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Forex Peace Army Reviews Questions

How do I leave a review?

How long does it take for a review to show up?

I left a review and it didn’t show up. Hey dude, where’s my review?

My company’s clients tell me they left reviews which didn’t show up. What can I do?

It’s censorship! Why does the FPA moderate reviews?

Are all these reviews real?

How do I get in touch with a reviewer?

How can I become a company representative in the FPA's reviews?

How can I update my Broker Details and related information on my company's review page?

My experience with a company changed. How can I delete the old info I posted in the forums or reviews?

How can negative reviews be removed?

How do I deal with negative reviews?

What can I do if the FPA wrote something about me or my company which I think is unfair?

Will threatening to sue the FPA get negative information removed?

Can the FPA recommend a forex broker, product, or service for me?

Can the FPA tell me about a company, its products, or services?

Why doesn’t the FPA check to make sure each reviewer really is a client of the company reviewed?

What happens if a company is caught leaving good reviews for itself?

I was offered compensation to leave a review. What happens if a company does this?

Do advertisers get special treatment in the FPA's reviews?

How can the description at the top of the page be updated?

I need support for a forex company, product, or service. Can the FPA help me with this?

I found a bug in the Reviews System. How do I report it?

I have a Reviews question that isn't answered here. How can I ask it?
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