RESOLVED - withdraw issue

Zsolt Czigler

I'm trading at this broker since 1,5 years. Until now there wasn't any problem with the trading or withdrawal. (BTW until now I didn't want to withdraw all my money). Now I've choosen wire transfer, but they said there's some problem with Loyal Bank, they will tell me when can I get my money. (Their policy is not to choose any other withdrawal method than the deposition way...) So I've wrote an e-mail about please refer me an other withdrawal method because it's their fault. There wasn't any answer so next day I've wrote them again that I'd appreciate their answer. That was on friday. On monday still no answer so I've wrote them again that I'll post our little story to FPA. One hour later I've get the answer (what a miracle) again about the banktransfer issue. And for an other withdraw method I should contact the guy who sent me the firts e-mail. (That was So I’ve wrote an other mail that they should offer me an other withdrawal method. You can guess no answer. Then I’ve wrote again the only guy who answered me and he said I should contact (because he’s the guy who sent me the first e-mail – but no, he isn’t.) E-mail again and of course no answer. After some days I’ve get answer to the previous unanswered emails that there is still this bank issue they will let me know when it’s solved. And they think i’ll be in MAY. Of course no information about any other withdraw method. So after this two-week-long procedure I’ve wrote my review to FPA. Someone from their supoort team wrote back this:

Dear Mr.Zsolt, please provide you account number for us to check the history of your requests sent to our customer support service and provide the required information here at FPA.

So I opened this topic to write them the account number. Its: 229952

So I'm waitng for the answer.
Does anyone have the same issue? Or has anyone any idea that this can be real issue or the broker is just a SCAM?
Go ahead and email TradeFort again. Invite them to join this thread and explain the reasons for this delay.
Thank you for your response. I've made it. They asked me again to explain my problem (yeah, I know it's hard to understand that I need to get my money back) and write my accout number (I've got only one account) and said that they'll find the fastest way to withdraw my money. But ok, I've wrote those things again on the 19th April. No answer yet.
Dear sir, as we informed you before Loyal Bank had problems with processing any inward and outward transactions due to the problem with their correspondent banks. This was the only reason of delay with your withdrawal. At this moment Loyal Bank resumed operations and we had opportunity to relocate all funds from Loyal to our bank in Austria.
Due to the fact that we solved this issue with Loyal Bank, your bank wire was processed several days ago.
Sorry for this but this situation was out of our control and we did our best to speed up your request.
We wish you luck in your trading!

Sincerely, TradeFort
Dear Admin, please close the case because of the fact that issue is closed.

Sincerely, TradeFort
I think this probably is resolved, but would love to see confirmation from Zsolt. There have been times when a claim of money being sent didn't lead to money arriving, so it's always best to double-check.
Hello! How long are you going to wait for the answer of this trader who obviously lost his interest in this topic and probably will not answer?
Because of this we kindly ask you to close this issue as Resolved unless this trader will object. Thank you.