RESOLVED - is a BIG scam !!!


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I have been contacted regarding this thread by a representative of OptionsXO.

He said...

Continuing our conversation, I'd like to proceed with solving the issue regarding the derogatory post about OptionsXO on Forex Peace Army.

First, it's important for me to state that not only are we not a scam, but we are in the process of being regulated in Belize, and I personally make sure every day that our 80+ employees follow our strict protocols. I can honestly say that we are one of the fairer and more transparent brokers out there.

Therefore, I ask that you remove the following thread entirely:

If a payment is needed to expedite this, I'd be willing to pay for your efforts amount of four-figure to your account
My response...

Did you notice the first word in the subject line and folder location of the thread?

Attempted bribery over a resolved issue is a first in the history of the FPA. A big warning on a review page about unethical action of an employee isn't.

I'm amazed that anyone would offer money to try get rid of a resolved issue. I'm even more amazed that anyone out there still thinks the FPA can be bribed to hide information.