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I have not been able to write any workable programs because the program keeps locking up. During trial period said they won't help make it work (after inadequate tech support) unless I pay a fee and register. Then when I pay a fee (the minimum-3 months for $321.50) they themselves verify it doesn't work, and after over 7 weeks total of wasting time on it (still doesn't work) they refuse to give me a refund. 7 weeks is a long time. Most people would agree I have made a reasonable effort. Most would agree that, under these circumstances, it is reasonable to get a refund. I can't afford to spend any more time on it. I have a family to feed.
Instead they are asking for me to continue trying different things, as I have already wasted MY 7 weeks of time doing, acting as THEIR beta tester to fix THEIR buggy product for THEIR benefit.
I didn't pay $300 for the privilege of being a Multicharts beta tester. They don’t acknowledge that I have lost seven weeks of wasted effort. They just want me to keep working to fix their product.

Multicharts accepted the minimum $300 from me for a short term license. The .net software didn't work -it keeps locking up -and after I paid they spent hours remotely on my computer verifying that they could not make it work. I have wasted seven weeks now trying to use what seemed a very promising backtesting platform. I have not been able to backtest a single strategy- their software locks up every run. (Also, it requires constant workarounds, and has virtually no documentation.)
When I ask for a refund they wrote "We do not provide refunds on orders and all sales are final."
Bottom line- they themselves cannot get it to work and yet they won't give me my money back.
Bad enough they release a very buggy product then use their paid customers as beta testers. Bad enough they won't provide any help until after you pay a license fee. They don't care that it doesn't work, and that they can't make it work- they are going to keep the money despite that. I am sure I am not the only person who has paid for Multicharts and got ripped off.
Apparently that is all they care about- keeping your money, right or wrong.
Avoid them like the plague.

Why is it a scam? During the 30 day free trial, I sent extremely detailed questions which clearly showed my coding was not to blame, which they responded to with two ambiguous and very short answers, showing they had obviously not bothered to read through the code I wrote. Their answer was that my coding caused the lockups and other problems. When I responded with even more details and took them through my code showing it was sound and could not cause the problem, they responded "We cannot spend any more time on an unregistered user:" But it turned out I was right- my code was fine.
That is what scammed me. Their tech support during the trial showed they didn't bother to read my code. They said they would not help further unless I paid them. So I registered. Then after remote controlling my computer for a few hours, they agreed it was not my program but theirs that caused the problem, which after seven weeks they still have not fixed. But even after acknowledging that the fault is theirs, that it does not work, and that they have been unable to make it work, they refuse to give me my money back. It is a bait and switch.
I am not going to do any more debugging or communicating with them about making it work. That’s not my job. It’s their job. I paid for a product that supposedly would be made workable, and I was misled.
Employees and owners of a company that continue to take people’s money for a product that they know doesn't work are guilty of committing fraud. I know many people would agree: Their refusal to refund my fee when we have spent seven weeks already, and it doesn't work, is the act of a criminal. But it is clear they don't care. Same as any other thief or con artist.... they are going to keep the money regardless, right or wrong. How am I going to get compensated for my wasted time? For the wasted $321.50?
If anyone would like to see all correspondence I will provide it.


multicharts ripped me off

Here are 4 images showing my interactions with multicharts. Sorry I did not attach these to my previous post.

mc pic 1.jpg

mc pic 2.jpg

mc pic 3.jpg

mc pic 4.PNG

Thank you for your help. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

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sorry I guess I didn't follow up but what previous post are you talking about? or is it still in moderation?

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First of all it will be better if you will invite them to join the discussion here.
How did you pay them by the way? with a credit card?

MultiCharts Representative
Hello Booleantrader,

We do not agree with the information provided in this thread. Not only the accusations are false, but also full refund has been provided on May 24th (even though the product is non refundable as it is stated on the purchase page on our site and a free 30 day trial version is provided).

As for the reported issues:

1) MultiCharts .Net is oriented to experienced programmers. Interfaces and classes available in MultiCharts .Net are described in built in MC .Net help file. Code examples can be found in the source code of the prebuilt MultiCharts studies and in MultiCharts .NET Programming guide that contains important and useful information not only for beginners but for experienced MC .Net users as well. That answers the question regarding the “lack of documentation”.

Normally C# programming is beyond our standard technical support. However, all questions related to MultiCharts .Net functionality are addressed for all users (even with free products). Basic programming questions are addressed if it takes 5 or 10 minutes of our programmers' time. As for the more complex questions - we are glad to address them in terms of a custom paid project.

Our C# programmers have addressed your programming questions in a timely manner. The time we have spent for the analysis of the code you have created took us much more time than is usually provided in terms of technical support.

A detailed reply has been provided, though you were unable to resolve our programming issue with this information. You have not paid us for a custom programming nor provided detailed specifications of how your code should work.

In order to receive further programming assistance you have been requested to purchase MultiCharts license to receive limited programming support. Once that was done a remote session has been established where you were explained the reason of the code not working as you expected it. Here is your reply from the live chat session:

"I will check further...I don't understand, but I will do more research
Well, when I am able to, I will figure out why that it the case.
Funny thing is that I have the same program coded else and it works
w/ the reset signal commented out. But there's probably some difference"

It has been perceived as a confirmation that you will continue further debugging of the code on your own.

2) The lockup issue has been reported in the same live chat session.

You have been notified that the analysis of this case will take longer than usual due to local public holidays. We have provided the analysis results as well as the instructions that should be performed in order to further debug this case. You have declined to further cooperate on the subject. None of the other users have experienced the same behavior and we could not reproduce it in our test environment.

To sum up - further cooperation from your end on the only issue experienced with MultiCharts operation has been declined.
User's inability to create a working strategy is not related to MultiCharts functionality and/or operation.

Again, we consider the accusations to be false and the product is non refundable, but nevertheless we have decided to meet you half-way and issued a full refund on May 24th. More than that we have not discontinued your license, so a 3 months license has been given to you for free.

P.S. We were surprised to see this post because the last communication we had with the user was his email “Thank you!” as a response to full refund issued.
We have contacted the user asking to remove it or at least to post the confirmation that full refund has been issued but received no response.
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I have sent an email to Boolean Trader asking for a reply.

Multicharts sent me evidence of a refund being sent.

If Boolean Trader doesn't reply by the beginning of next week, I'm marking this thread as resolved.


Boolean Trader did not reply. Based on the evidence I've seen and Boolean Trader's silence on the matter, I've marked this issue as resolved.
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