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Me and my husband deposited 500 dollars to this broker. The customer support team was helpful in this phase.

After we deposited the money, verified our account, because they need it for future withdrawals. So there would be not future problem with withdrawals.
After 2 days social trading, nothing happened and requested a withdrawal at 16th March, 2016.
After 3 weeks (Today), I could not speak to my account manager or somebody who can do something. The withdrawal status is still pending, I wrote several e-mails and made a lot of calls to the customer support, no answer or keep telling me that my account manager will call me.

I have concerns that the company is a scam and I will lose my money which is still visible on the PWR Trade's platform.

I wrote a mail to the Binary options Sheriff in connection my problems. The team suggested me to take up the case here . And I also got in contact with the Debit card Disputes Department, they are currently investigating the case.


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After 3 weeks and 3 days, I received my withdrawal. Finally!
Looks like they are not scam, but took incredibly long time to receive it and got in contact with everybody who could act in this case.

Not sure that made the result or just the company fed up with me. :)

Could be that they got fed up with you. Could also be that they knew they'd lose the chargeback case with your bank. That would cost them more than sending your money.

Either way, congratulations!