RESOLVED - Nordfx pending withdrawals since may 13,


I submitted a withdrawal request since May 13, they are yet to approve it.. I have written to their finance department( more than 7 times, they are yet to respond. On the live chat they said they have written to the finance department, still no response.. nordfx.png

Please help.
You are the second person to complain about them recently. I hope they have not moved to the dark side. Try contacting them again, and if they still did not answer you, then open a case here against them so we can get to the bottom of this.
Well Go to Live chat again and share this thread`s link If they failed to give you proper reply then follow the below steps.

Three steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat.

3rd- Go to their Social media pages and share your STORY and Link of this Thread as a comment on latest post.

Social pages are

Also share your review at FPA Review page here Nord FX | Forex Brokers Reviews | Forex Peace Army

If you deposited Money via credit card then talk with CC department as soon as possible.

PS: We want your votes at open cases, check this section FPA Open Cases and votes for Guilty or Not Guilty.
After waiting 6days with no response, i threatened i was going to file a case to FSCMauritius against them. They rejected my withdrawal and sent me this email.


Please re-scan your driver's license, utility bill and make scan of
your national ID in higher rezolution (300dpi minimum). All documents
should be scanned in png\tiff with lossless compression (jpeg whon't
fit). Send these documents to as attachment."

1. Before i deposited i ensured i did all the verification and all documents were approved before i deposited and that was almost 2weeks ago..
They rejected my withdrawal and asked me to resend my ID in png format. I did that and i have been verified again... here are the screenshot, i want to place a new withdrawal after this post and i will upload the screenshot after requesting for withdrawal.verified!.pngwithdrawal_cancelled.png
PAID. After informing them i had filed a case with the regulators. I did file a case, have cancelled it.