Reza Mokhtarian of Capital Trust Markets has made threats against the FPA


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Reza Mokhtarian of Capital Trust Markets has made threats against the FPA

Reza Mokhtarian is the CEO and owner of Capital Trust Markets. He and his company have been drawing my attention for a long time now.

In July of 2014, I had to temporarily suspend review representative access for Capital Trust Markets for violations of client confidentiality. I also added warnings to the review page. Someone operating from inside of CTM posted a client's email address and phone number in a reply to a revew. Reza Mokhtarian blamed one of his employees and promised it would not happen again, so the warning was removed.

Reza Mokhtarian was very aggressive in defending the CTM review page. He frequently accused anyone who left negative reviews of cheating or working for competitors. He seemed unable to handle the concept that a real client might be less than fully satisfied with his company.

Reza also went to great lengths to keep former clients from posting negative reviews. He'd have them sign agreements acknowledging they cheated and promising to not leave negative reviews in exchange for a cash settlement. When one client decided to break the oath of silence, Reza's reaction was to email this to the client...

I have already contacted the embassy here and our lawyer which is contacting your local police department. You have 12 hours to reply to us stating your fake review otherwise we will pursue you with full legal action.

You were not only paid but you participated in illegal trading, you signed a none defamation agreement and also acknowledged receipt of your funds.

Reza Mokhtarian seems to view many things as parts of a conspiracy to attack him. On February 10, 2015, Reza accused me of deliberately moving old complaints to the top of the list of reviews for Capital Trust Markets...

May I know WHY you have decided to bring an almost 1 year old thread to the top of our page, may I know why you have refused to remove the fake negative reviews against us however in that same time posted a NEW attack against us which CLEARLY is an attack by your members, a client who never had a live account with us who has decided to re-ignite a complaint from almost a year ago that you have brought to the TOP of the list, is this a direct attack against us? Please let us know if we that is the case. There is ZERO logic in you bringing front and center an OLD post from PAGE2 onto the front page, you are directly condoning and promoting the practices of broker extortion by allowing clients such as "BOON" and "JAPANESE BOY" to do what they are doing. Getting our lawyers involved with the DMCA will make this a costly venture for everyone. I ask that you remove the false reviews against us, furthermore Brunner HAS requested you to remove the review and you have chosen not to, I have spoken to him already. Please also move the BOON thread EXACTLY where it belongs on the second page as we are not wasting our time replying to a waste of life such as BOON. Please reply back to us asap as now it seems like there is a direct attack from the FPA essentially against us.

My reply...

I didn't decide to bring a year old review to page one. The reviewer left a followup to a 6 month old review. Reviews are ordered by most recent review, including followups. The review is in exactly the same location as a positive followup on a year old review would be. Are you asking me to provide some sort of special privilege where you can pick and chose which reviews get to be on page 1?...

If you think approving a negative review is a direct attack by the FPA, please explain why so many positive reviews were approved. You can also explain to me about the negative review that didn't pass moderation minutes before the followup review was approved...

You can also explain why I removed the warning about your employee posting confidential client information. I've gone out of my way to assist you from day 1 and this is the thanks I get?

Please do not reply until you've taken some time to think about this. I do not have time to discuss wild conspiracy theories about the FPA itself attacking you every time there is a negative review. If you want to get into a conspiracy theory discussion, explain why Japan was never mentioned by you until after a negative review came in from a Japanese client.

After several more exchanges, I told him this...

If you can't handle the occasional client or potential client posting negative items, I think you've picked the wrong industry to work in.

If I removed every review that a company owner or representative said was nonsensical, I could fire my moderation team and set the system to automatically approve 5 star reviews and delete everything else. You've already verified that Japanese Boy is a client. That means the review came from a client. If his allegations are false, then confront him with facts.

Later in February, there was another review that Reza Mokhtarian was sure belonged to someone who signed one of these non-disclosure agreements. He then wrote to me...

