RESOLVED - OCTAFX not process $2,000 withdrawal request


OCTAFX has not processed $2,000 withdrawal request.

- Withdrawal request no. W15271728
- Amount $2,000 (USD )
- Account No. 4698424

4 days have passed since I requested the withdrawal.
It is supposed to be processed within 3 days at longest, according to their notice.
When I contacted the customer service through online chatting,
only bots replied saying " ...currently reviewing...".
The chatting was automatically ended with "Ticket is now resolved."
No other way to contact them.

All the amount above is what I earned from trading last month.
My account balance still has $ x,xxx after the request, and $21 is used for open positions as of now.

I'll make sure to post on this thread as soon as I receive my money.
Resolved !
After I contacted them again today through online chat, they sent money(=BTC) transaction to the blockchain and it was transferred to my wallet.
I am so thankful that there is a forum like this.
My both thumbs up to forexpeacearmy!!