Resolved - ZURICH PRIME: Scam, Fraud and un reliable


Hello People,

I'am writing about my case about this scam forex company called zurich prime.

At first, i wanted to start investing money inorder to make profit. As a banker, i value the concept of saving and investing now for a better future. However, my friend was insisting on trying zurich prime as she was already working with them. I've read lots of bad reviews but she was assuring me that she is doing well with them. So, i tried and started with $500 although i was not comfortable depositing it. I requested to withdraw half of the amount and after nagging on the broker, they refunded half of it my amount.

Days ago, i needed money for a very urgent matter. So, i requested to withdraw $250 ( My balance had $281) as this was my own money, nothing from their said profit. They have rejected it because of unsufficient balance, and i had $281 already and i tried contacting the broker "Taiseer" and he was ignoring me! How unprofessional !!! I'am asking for OWN MONEY not your PROFITS !! And now i really need my money back. This company is not legit and a total scam. I have sent an email to their fake complaint dept. and they have ignored me.
Apart from my case, they stole $36,000 from my friend's account ! Not only her, but a group of people around the world !! Imagine how terrible this company is ?
I know my amount is small but its still my money and i have worked hard to earn. My aggrement with them is to invest it not to steal it ! I need it urgently !

I wont be tolerating this fraud, if my money will not be returned back i will be raising it to the authorities and internet crimes in Bahrain. I have already spoken to a lawyer, which assured me that i can file a complain against this filthy company and "Taiseer" which may result in blocking this scam company in Bahrain. Stealing peoples money in 2017 is not that easy zurich prime.

I'm not willing to pass this as i will spread a word of mouth against those robbers. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM COMPANY AKA ZURICH PRIME.
You people who are willing to invest stay away from them ! Do not waste your money and invest it on far more better companies other than this filthy unlegit company !!
Zurich sounds trustfully, yes must be the Swiss! If they where Swiss they would not us a .com webadresse, they would be proud to us .ch ! And they would need to have a Impressum on there Webside! They must be fakers, probably from Israel to, like all the others!
Can you please characterise this scam company in forex fraud list ? They havent responsed to my complaint yet which proves how 0 relaible this company is.

However, i was contacted by their broker taiseer who ignored my chats earlier. He was very sarcastic and unprofessional and ignored me again when i asked for my capital!
We received your complaint and are investigating the matter. We will contact you soon.
Kind Regards,
Zurich Prime Customer Service

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I'm glad that i have been finally contacted by Zurich Prime and the customer service officer promised me to resolve the case and refund my money within days ! I have recieved an email stating that its processed.

I will be updating here when i recieve my funds back.
Dear Admin,
Kindly remove this thread or mark it as resolved as my case has finally been resolved with the mentioned company.

I would like to thank the FPA for its efforts in supporting traders and the customer service officer of the mentioned company ( i cannot remember his name ) for acting promptly to close this case.