What he has done is breach of contract which if I get my lawyer involved as I have to now it will involve the FPA as well, why not just remove what he wrote? Why is that such a big deal Bill? Otherwise to protect myself I have to post this letter he has signed under his comments, it just turns into one big headache, same thing for Sean when you can just delete them and if they contact you say HEY look at this info, or THREEWAY email us. These guys are being malicious nothing more and one has a signed none defamation agreement which also says he was FULLY PAID and the other is under investigation.

I asked him what he meant by involving the FPA. Reza replied...

Well think about it, he's written a fake review after signing a non-defamation agreement, admitting to illegal trading, accepting the receipt of his funds and called us a SCAM BROKER which is defamation and slander and to top it off, he's written it on the FPA. So naturally I will want to get it removed off of your site, wouldn't you? Why do I deserve to be screwed over by some dummy in Pakistan?

I could see where this was heading. My response was...

I've been thinking about it all the time since late 2007.

Think about this. There are over 4000 companies in the reviews, and almost 3000 are still active. Many do not like the fact that clients can sometimes post things which may or may not be libelous or defamatory. Others use legal threats to try to silence clients who have legitimate complaints.

Think very carefully before answering this question...

Reza then made his first indirect threat against the FPA.

This doesn't have anything to do with me though, how does it? I have two avenues here, completely ignore the comments on the FPA and launch an onslaught of my own domains (I can) and rank them right at the top (and I can) or attack the sites which have the defamatory information written on it which I would never do because it's not the sites fault that idiots posted on it, which is why I always with full diplomacy approach the site with honesty and a humble behavior. I have been nothing short of classy when dealing with you guys and never once resorted to even making a minor threat against the FPA, so my question is this. If you have genuine proof that a review is fake or defamatory, why leave it up there? Especially when it's against a broker who has always been open and transparent with you and has chosen to not turn his back on the FPA like a lot of big name brokers have. I have never asked you to do anything that is not warranted, in the case of Masood, it is a clear cut case, and Sean the same thing where in fact I HAD given you the name of the account already in the past. At this point my choices are believe that you are EQUALLY fair to both parties or I literally have to say it's a useless battle to even upset myself and just let everyone write whatever they want. So if you think it's pointless for me to be even discussing or worrying about anything that comes on your site than just let me know and I won't even take your time or my time anymore. I can't stress myself out over this stuff any more than it already has. Let me know your thoughts.

My response...

Do you really feel entitled to pre-screen every review you get? Imagine if 3000 companies did that. I'd have to charge reviewers a minimum of $50 per review for the privilege of sharing their opinion so I could hire staff to discuss each review at length with each company...

I've bent over backwards to try to assist you and you respond with threats and also have the nerve to complain that you feel stressed? I even set your page to have all reviews checked by myself. I see my efforts were in vain and all you really want is 100% control over what your clients can and cannot say about your company.

Now I wonder what sort of person I've been wasting my time with, considering the caliber of the scam companies that have previously launched anti-FPA assaults.

The FPA does not negotiate or discuss issues while under threat. I am not going to continue any further communication of any sort with you until you PERMANENTLY AND IRREVOCABLY withdraw all threats against the FPA.

Reza then backpedaled and claimed he was only planning to launch positive SEO for other sites he owned. He even declared that I was his friend.

On April 10th, I pointed out a new complaint had been submitted by a reviewer identified as Monamo. Reza Mokhtarian replied

Ah thanks for letting me know, don't post it, Monamo is thanks to a dumb account manager I had, I'll fix Monamo's issue this upcoming week, will contact her in the morning, thanks for reminding me.

Since I was expecting Reza to keep his word, I stupidly agreed to delay the review in the moderation queue.

Then a review came in from someone named Yuki. I held back the review and engaged the pair of them in an email conversation. Everything appeared to be resolved.

