RESOLVED - TradeFort has liquidity issues, stopped withdrawals for 30 days!!!


Hi All

Please see the attached email I received from TradeFort ( TradeFort Team <> )

Does it sound like a bunkrupt ?

Dear, ***********!

Dear Sir!
We have the following situation regarding your trading and problems that happened with Loyal Bank.
We stopped working with Loyal Bank and now we transfer all funds from Loyal to our new bank in Austria.
The processing of requests in Loyal Bank goes now very slowly because they are overloaded with same request from many corporate clients. We are in process of this now. We expect to withdraw all funds from Loyal Bank after 1 month.
At this moment we can withdraw you 5000 USD from another our brokerage company Fort Financial Services from our Austria bank account.
We kindly ask you to make new withdrawal request to bank for 5000 USD and we will process it within 2 working days.
The rest of your money we expect to withdraw after 30 days.
Sorry for this but this situation with Loyal bank is out of our control. Please be sure that we do the best to resolve this issue with Loyal Bank as soon as possible and will inform you!
Thank you for understanding!

Sincerely yours,

TradeFort Team.

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Withdrawals in pieces are a MAJOR warning sign of a broker having severe financial issues.
Dear admin, as you may know the Loyal Bank had problems with processing outward and inward transactions. This means that not only TradeFort but ALL companies who had corporate account in this bank could not perform any wire transactions. We got several official letters from Loyal Bank regarding his issue. Due to this fact some months ago we suspended some payments via Wire transfers untill Bank will solve its issue with transfers. This was the only reason for payment delays with some clients who deposited to Loyal Bank.
At this moment Loyal Bank resumed its operations and we transferred all funds to secure bank in Europe (Austria). We do not work with Loyal Bank any longer. This technical issue was solved several weeks ago and we do not have any problems with payments and now withdraw by wire without any limitations. We point out that this issue concerned only wires and only for some short time frame. All our other payment systems had no restrictions to withdraw and deposit. We kindly ask you not to spread panic and we would appreciate if you check any information that can harm our reputation with us before publishing in the future. We respect discussions of our performance in social networks and just want information to be fair and not to distort the real situation to avoid misunderstandings.
If the trader who started this topic wants to withdraw by wire he needs just to make withdrawal request and we will process within 2 banking days.
Thank you for understanding and we hope you can mark this as Resolved.
This is not truth as trade fort didn't email me or responded to my emails and off course didn't return me the money.
cbm.mng.trm, can you post your MT4 account number. That way TradeFort's representative can be sure it's your account that is being looked at.
Dear friends!
Please help us to identify you :)
PLease inform PM your account number and full name.
This will allow me to check your issue.
But at this moment we do not observe in our system any pending withdrawal requests that are older than 48 hours :)