Resolved - On the verge of scam with options xo

david osinski

Any help suggested.... please !

I created an account with options xo approximately a week ago. I traded 200 deposit away myself which im ok with it was my fault. Then i kept getting calls from the broker Nathan Jones and due to his pushy investment tactics i invested 5000 but never traded any of it away nor did he get the chance before i could withdraw it . But i never received the withdrawl into my account of the 5000 USD. A couple days went by and he phoned me to ask why i withdrew the funds. It was still pending. Again he used his aggressive and sincere promises of making money and i fell for it. So no funds were traded from my account because the market was closed. I have since put in for a withdrawl of the funds totalling 9500 USD. The platform is telling me that it is pending. I have email and have not received an email back. I explained in the email that i want the funds withdrawn and put back on my credit card ASAP. I also took screenshot of every screen possible to help in a potential fight for my money. I explained in the email that i do not want any bonus money added to my account or any trades made on my behalf of me by my broker (Nathan Jones) as he asked for my password when we were doing the deposits. But i've included screenshots of me changing my password 20 or so screenshots of my account on the platform. I've also contact my credit card company to cancel the card but its already been maxed. So they can no longer withdraw from that credit card. I have to call tommorow to start a back charge claim just incase they decide to do what they have done to so many that i've been reading about on here. Just trying to get all my ducks lined up before the storm hits. Does anybody else have some advice on what else i could possibly do to help avoid these scammers from ripping me off? i'm gonna record his phone call tommorow when he calls me and starts freaking about how i'm ruining his average. Please any other advice would be great.
Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Invite him via skype or any communication address you have for him.
Did you say Credit Card? Contact your issuing bank immediately. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain that it's NOT an unauthorized transaction. Explain how withdrawal if your funds is supposed to be one of the services offered and that they are not providing the service.

Report back here what the bank says.
I have reported back to the bank about the situation which is taking place. I have sent all documented evidence to the professional in charge of my case. Evidence includes many screen shots and recorded pc activity on the account. As well as emails and recorded phone conversations. I did informed the Options XO firm before speaking to them that the phone calls were being recorded. The professional in charge of my account says that he has seen cases such as this before and is putting the case together and ready for action. While on a recorded phone conversation with options xo, my withdrawal pending request was immediately approved. Now my case professional and I are waiting for the the transactions to actually go through. If the transactions does not take place in the next 5 business days, my case professional with drop the hammer. All i can say for now is that my pending withdrawal requests have been approved.
I'm happy to report today that OptionsXO have fully deposited my money back onto my credit card account as i requested. Totaling 9500 US dollars. I did not need to drop the hammer and take any sort of action with them, guess i would consider myself one of the lucky ones. People, DO NOT play with binary options it's a totally scam ! If you want to gamble go to a casino and put your money on the roulette wheel! the odds of you winning and getting your money are better. At a casino, there is no fine print. RED or BLACK its that simple ! No matter how attractive the get rich quick scam may seem, DON"T DO IT ! IF you decide to do it keep all kinds of evidence as you play with whomever ! So you don't get ripped off ! I hope everyone reads this post cause i know OPTIONSXO will ! They are nothing more then crooks. Worst then bankers or politicians ! They will lure the uneducated into losing everything they got. Record phone calls but make them aware they are being recorded, take screenshots of skype conversations. Save emails, do whatever it takes to make sure you have a paper trail and even monitor your own PC activity if you have to. But your best bet is not to do it at all. Save yourself a headache and stress by just avoiding it all together ! DO NOT wire transfer money to these crooks, your only means of defense would be evidence and the credit card chargeback protection should something fishy decide to occur ! BE CAREFUL PEOPLE SERIOUSLY. Although ive gotten my funds back, i will not give up the fight i'll help as many people as i can claim back money from these crooks !
I am happy to see this case resolved! Before discovering this site I have opened an account with optionsxo and currently have a $10,000 investment for gold to rise. I hope that I have a problem free time with optionsxo. If I do have a problem free time I will post it. However I am documenting every conversation and communication with them incase I have the same fait of others that I have seen on here.