On April 15th, a US trader posted in Scam Alerts. Reza Mokhtarian did everything he could to convince the guy to withdraw the post. I made it very plain to all involved that once a post goes up, it's not coming down. Reza just needed to pay the guy. I also let him know that having a US client for a New Zealand registered broker was likely to get him in trouble with the CFTC. I explained that fast payment and closing of US accounts was the best way to avoid trouble.

Reza continued to not pay Monamo, Yuki, and the US trader. He'd often answer other parts of emails and skip replying to questions about these payments. Due to some involvement of a US account manager, Reza claimed the US trader wasn't owed his profits.

I realize now that holding back a review even if the reviewer and company appear to have reached an agreement was a terrible mistake on my part. I honestly thought I was helping to get issues resolved more quickly. In retrospect, I can see I was harming the clients by hiding the complaints, even if it was done with the permission of the clients. The one thing I can thank Reza Mokhtarian for in all of this is reminding me that certain rules should have NO exceptions ever.
Since Reza was not keeping his promises to pay the traders, I approved the reviews after Yuki reported still not getting the promised payment. Then things got out of hand. Reza wrote...

Seems to me man what everyone said about your site was blatantly true that it's a form of extortion. I won't waste time contacting you no more as it has done nothing because you allow criminal traders to get away with extortion and you know someone is eventually going to go after the FPA rather badly. At this time I am not giving the FPA to display my companies information any longer on their site, it is intellectual property and I am requesting that you delete Capital Trust Markets in entirety from the FPA as we do not give permission for your site to review us or allow a review of our company. Please comply with this at your earliest convenience. You don't need to have my site on your site and I am not giving you permission to have my site on your site with your extortionists clients labelling us as scammers, I will wait 24 hours for it to be completed deleted and purged from the FPA website, if it is not we will then go down a different discussion together.

Which is funny, considering how in March 2014, Reza was very concerned about making certain that the FPA's review page for Capital Trust Markets could be found by search engines. He wrote...

Hey man thanks for updating the review page, but just to let you know it's not done properly in terms of the brokerage name, our brokerage is not searchable because you have made the entire name as one word "", it will never be found on Google, go try, or on your site unless someone browses through your entire broker links page by page. The proper way to have done it is Capital Trust Markets that's all, as that is our name. So basically we won't get any reviews this way, try searching it yourself, you won't find it.

My reply to Reza's demand to have the review page taken down...

Hello Reza,

I foolishly gave you some special privileges because I thought you could resolve issues and wouldn't delay sending money really owed to traders. I spent large amounts of my time trying to help your brokerage improve only to see that you are holding back withdrawals. You let me down when you either could not or would not pay money you promised to send to several of your clients. Instead, you ducked direct questions more than once, just like many of the scam brokerages I've dealt with. Thank you for firmly reminding me to never go down the path of granting any special privileges to any company under any circumstances.

From now on, your review page will receive IDENTICAL treatment to the thousands of other review pages at the FPA. You still have the ability to leave comments/rebuttals just like everyone else. I've spent years improving review moderation. I firmly believe if you compare the FPA to other forex review sites, you will find the review moderation process to be the most fair one out there, unless you define "fair" as "posts all must be approved by Reza." I already told you long ago, if you want that privilege, you need to buy the FPA and hire some new moderators.

If you believe a specific review is so unfair that it's legally actionable, I'll be happy to explain to you the only legal pathway to have it removed. To save you time, I can tell you that making legal threats against the FPA isn't gong to make a review disappear.

I think you will find that review sites are allowed to display names and link to the websites of brokers, just a a software rating or discussion site can go into what people like and hate about MS Word and can have links to Microsoft,com. If it worked like you claim, any scammer out there could scrub the web of all the real complaints. If you can quote a specific law that says otherwise, please send me the quote and a link to it. Unless it is incredibly specific, I'll have to call in an intellectual property consultant. I believe even the thumbnail of your website falls well within legal guidelines, but I am willing to replace it with "Image of the website removed at the request of Reza Mokhtarian" if that makes you happy.

