RESOLVED - New Management Takes a New Course – Another Scam Finding Lifted

In the summer of 2008, FPA Investigations Lt. Ken attempted to help our member, Amin EL-HAKIM to recover money he was owed by PoltekFx. All attempts to communicate over a period of weeks resulted in no response. Eventually, there was no choice but to declare PoltekFX to be a scam.

A few weeks later, Tim, the manager of PoltekFx showed up in the FPA forums asking that the scam finding be lifted, since he said his company wasn't a scam. Both Ken and Amin told him that the scam finding would be lifted as soon as the money owed was payed. Tim then asked for the scam finding to be lifted and for a poll about whether Amin's successful trading style was cheating or not be run at the FPA and other forums.

Ken, in consultation with Amin, told Tim that there was an acceptable option. The scam finding would stay in place until the conclusion of any poll, that Tim and Amin would both pledge in advance to honor the outcome of the poll, the poll would be held inside of the FPA's forums so that the FPA's programmers could monitor for any signs of cheating and that the wording would have to be acceptable to Tim, Amin, and the FPA. Tim repeatedly ignored these suggestions and kept demanding that the poll use his wording and that the scam finding be lifted in advance. At one point during this discussion, Tim stated that his proof that Amin had cheated PoltekFx was that Amin and his trading group were profitable. The FPA firmly rejects the very concept that profitable forex trading is a sign of cheating.

Finally, with no warning, Tim posted his poll in the FPA forums and elsewhere. The wording was terribly biased and openly accused Amin of cheating. Since Tim had proven that he was incapable of negotiating in good faith and had indicated that Poltek considered profits to be a sign of cheating, the FPA imposed a second scam finding against the company.

Later, Tim offered to pay Amin the money owed in small increments and asked that the scam finding be lifted first. Amin and the FPA refused to lift the scam finding until all money owed had been paid. This turned out to be a good decision. Several payments were received, but the amount of time between payments continued to increase so dramatically that one FPA member asked Amin if he had arranged for his children and grandchildren to be able to accept the final payments.

On February 11th, 2009, there was an announcement that PoltekFx was being acquired by FBS (Financial Brokerage Services). Amin posted in the FBS forums about his issue and was quickly contacted by Nikita Kuleshin of FBS. By February 13th, Amin has received all money owed to him.

Ken sent an email about the remaining issues the FPA had with Poltek, and Mr. Kuleshin answered them quickly and completely.

FBS was very unhappy with the support provided to clients by PoltekFx. No Poltek employees will continue to be employed as part of FBS. This includes Tim.

FBS promises to always negotiate in good faith. FBS does not consider profits to be a sign of cheating.

The FPA could never prove Poltek's involvement in the DDoS attacks launched against us out of Russia just after the 2nd scam finding against Poltek. Ken brought this issue up with Mr. Kuleshin and was assured that FBS firmly stands against such tactics and will not use them.

We are very pleased with the resolution of these issues. There was one other FPA member with an active complaint filed against PoltekFx. This person has now been placed in contact with Mr. Kuleshin and we are confident that issue will be quickly taken care of.

All applicable terms laid out by the FPA for the resolution of this issue have been met. The scam findings against PoltekFx are hereby lifted and it are no longer blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. We now know of no reasons why anyone should not do business with Poltek or it's new parent company FBS. As with any other forex company, we recommend that you exercise your own due diligence before investing.

We thank the Amin and Ken for their work on this issue. We thank Nikita Kuleshin of FBS for dealing with all issues with PoltekFx.

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House cleaning

It's good the new firm did a house cleaning, which is just common sense
starting with those at the top!!!! Now if only the U.S. government and banking sector would do this.
FPA does it again!

Thanks you guys! I can imagine that these cases take a load of selfless time and dedication. I personally would like to thank all that are involved in the relentless war against scammers.

Good work Guys. Are you guys paid for all these stuff or is it just free???
You guys are just too much.
Wonderful Army

Only God knows how you came about with this name-FOREX PEACE ARMY. I hold a belief that a person's name (company inclusive) affect him. What a peaceful untiring work you have done in this case! Long live FPA!!!

Kudos to FPA

Congrats FPA for another great achievement.

The hard work & selfless effort put forward by the whole FPA Team in helping the troubled Traders and providing guidance for the new traders entering the risky FX markets is really appreciable.

Wish the whole FPA Team lots of success.
Good Job

You guys at FPA have not failed to restore hope to
the forex community. Kudos.

God bless your best efforts.

Since I joined the FPA, the scam investigations that are carried out and solved has always prove to me that this is a place to belong. Kudos to all the team members.