RESOLVED - Ypm (your personnal manager) / mql45 / clapan - no refund issue


Sergeant Major
Whether it is $1 or $10,000 at stake, honorable vendors always act honorably.
I am glad to hear Igor has responded favorably, as I very much suspected he would.
Let this be a lesson to those quick to judge.
Remember, always be disciplined in your approach; and be not discouraged in your venture to find the best system you can find.
Just recognize that what you seek is the nearly "Impossible"; which takes some time and effort to achieve; unlike the merely "Difficult" that is regularly attained.
Small lesson to all,
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
Yes I read your intervention and it helped to keep channel opened with all parties, I raise my hat to you, it will help others, hoping so. So I was about to proceed with Digital River but then after the 2nd tentative with Regnow and 4 weeks of requests, the evidence was clear, it forces their reactions. I think by not replying to clients for mostly a month that paid such a premium for that robot, then loosing a lot of money in the LIVE account, made bigger the overall frustration. For 99$ I care less, but for 400$ we should expect respect, without worries.

Thank you again, I hope it will help others in the same situation.