If you have a brilliant idea to quickly, fairly, and easily tell which are "good" clients having real issues vs. which are "bad" clients blackmailing a company without turning each individual review into a scam investigation before approving it, I look forward to hearing your suggestion. Saying "Trust me and let me decide which reviews to approve" doesn't qualify.

I am still willing to help work things out between you and your clients. What I am not willing to do anymore is hide complaints by your clients while you sit on large amounts of money you admit owing some of them.

ONLY YOU can still fix this. Pay the clients what is legitimately owed or else learn to live with them honestly labeling you as a scammer. If you are worried they won't acknowledge payment, then CC me when you let them know that payment is on the way.

As it stands, you have at least 3 clients who would easily qualify for Traders Court cases due to your inaction in their withdrawals. You claim payments are in process. Stop making excuses and send them the money owed. That's what any HONEST brokerage would do.

Look yourself in the mirror and ask if the man in the mirror needs to send money to Yuki, Phil and Monamo or if he can make up a pitiful excuse to steal their money. Ask yourself if you are viewing an honest man or a scammer who won't pay what is owed. You can act as indignant as you like to me, but every time you look in the mirror for the rest of your life, you'll know the truth. That same face you see is the one your daughter will see as she grows up. It's the face your grandchildren will see. I hope you are smart enough to chose to be honest. The fast cars and expensive lifestyle won't be worth anything if you end up facing criminal charges. They'll be worth less than nothing if your family later learns you financed their lifestyle by stealing other people's money.

Your word is no longer enough to convince me you are honest. Only your actions can prove that now. Should I tell Yuki, Phil and Monamo that you are calling them extortionists for requesting money you already said you would send? Should I add that in special notes on the review page?

I'm signing off for the weekend soon, so demands and deadlines from you will have no effect. Nothing will be added or removed from your review page until after the weekend. I sincerely hope I'll be adding at least one review update from someone who got paid. I also hope to find that money owed to the other two is in transit by then.

Best regards,

Suddenly, Reza Mokhtarian decided that he didn't owe profits to Monamo and Yuki. This was the first I'd heard of that. He also claimed he would unleash 5 million followers to attack the FPA and did another semi-threat about being able to pull databases off the FPA servers, while claiming he wouldn't. He did theaten to join forces with the scam brokers IronFx and InstaForex.

First of all you have no clue what you are talking about, Monamo and Yuki are ONLY entitled to their deposit as well and I found out three days ago they want all of their money, not happening. Sites like yours allow clients to cheat brokers by doing literally anything they want and in turn using you as a scapegoat to file unlawful complaints and blackmail brokers to pay. Let me make it clear, if I see my NAME or personal information anywhere on your site I will use the power of over 1000 usenets, my army of close to 5,000,000 personal followers and multiple other avenues to attack FPA the same way I am being attacked, if you are saying the internet act allows anyone to post anything than I have all my rights to defend myself and explain to the world what the FPA really is. I am asking you very kindly, remove CapitalTrustMarkets as a company you review from your site, I do not want it there and do not give you permission to review me. If you choose to keep it there I will create 100 sites, SEO them with power beyond power and have my 5,000,000 global followers each create review sites and blogs and do exactly what you are doing to me. This industry is a nasty industry and for that reason I have given to company to someone else, I am tired of everyone including people like yourself, don't think I don't know what your real name is, don't think I can't pull FPA's database right off your servers, I have chosen not to. Do not EVER bring my daughters name up again or question my integrity. So far you have called IronFX scammers, InstaForex scammers and a handful of other brokers and now you are calling me a scammer. We ALL must be scamming and financing our lives, jets and villas with the 500 dollar deposits of these clients and they are all innocent right? Sure looks to me like you love defending the people that post on your site because obviously they are the sheep that drive you revenue, but I can easily cut off your revenue stream to the site. Delete everything CTM related, believe me, there is nothing your lawyer or anyone can do because if you are saying what you are doing is legal then what I am doing is legal and if I make a call to InstaForex, IronFX and all the other grieved brokers and let them know what I can do, they will join forces. Your site is an unethical site aimed to allow criminals to file fake complaints against hard working individuals who have spent millions of dollars building their company, your site is the cause, YOU need to look in the mirror and ask yourself if the money you make at the hand of extortionists, criminals and liars is made in honor, YOU look your child in the eye and tell her that you make your money by allowing companies that have spent millions of dollars to build their brands be destroyed overnight with your reviews by shady 3rd world country criminals. You in fact are the one that should be ashamed, not us! We merely protect our interests and don't allow scammers to steal from us, we say HERE IS YOUR DAMN INITIAL DEPOSIT and when they want all of their money they claim it's illegal that we are not paying. I am giving you till mid week to remove capital trust markets in its entirety from the FPA site or we will initiate action from our end. This is only fair.

