2014
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    To improve your English please go to a training center and learn and i request you not to learn with customers like me..

    I find the following spelling mistakes in the above post or reply made by you No1 empoyess ,No2 clarafication,No3 withis,No4 lotage,No5 openning,No6 communucation,No7 responsubility,No8 trainig

    how can a customer support officer have such a spelling mistake

    (At-least for name sake you have claim department i don't know how much claim you have accepted since your company begin..may be not even 1 if you argue in the same stream like you doing now lol.)


    Again another scam or forgery further exposed on dated 16 April 2014 09:49 i have sent you an email to your claim department with hand signed claim form..which has 8 attachments(proof of chat etc included so it comes 8 page)and by submitting the above i have made official claim(Proof added in the screenshot here) View attachment 14438

    But now here you were saying that i have sent only emails and not claim submission form..lol..Pathetic..

    It's another wrong or misleading information that you were providing to readers over here as like you did in the chat to me before

    Please answer to Pharaoh questions in proper.

    @Pharaoh it seems these guys never going to admit their mistake.So please guide me further to take the issue for public polling etc..
  5. MFX

    MFX MasterForex.org Representative

    Apr 17, 2014
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    Dear ppm,
    You are quite right, your application was found in one of your first e-mail in the heap of other files.
    Anyway, as I told before, your claim was considered and answered not only by our claims department but also in public here.

    What is this for?...

    Sure, scam is everywhere... scammers are so open for discussion, and no personal responsibility still can be taken from another side...

    Concerning items A, B and C. All 3 are applicable:
    A. Item 16 kicks in. Your balance is now $0. - You've made it.
    B. I can keep trading after losing the bonus, all the way down to zero. - Yes as soon as you fulfill the promotion conditions and your bonus becomes withdrawable.
    C. Something completely different happens. - Be in profit and no losses would happen.
  6. ppm

    ppm Private

    Apr 16, 2014
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    Lol...In your previous post you claim that i don't send any claim form...Once i provided a proof for claim form submission with a screenshot you admit the mistake in next post...

    I cannot stop laughing after seeing your answers to Pharaoh questions..Now i wait for Pharaoh to review these...

    To again summarize first you mislead me with a wrong bonus information,next you denied me to take me in a chat.(Once i provided proof for denial)again now you admit me..

    Then you claim that i have not sent any claim for to claim department(after providing proof for claim for submission)in next post you admit the mistake.lol..pathetic......

    Let me wait ..Now i wait for Pharaoh and other senior members to review to review these....
  7. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda Captain

    May 16, 2013
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    MFX you misled this trader- take some responsibility!
  8. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    Why is MasterForex refusing to to give a clear and direct answer after I've gone to the effort to further simplify the question? So far, this shows incredibly poor ideas about how to defend the company's reputation here.

    To save you the effort of paging back, I'll repost the question here:

    Item 16 says:

    The bonus is abrogated automatically in case after the bonus provision and trading the account's equity becomes equal to the bonus amount.

    Roman Gotviansky said:

    you may loose you bonus and then continue trading with the rest amount.

    So, if I deposited $1000, got a $1000 bonus (so now I have $2000 in the account), and then lost $1000 (leaving me with an amount equal to the bonus, what happens:

    A. Item 16 kicks in. My balance is now $0.

    B. I can keep trading after losing the bonus, all the way down to zero.

    C. Something completely different happens.

    If A, then Roman provided incorrect information.
    If B, why wasn't PPM allowed to keep trading.
    If C, please explain.
  9. MFX

    MFX MasterForex.org Representative

    Apr 17, 2014
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    Hello, all!

    Dear Pharaoh, I'll try to explain in another way according to your questions and according to .

    It seems that noone did carefully read the full promotion conditions.
    There are 2 stages in this bonus distingushed by the clients:

    Stage 1. The very beginning when the bonus is just credited to the client's account but it is not withdrawable and it may be abrogated when equity becomes equal to the bonus amount.
    As I see now, ppm spoke about this first stage. Also I've noticed that big amount of clients mostly consider this very "stage" and they are mostly planning to loose the whole deposit along with the bonus. It's sad but true, because very little amount of clients pass to the next stage of the bonus.

    Stage 2. When trading is profitable and successful and the necessary quantity of lots were traded the bonus becomes a withdrawable part of deposit so that equity condition is no more active.
    Sadly, too small amount of clients read this condition and the most profitable and successful traders reach this stage.

    Also, there is one more stage which is applicable to all accounts and which is most desirable for our company and for all our clients and all other traders:
    Stage 3. Stable, successful and profitable trading.
    Alas, successful trading is for the successful minority.

    As you can see these 3 stages are A, B and С in your question.
    ppm quickly asked a question without the complete image of the matter "Can I trade further when the bonus is abrogated?" meaning "Will the bonus cover my losses after the equity reach the bonus amount?" and I answered him with the full knowledge of the conditions "Yes it is possible." meaning "When all bonus conditions are fulfilled and it becomes a part of your deposit."
    A quick question "Can I trade further when the bonus is abrogated?" without mentioning either "equity drop to the bonus amount" or "bonus covers my losses first" generated a quick answer "Yes it is possible."

    I ask again: where is my misleading?
    I see only a misunderstanding which draw another misunderstanding.

    If A, then Roman provided incorrect information. - from clients side, BUT as I was explaining all the time, the answer is completely suits the initial question - from Company's side.
    If B, why wasn't PPM allowed to keep trading. - because the bonus was not a part of deposit, not all promotion conditions were fulfilled, he should have traded 300 lots more to proceed trading.
    If C, please explain. - Trading without losses OR without such a big risk of the only trade performed may never raise this situation...
  10. ppm

    ppm Private

    Apr 16, 2014
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    OMG...You guys really going crazy...

    Look my question is very direct:

    What i have asked in chat is

    14:18 customer: can i lose the bonus in full during my trade??say i deposit 1000 usd and you give 1000 usd bonus.

    so in total it comes around 2000 USD. Can i trade till my 2000 usd becomes 0 ??
    14:18 customer: or
    will you cancel my bonus once my equity go below 1000 usd from 2000 usd?

    According to your bonus rule you should have answered my question as that we will cancel bonus once the equity(capital comes to 0).And you cannot trade with bonus..

    But in real what you have replied me as below:

    14:20 customer: you may loose you bonus and then continue trading with the rest amount.

    tell me how can i lose bonus and continue trading with the rest amount.??whereas your bonus rules says that my account becomes 0 when i lose the initial capital..

    But According to your information were dose a point comes that i can lose bonus at first and still continue trading with the rest amount.??

    I wait for Pharaoh and other members to comment on these...And let then decide who is GUILTY.

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