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RESOLVED - UPFX Withdraw Money Issue

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Thomas A., Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Thomas A.

    Thomas A. Recruit

    Jun 8, 2012
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    Hey All,

    I was scamed by this broker.
    I had to withdraw my whole money back to moneybookers and close the account. I filled out the application for transfering the money on 05//2012. First they told me that they have problems with moneybookers, than after two weeks I get an email from moneybookers that the money arrived. But the problem is, I have had an EUR account, and the money was transfered in NZD. Not so bad, but the sum was the same. Example: I had 200EUR on my account, and they transfered 200NZD to moneybookers and then they closed my account. I wrote emails, but never got an response so far. On the Chat I always get "please hold on" for hours. So they just gave me half the money back I had on my account.

    Update: After I post it here, I finally got an short answer to my question if they have received my emails:

    "We do, we’ll ping you when we have answers to your initial email."

    They paid me the rest of my money. After posting here, things were going fast. Thanks to FPA.
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  2. mikep

    mikep Recruit

    Feb 2, 2010
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    re: Resolved

    I have had issues with Moneybookers in the past. They messed up the amount of money I sent, and it took a while to correct.
    It seems like there was some sort of deficiency of communication between Moneybookers and brokers...
    However, I feel like I have to defend UPfx because I have posted a few times about them here, and I have had only positive experiences with them. I know the character represented there, and they are continuously going out of their way to keep customers happy.
    I am not sure of all the specifics regarding this scenario, but I hate to see people say awful things about a really great broker, especially when the whole story is not revealed.
    Anyways, glad things are resolved!!
  3. upfx-mike

    upfx-mike UpFX Representative

    Jun 8, 2012
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    For the record, since important details were conveniently left out by Mr. Aken;
    1. It was less than TWENTY FOUR hours from the time he contacted us to the time the issue was resolved.
    2. This was done in May, he waited an entire month to reach out to us, and then pretended that we ignored him.
    3. His characterizations that we made him wait and ignored his emails are lies, to make his 'scam' allegation sound more credible.
    4. He sent $200 USD not EUR, as he alleges.
    5. He did send emails, but his assertions that they were not answered is misleading (another effort by Mr. Akin to make it look like the victim). His emails were all sent one day (Thursday) and by Friday morning they were all answered.
    6. He repeatedly harassed our online staff about his withdrawal when they kindly advised him that our backoffice was aware of the matter and was working on it.

    The only truth to his post is that he was sent NZD and NOT EUR. As soon as he brought it to our attention it was resolved in ONE BUSINESS DAY and BEFORE FPA was ever involved.

    So the fact of the matter is that Mr. Aken waited more than a month to contact us about the error, and then panicked when after the end of ONE business day having notified us about the problem it was not resolved. it was, however, resolved THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY first thing in the morning, without us even being aware that he had posted this misleading comment about us here at FPA.

    The only truthful thing Mr. Aken posted is that we did in fact remit NZD and not EUR, and the mistake was immediately corrected. Let me assure you that we don't need his $68 EUR, and that sending it to him hasn't compromise our ongoing operations nor was it a grand scheme to rip him off of such a huge sum. It was merely a mistake, and yes, we're capable of making them. Simply communicating with us politely about a mistake is more than enough to see any problem resolved.

    Had Mr. Aken been more forthright with regards to the actual facts of the matter and not (conveniently) left out pertinent facts this post would have been far less interesting. However, it's clear that the only person victimized here is us, as a result of his intentionally misleading and vague posting. Our efforts to get FPA to just remove this useless post was ignored, and we even sent them full facts showing where Mr. Aken was not transparent about the facts, and called out his efforts to make him look like he'd been taken advantage of. Regardless, FPA did nothing to clarify or correct his misleading comments.

    We are fully aware that there are bad brokers out there, and are grateful that FPA helps hold them accountable, but that accountability should also extend towards traders as well. We're hopeful that the FPA will give brokers more consideration in the future. Otherwise, brokers such as ourselves learn to have contempt and lose faith in a system that used properly is for everyone's benefit.


    mike dot b at upfx.com
  4. quantumman

    quantumman Recruit

    Jun 15, 2012
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    Hello Thomas,

    I am so sorry for your bad experience. However, having dealt with UpFX for over 6 months now on many, many different occasions, I have to conclude that your problem possibly came from MoneyBookers or some other e-communication problem. Everyone at UpFx has always gone way out of their way to help me, has responded to my emails or skype within hours, has given me highly personalized service, and has gone way and above the call of duty to answer any questions and to make sure I am happy with my forex experience. I have never had one problem with any of their services.

    I am sorry you believe they scammed you, but from my experience with them, I would have to say that that would be near impossible. Their character in dealing with me and others I know that have accounts with them has been impeccable. I would highly encourage you to use their service again, and I refer them to every trader that I meet.

    There are certainly Forex brokers out there that scam people, but I can tell you emphatically that UpFx is not one of them.

    I am so confident with them that I would refer them to my beloved aging Grandmother ( if she traded).

    Perhaps you jumped to some conclusions before you had a chance to find out where the real problem was at.

    Take care and may you prosper in your trading,

    Mark Baldwin, CEO, Quantum4x
  5. AvinFX

    AvinFX Recruit

    Mar 2, 2012
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    Its already resolved on still open ?

    By the way If its still open my suggestion is try to speak on live chat with them. and if they denied to anything just copy and paste chat over here.
: upfx, upfx.com

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