My reply...

Really? Why did you just find out about this. Last week, you clearly said that withdrawals were being dealt with.

So far, I see nothing indicating that either Yuki or Monamo even got their deposits. Previously, you've been VERY quick to point out anyone who wasn't entitled to profits. Now you suddenly add details regarding Monamo and Yuki, despite promising to process withdrawals last week.

April 20:
To Yuki from you:


Please send me your up to date Skrill information so we can process this for you this week. Thank you.

April 21:
Monamo we have instructed to pay already.

I am not calling you a scammer. I am pointing out that your actions seem more and more like those of a scammer. The choice of whether or not you are a scammer lies only in your actions. You've also just declared your intent to join forces with known scammers. Take a long look at the face in the mirror.

You have just threatened to hack the FPA. That alone is enough to justify a warning against you and your company.

Reza replied

I give you 12 hours to remove the garbage you posted on there or I will post thousands and thousands of threads about you guys and yes go after your servers, I know more about you than you think, if you think InstaForex was bad with what they did you have no idea what I can do, I have warned you to REMOVE my personal information and now you have gone and put my personal information on there, if you think I don't have your entire information you are wrong and I will hand it over to 10000 different usenets globally, furthermore, I will make sure there isn't a dime you can make again off the FPA, this is ONE argument you won't win and you don't want to get involved in. I will control hundreds of domains like this (Link showing anti-fpa domain name removed) and also go after you servers so many times that the cost to constantly change and fix will be overwhelming. There is nothing you can do about it either other than remove the garbage you wrote and we walk away and go on with our lives, there is ZERO profitability to you for writing what you did and will do nothing but cause be to NEVER stop coming after your site and my millions of followers globally for your blackmailing ways. 12 hours you have to remove all of that or I will proceed.

My reply...

What's my personal info? I think if you had any scrap of it, you would have attached it to your first threat or to this one.

So far, the only "personal" information posted about you is your name and the name of your company. That's all over the web, so none of it is confidential.

Reza Mokhtarian then threatened to hire the internet hacker group called Anonymous. I always thought they went after corporations that abused clients. Reza seems to think they are available to do his dirty work if he throws enough money at them.

Within the web is something called SQL Databases. The right person, I'm sure you have heard of the group Anonymous can attain anything they want. Let me go on with my life and you as well, there is ABSOLUTELY NO need for this, I am tired of this industry and once you remove what you have written I can assure you, my existence to you will be NULL. Believe me, this DOES NOT have to go anywhere past this email, if you choose to fight me for reasons unknown, let me be known, that we will not stop, we will not forgive and once we start there will be no stopping it. So, I ask you now, is it worth it, will it be worth it? Ask yourself that, when you walk past your childs bedroom and into your bedroom and rest your head down, where silence is the loudest noise in your head, ask yourself, will this be worth what you are about to do.

My reply...

Whew! So you really don't know what Bill is short for. I was worried. That caused me so much grief at school, especially in combination with my last name being too close to that character.

I'll give you exactly 24 hours to permanently and irrevocably lift all threats against the FPA.

If you don't, the FPA has ways to shine the spotlight on people who make criminal threats.

I'd rather tell my daughter I'm unemployed than tell her I gave in to blackmail and threats of cybercrime. I hope your daughter can someday forgive you for even thinking of such unethical things.

Reza was closing in on me. He'd figured out what planet I live on...

Remove my name off your site. You want to put the ceo of capital trust markets sure. But remove my name. Your 24 hour notice means nothing to me. Do you live on Earth? Do you have a drivers license? Anyone can be found man...don't act like you hiding behind your name on the net makes you invisible. I've asked u before, I DO NOT want my first name or my last name on review sites PRIMARILY because of my daughter so you have no idea the little remorse I will have if you choose to keep my first and last name on your site. Your call.

When he realized I wasn't removing the warning about his threats from the CTM review page, Reza spent some time bragging about what a cool guy he was, but then lifted his threat...

Tell you what, I slept it over and I have told everyone to stop, realize that I know close to 2Million people online, I'm not like other CEO's, I am a huge social media celebrity so for example a small message on my snapchat that gets 300,000 views would find 20,000 people who will do things, you can do the math, anyways, I've stopped all of it and pulled back on the basis that the responses I got for taking FPA down actually didn't make me feel good because YES you do have a child as well and honestly I can't do that to someone who is a father, so I will pull back all threats and understand that is natural HUMAN MECHANISM, it's not personal...if someone holds a knife at you, you won't say go ahead and hit me you will defend right? So especially you knowing how picky I am with my name on Google, going and writing that enraged me. I have pulled back any threats to the FPA and will not do anything, but we need to sort this out asap, all I want is my stupid profile deleted so I can walk away and never put foot back in this industry, it's polluted with garbage. So what are we going to do to resolve our differences and just walk away from each other?

I took down the warning. I then let him know that next time there would be no discussion. Even a hint of a threat would result in warnings going up. I also explained he had traders he needed to send money to. It was a long message explaining how close he was to losing his reputation and how he could end up with serious legal troubles if he didn't start fixing things.
Reza didn't reply. Sometimes I think I'm too nice. On April 30th, I decided to make 1 last stab at saving Reza Mokhtarian from the self-destructive path he was on...

I'm sorry of my last email upset you, but you have brought this situation on yourself. Unless you take action, I believe things are about to get much worse.

Now I'm seeing complaints about your MT4 servers going offline. You need to to start responding soon or your clients will start posting more at the FPA and all over the web.

I'd prefer see this mess cleaned up instead of spending my time investigating client claims. My hand is extended to help you get through this.

What happens next is entirely up to you. I may be wrong, but I see 2 choices for your future...

1. You can work with me to try to reduce the impact on your clients as well as you own reputation. Your name will get tarnished, but not too badly once things are worked out between you and clients.

2. The other option is to either make useless threats or sit behind a wall of silence and watch what scared and irate clients will do. I've seen this happen before, and it's not going to be nice. Some of them are digging for everything they can find on you even as I'm writing this. Others are getting ready to call the CFTC.

If I were you, I'd take option #1 as quickly as possible. Despite some of the incredibly unpleasant things you've said to me, I'm willing to put my feelings aside and try to see all of these issues get fixed in the best way possible.

In the next round, I explained again how Reza needed to get that US trader and all other US traders paid if he didn't want to have CFTC issues.

Then there was the NZ regulation issue. Reza Mokhtarian objected to how I worded that on his page. As usual, he decided there was a conspiracy theory against him...

You know by law you are not supposed to say we are deregulated as we are NOT, our insurance scheme was cancelled, that message is an automated message that appears until a new insurance scheme is added, if one is not added within 3 weeks than they will proceed with cancelling the FSPR, it seems to me you really are interested in scaring clients and you are bringing great grief to individuals by your actions because in essence you are manipulating them into thinking we have ran away when in reality we are working to rectify things, once again I state that you are making this a personal issue and I ask of you to remove what you have written otherwise you will be charged for defamation and slander because I can PROVE TO YOU our FSPR has NOT been deregistered NOR do we have ANYTHING to do with the FMA so your facts are actually not true, please remove what you have written at your earliest convenience.

