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I have opened account in end of July 2013. I have fund my account with 500eur by Skrill... When I would like to withdrawal some money on start of September 2013 and they told me that account is in USD currency (fund 500eur, they set account with 500USD). After few days of negotiations on emails and live chat they return me 500EUR of deposit to my Skrill... After this I would like to withdrawal more money but they always they were were pronounced to withdrawal. After some contacts they told me to make another 5lots of traded size for minimum opened time 5 days.... After this I have made few trades to reach 5 lots but after this they told me that I have made hedged positions and this is not allowing! Crazy, because it was not allowed from broker and also never written in any terms. I have made a lot of calls, send a lot of emails but they never get me back my earned money!

In the statements shows that they returned only deposit.

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Yes I have send complaint to Financial Services Complaints Limited | Home
Ref 13-00534 Complaint – Capital One Forex Limited

Dear Mr Gec

Thank you for your email.

We sent your complaint to Capital One Forex on 4 December 2013. We asked Capital One Forex to respond directly to you. In our email of the 4 December 2013 we said that if Capital One Forex does not respond within 10 days please contact us again.

Please contact me again on 18 December 2013 if you have not received a response from Capital One Forex. We will then follow up the matter with Capital One Forex.

Your sincerely

Rhonda Singleton | Enquiries & Administration Manager

P: (04) 472 3725
F: (04) 472 3728

Financial Services Complaints Limited | Home

Because they never contacted me I told them and I received this email;
Dear Mr Gec

Thank you for your email.

Capital One Forex membership is no longer a current member of FSCL. This means that we are unable to assist you further with your complaint.

You may wish to contact Ms Debbie Jefferes, Ms Jefferes is the complaints officer for Capital One Forex.

Yours sincerely

Rhonda Singleton | Enquiries & Administration Manager

P: (04) 472 3725
F: (04) 472 3728

Financial Services Complaints Limited | Home

then I have contacted Debbie Jeffares;
On behalf of Capital One Forex Limited NZ
PO Box 652 Napier, 4140
Tel: +64 6 824 3673

get this reply
Hello Miha

I apologise for the delay in responding to you our offices have been closed for Annual Christmas holidays.

We are no longer providing customer support for Capital One Forex please direct your emails to Samir Beool


I have also all proof of this emails with dates.
Forward a copy of the Team Acura email to the NZ FSCL. At least that should reduce the misinformation out there.
we should take all capitalone cases to court, it's time to end this joke

As of yesterday, AsstMod moved all the recently filed cases to the Open Cases folder. Another one was just filed, but is missing an item or two.

With 2 guilty verdicts, Samir is going to have to get 4 cases resolved by the end of next week. Based on CapitalOneForex's history, I don't think he can do it.