Resolved - PrimeFX o PFXBANK scammed me


The broker PrimeFX property of DGX SYSTEM LIMITED contact me via phone and offer me an forex account with a trading support. Initially I opened my account with 1000 EUR and one suppossed assesor called Freddy Jhonson explain me a strategy to make 3 operation/week but they need that I increase my margin, in 2000 EUR more, I said that I didn't have such ammount of money, so they say that Invest 1000 EUR and they give me a Bonus of 80% and pushed me to give them my credit card details, the total ammount balance was 2000 EUR, however no one operation was made in my account.

Mr Freddy Jhonson called me again to say me about a new strategy to make money in the opening of Asian Market but they need that I Invested more money to increase the margin, I say It isn't possible "I am out of cash" and also I told him that the Bonus prommised hasn't been applied. He say OK I will give you a solution ASAP. No one operation was generated in my account or any signal to operate was given to me. How the broker has a Sirix platform, I decided to copy some traders and my account rise from 2000 EUR to 3198 EUR, then I decide to make a withdrawal request of 198€ in July the 6th, and thinking in pay may credit card statement, I request a second of 300€ in July the 8th. I waited the 5 bussines days to proccess the request that appear in the terms and conditions section, but nothing passed, even in the member area of the doesn't have a tag with the withdrawals requests, so then I start mailing to my assesor Freddy Jhonson but he didn't answer me, then I tried to contact the person who receive my verification documents (Arturo Lorens) but the only answer was the silence. I tried to contact the support area in the live chat but they never be online, I let several messages but never receive response. At the day of today no one EUR has been sent to my credit card neither a word from the broker PrimeFX. Please help me to recover at least my Invested capital
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Send a link to this thread to every address you have for these people. Invite them to come here and explain themselves.

Have a chat with the fraud department (or perhaps, dispute department) at your card's issuing bank. Explain how the promised service of withdrawal is being denied and ask about a chargeback.
I send a mail to every address I have for PrimeFX to Invite them to explain why they didn´t let me recover my invested money. Attached the screenshot of that mail.


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Today I tried to access to my account in the webpage but when I logged in only appear an error page. I'm affraid that they disappear for ever...
If they have live chat, you should also why you can't access your account.

Have you talked to you credit card's issuing bank? There are deadlines. If you miss the deadline, there is no appeal.
Yes, they call me today and said me that for technical inconveniences the withdawals didn'tt were proccessed, they offer me to do the withdrawal manually and after that they sent me a screenshot of the transaction and they said that in near 5 bussines days the money will be in my credit card account. They invited me to erase the thread and the review, and if these 5 bussiness day will pass and the money isn't in my account, I will can post again. However the person who talked me guaranteed me that will not have any problem with may withdrawal.
like many other companies who request that the thread be erased,they all seem to be unaware that this cannot happen.the best that FPA can do is to mark a complaint as RESOLVED.i would wait until the money is actually on your credit card before officially closing the thread though,similar promises have been made in the past and not followed through.
Good News:
The withdrawal request was fully proccesed and the money is actually in my credit card. Attached to this message is the probe. Please put the thread in resolved status. Thanks FPA.