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I have been reffering people to youtradefx for a while
I never had any problems with payments and my comission was even increased over the period of the 2+ years.
basicly I was promoted to a very nice CPA of 1000 (dont ask me why or how but anyway this was my comission)
most recently I signed someone up and they deposited several thousand.
I get an email from Emma from the ytfx affiliate department saying Daniel will be handling everything and will be my new affiliate manager.
Dan said that there needs to be changes to my plan ( to which i fully understand, 1000CPA is very high for a low lead refer)
I said since my plan is 1000CPA will I get paid for this.
His response is only if I find the contract, this contract was signed like 2 years ago and they have it on record.
his response to me asking for my 1000 pay was:

1. show me the 2 year old contract

2. reffer more people and I MIGHT pay you the 1000

I have plenty of transcripts of a very rude Daniel from ytfx and screenshots showing my old payment plan.

Dan offered to pay me 250 dollars right at the beginning but I said I feel like thats going against what I thought I was owed.

As of now my ytfx affiliate account has been disabled and I am getting no response from daniel or emma from ytfx.

please help

(and for the record I have been paid by this plan from ytfx in the past so it is clear that this is my plan and any changes to it I should have been notified, right now I have no pay)


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If Danny wanted to make changes for future signups, that would be reasonable, but to try to change one for an existing signup after the signup happened is a clear breach.
I agree with Pharaoh here, he can't change the contract retroactively but he can offer you new terms which you can accept or not.
Now here's the catch, most of the affiliate plans contracts can make such amendment or cancel the contract with a 3 months notice. The issue is that you need to see the contract or ask him to clarify this.
Send an email to every address you can find for YouTrade. Ask them to send a rep to publicly post their side of the issue here so that everyone can see their response - or lack of response.
Just sent an email off to emma, daniel, and the ytfx affiliate contact us website. thanks for the support FPAists
YTFX are ignoring FPA requests to join any thread, they are accused of being a different brand of the same company behind StartForex which is a scam and they are not cooperating with FPA to clearify this issue
So I don't really think they will agree to answer here.
typical, are they marked as guilty in any cases? what are the chances of me getting my payment? cheers guys
Do the follow take your buisnes other place ,give them bad name in paying so no one will want to do buissnes with them,as much as you need them they need you
Hold fire, ytfx affiliate simon has contacted me saying they are very sorry about this hickup and that daniel is no longer working for them and they want to fix this, I will tell you of the outcome thanks FPAists