Reza Mokhtarian has a new company -, aka Kaizen is run by Global Visionariez, who's ceo is Reza Mokhtaria . It is a mlm forex platform that launched at the first of this month. They had 14,000 active users on launch day and it's growing every day. With Rezas' background this could be another bad one. Just a heads up for all of you.
Also they try and charge your card for understanding approved transaction . I set up a account with a prepaid debit card to see how it worked. They ton the money but provided none of the promised platforms or team help. Just CEO YouTube video of Reza talking about how great this new company will be.


The websites are:

I will do a detailed SITREP about this, but this is his Mentor Tips turned MLM (Multi Level Marketing). You would not believe what he is peddling and his target age group.

Watch this Youtube video, it is disturbing [link to: (secure)]

He is not the CEO of the "Global Visionariez"

Again, I will do a detailed SITREP, but the Global Visionariez are a bunch of barely 20 year olds that promote these multi level marketing companies. I find it disturbing that anyone over the age of 25 is involved with this, but there are married, educated men in their 40's promoting this.

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Reza is the CEO of Kaizen Group International. This is a parent company of all the company's listed. You can look on all his social media accounts that show him with that title.


Reza is the CEO of Kaizen Group International. This is a parent company of all the company's listed. You can look on all his social media accounts that show him with that title.
MOKHTARIAN, REZA is the CEO of Kaizen Global aka Kaizen Global International. Kaizen Global is a network multi-level-marketing company that offers products relating to the foreign exchange market. It is an extension of his Mentor Tips company.

Again, GLOBAL VISIONARIEZ is not owned by MOKHTARIAN. GLOBAL VISIONARIEZ is a separate company whose leadership and membership does promoting, marketing and recruitment for Kaizen Global. You generally cannot be apart of GLOBAL VISIONARIEZ unless you are with Kaizen Global. Global Visionariez members may refer to MOKHTARIAN as "their CEO", but they are separate companies.

There are other groups/organizations/companies that do similar work of promoting/marketing/recruitment of these multi-level-corporations. The membership of these entities are predominately 18-25 year olds from all backgrounds, I have seen medical school students, gang-bangers, lingerie models and 40-60 year old men with families in these groups.

Look, we are discussing some very small details. Here is the big picture, lets call companies like Global Visionariez, XYZ Group.

Back to the business model: When a new Kaizen Global member joins under the XYZ Group by one of their recruiters, that recruiter gets paid X amounts of dollars from Kaizen Global at certain intervals for recruitment and retention of the member. The recruiter from XYZ Group entices the member to join under him/her by offering membership benefits including access to secret Facebook groups and Telegram (a messaging service) channels. To add to the exclusivity of joining under this recruiter from XYZ company, the recruiter will often promote his/her special knowledge and training as a benefit of joining under that individual. This of course comes at an additional cost for the mentoring services of the recruiter from XYZ Group. Some of these companies even charge a membership fee, usually a one-time fee on top of Kaizen Global membership. (The first month cost of Kaizen Global + Membership of XYZ Company + Exclusive Mentoring could equal more than $500 USD).

What entices new Kaizen Global members to join under these XYZ Group-type companies is their marketing videos and posts on social media that include expensive cars, airline tickets, stacks of money as well as cell phone screenshots of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) app of alleged "profits".

What these companies capitalize on is that many in the 18-25 demographic desire to dissociate themselves from the traditional university to workplace environment. While economic prospects for this group are not favorable, this makes organizations such as Kaizen Global and the like seem like a legitimate alternative. As such, affiliation with these groups, especially MOKHTARIAN and his prior history, personally affiliating with them should be taken only after extensive research into those organizations and overall with extreme caution.

I will post more when I have more information..

Samantha Ruby

Nobody here will believe you are one and the same another horrible firm that is out to steal people's money is this Kaizen Global and I hope to police go put Reza Mokhtaria in jail where he belongs. People like this are just parasites that need to have the law deal with them. SHUT KAIZEN GLOBAL DOWN! Down with the scammers! :mad:

"I saw his sad video where he fakes being beaten, it was very funny what an ugly person. Makes the world a worse place"