Resolved - Youtradefx - Withdrawal?!?!?

i've been waiting for 2 months for my initial deposit to be refunded and my profits

they are scammers and play games with you and have no intention of returning your money

please stay away.

Hi Pc guy,

i opened a 10.000 account with them, so you made me worried. Could you identify yourself so i can do a research to find out whats happening? Did you ask for a debit/credit card so you can withdraw your money?


The same has happened to me. I decided to do a test withdraw after reading all the posts and sure enough it has now been over a month and no withdraw. And just like the posts they do not return emails. Everytime I send a email I copy everyone at YTFX so that everyone gets a copy and no one responds. If these guys were for real they would not only send out the withdraws but they would return emails. They seem to return all emails until you ask for a withdraw and then the emails stop. I wouild advise everyone to stay away. there are too many good brokers to risk your money with these guys.


Anyone still having issues might want to start a new thread. Adding new complaints to a thread marked "resolved" isn't going to get your issue a lot of attention.


YouTradeFX Withdrawal NIGHTMARE!!!

Does anyone know anything about youtradefx?
I made some money with the company and I issued a withdrawal request yesterday and they promised to get the money within 5 days.
Has anyone had any experience with them at all? Have you ever withdrawn money from this company before?!?!?!
I opened an account with them and have earned over $2000 thus far. I needed to withdraw the money to cover a serious medical expense (wife's) and filled out all the forms and met their conditions. They immediately sent me a confirmation number. That was 2 weeks ago! Now, whenever I write, nobody answers, and when I call, I somehow get disconnected. They never call back, and I still don't have my money. As far as I'm concerned they're nothing but a bunch of THIEVES! They've stolen $2000 of my money, and with me being in the USA and them being in the UK, chances are I will never see the money.

If there's some way I can sue them or force them to give me my money, I'll do it. Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to count the $2000 as a loss.

If you're smart, don't have anything to do with YouTradeFX!!! They will rob you blind and ignore all your efforts to retrieve your money.


I've traded with them for about 4 months. Everything was fine until I tried to withdraw my money. My account started at $250 and is up to $1950. However, they said my withdrawal had been approved, but have not sent me my money. I've been waiting since April 19th, 2012. I figure I've lost my money to this pack of thieves. WARNING - STAY AWAY FROM YOUTRADEFX!!!


Problem with YoutraderFX

Hello. I represent a group of traders in Spain and Russia. We have relied on YouTraderfx, depositing money, to invest in financial markets, and we struggled to get the money. We've also had problems with illegally bonds. Also problems with swaps in Forex transactions.
We met with a group of lawyers to launch a legal battle against YoutraderFx. No need to spend money. The agreement to fix the problems, is that 50% of the money recovered is to pay the costs of the legal battle. Another fifty percent send it to customers who have been scammed.
To become a member of the legal battle against Youtrader, we need you to send us an email to We will send a form for you to request representation in the legal battle. When the judge decides, Youtraderfx must pay. But if Youtrader no pay or judge said we no have right, no will have cost. But if Youtraderfx pay, you must pay fifty percent of the money that we have recovered for you. ok?
For more information write me to: