Resolved - QuadraFX - Easy deposits BUT refunds are impossible!


I have joined QuadraFX on Wednesday 28 November 2012 and deposited $250 on Thursday 29 November 2012 into my BinaryOptions account. I got an e-mail within hours confirming that my deposit was accepted.

Next QuadraFX wanted documents like ID or Passport to proof my identity and also a Utility Bill to verify residential address - I have uploaded these documents to their site but I got an e-mail stating that my Utility bill is older than 90 days and I should upload a more recent document. I then on Friday 30 November 2012 I decided not to continue and requested they refund my $250.

After 3 requests to support on Friday and 2 more on Saturday, QuadraFX support just comes back with the same answer - Please upload a new utility bill that is not older than 90 days! It seems that QuadraFX do not understand the word refund. This motivated me even more to NOT join QuadraFX. If you are going to make a profit on their platform how many hoops and tricks is QuadraFX going to ask you to perform or jump through before they will pay you your dues?

QuadraFX will accept your money within hours but getting your money back seems to be a near impossible feat!

If you have similar issues or difficulties with getting your money from QuadraFX, please add to the post here because I cannot think that I am the only person in the whole world having issues with a refund from this company.
Received a response from Liron - Account Manager at Charge4All - (Company accepting payments on behalf of QuadraFX) - they have forwarded my refund request to QuadraFX.
I trust this will get the message through to QuadraFX that I really want my deposito back :)

Let us wait and see the response from QuadraFX ...
Some brokers won't even give back your yet to be traded initial deposit until all documents have been verified. Go ahead and send them a recent utility bill and let us know of that helps.

I have a general recommendation for all traders. Don't deposit 1 cent until after getting all your other documents submitted and approved.
Thanks for the reply.
I do not have a recent utility bill - for that I will have to wait until end December as we throw away these docs after they have been paid - we only keep the receipts.
Learned my lesson and your advice is spot on - first verify all docs and requirements BEFORE depositing any money.
I am happy to report that QuadraFX stated they had refunded my $250 deposit :) The money will be back in my account within 24 to 36 hours.