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Hello, I would like to raise a case against Scalping EA, which is run by Omar Teke and Jashua Nickel. I paid them $125 to use their VPS and the deal was that they would then charge a commission of the profits made by their EA on my account. I supplied them with my MT4 login details and password and they traded their EA on my account using the $125 VPS I paid for. I only stayed with them for a week as after a week I lost about 20-30% of my account. Now they said on their website that they offer a no questions asked refund and so I requested a refund. They then emailed me saying that they will delay the refund due to their bank processing the money and so the money would only be sent to me on Friday 01 March 2013. It is now over a week later and still I have not received my money. I have tried contracting them several times but they have not responded as of yet. Here are some links:
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Skype: jashua.nickel

I have also added the following evidence to show that my claim is genuine:
This attachment shows their promise on their website where they have promised a refund:
Refund Promise on website.jpg

These two attachments show proof of my Payment which was made on Sunday the 17th of February 2013:
Proof of payment1.jpgProof of payment2.jpg

This attachment now shows the Vendor promising me, on Tuesday, 26 February 2013, that I will have received my refund by Friday, 01 March 2013:
Promise for refund.jpg

Till today, Monday 11 March 2013 I have still not yet received anything. They also have not communicated to me since Tuesday 23 March.
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Send them an email with a link to this thread. Let them know you'll be happy to mark the issue as resolved once your money arrives. Also, let them know that you'll be keeping the thread up to date so that people will know if the money doesn't arrive.
Thanks Pharoah,

I have just emailed them explaining that I will continue to post about them until they give me my refund back.
I'm looking forward to your next update. I hope it will be "I got my money."
Unfortunately that is not the case Pharoah. They have not even responded to my email. I wonder if engaging moneybookers would help since I made the payment through them?
Report it to the abuse department at MoneyBookers. MB won't directly refund you, but they could lock the MB account on the other end until the company agrees to fix the situation.

Interesting. ScalpingEA pulled all the money out of the live account they had running in the FPA's Performance Testing program. Looks like they may be getting ready to disappear and pop up under a new name.
can I ask, how long does it take before this can be taken to court for a vote so that Omer Teke and his crew can be labelled the scams that they are if they do not return my money.