Admin, please delete this thread, problems solved. Thank you.
4xp activate my account again and i see my money now i make a deposit 111 $
fixing problem thanks for your site
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juba- the attached photos of emails sent by 4xp broker show that you had been not trading your account from long time as date in those sent emails show, besides one email show that a representative of the broker offered to give you some free trading lessons, maybe because he discovered that you're rarely trading your account and maybe having trading difficulties.
No broker is allowed or have the right to freeze or stop a client account even if there's one single order open for a long time but if there's no open orders and maybe you do not communicate with them from time to time, each broker have its own policy of freeze(as you named it) or put the account on standby if you want, as the broker see it like a safe measure to protect your money from being used by any third party as hacker or something..
I do not think you'll find any difficulty of withdrawing your money if you want especially that it's just 150$ as I understood from your post, no broker must make it a problem!
Just follow your case with the broker and send them emails or request a call from their manager. If they do not reply or call you again then that will be another case.