I modified the wording slightly to make it "legally palatable" and again explained that I was trying to help him salvage his situation and he wasn't helping. He sent an image of an application to the NZ FSCL. I modified the notes on the page to take this into account.

On May 3rd, Reza Mokhtarian's threats reached a new level of strangeness...

I think you need to contact me from a secure browser asap. I've been contacted by individuals that are not too happy with what you are doing to CTM...I didn't put them up to this either, I made some jokes on social media about you attacking me and I guess certain ppl took it seriously...get on a secure line asap...ur entire information and database already got pulled...I'm going to try my best to have these guys stop but the messages they are writing me on secured encrypted lines that I've even tried having police track is disturbing...I've informed police in Toronto and US that even Rob Lay could be in danger, these guys know where everyone lives and tracked everyone down...pls stay away from ctm, I dont know what these ppl are capable of, I suggest you delete ctm from ur vocabulary and anything else to do with it, if I didn't think this is serious i wouldn't have gone to the police myself. They have all of Dmitiris personal information, current address everything as well. I suggest u drop this now...I want no ones pain on my hands.

Funny how an uncontrollable mob supposedly wanted me to do exactly what Reza Mokhtarian wanted me to do.

Note: Rob Lay is the Admin of He's also reports an assortement of threats from Reza.

I requested proof that it wasn't a bluff, like when Reza claimed to have my personal information. Reza replied...

This isn't a damn bluff! You gotta listen to me! Would I call the police? Contact Mississauga Police, PC XXXXXXXX, badge XXXX, or contact SouthLake Police Department, I'll have to get you their badge information tomorrow. This isn't a ****ing bluff and I have to even go in tomorrow to give a statement and will scan you the report and send it, Rob Lay doesn't realize this either, this is out of control and we need this to stop, yes I mess with you guys on here and emails but I have a good heart and I don't want to see anyone hurt, when I get snapchat messages coming into my phone showing the OUTSIDE of "certain" peoples homes or pictures of the inside of vans with dummies tied up and messages saying this will be them soon it terrifies the **** out of me, I made a foolish mistake by going on my snapchat and instagram and writing that I am being attacked, I get 300,000 views on every snapchat story and have 300,000 followers on Instagram, don't you think some of these guys are fanatics, hackers or plain out crazy people? I WILL NOT go and ask these guys for what you did because I have severed communication with them and they only contact me via encrypted channels and their snap stories disappear in 5 seconds and cannot be need to stop immediately and tell Rob Lay as well, we gotta walk away from this like it never happened before they go after both of your sites till they have accomplished what they wanted and believe me word for word they said to me, "if you are on the internet, we can find you and we can destroy you", they even sent to me Rob Lays Social Security Number and facebook messages he has had with other women, I gave it to the police, I wouldn't go to the cops like an idiot if I thought otherwise, PLEASE bro I am begging you delete everything CTM related and have Rob do the same, I am going to make a public statement this week once that is done and pray everyone backs off, please don't take this as a bluff or a joke I wouldn't go to the cops otherwise cuz I am risking being charged but I am so afraid for you guys that I had to call them and tell them, I can call you from the police station tomorrow or have the officer email you as well, please please please I am begging you stop all of this, **** the business and money or the reviews, if there is even a 20% or 50% chance someone WILL DO SOMETHING to you guys, why the hell are you gambling with life, why are you gambling? Is it worth it? Please bro, stop this asap, I won't be able to live with myself if something happens as a result of my followers being stupid...I am shaking as I type all of this to you, I am not kidding, just think it over and contact Rob as well, I think the cops may have called Rob already because I told the cops to go make sure he is safe...I'm even scared now that what if one day these people turn on me...they can destroy people by doxxing them, destroying their sites and sending individuals into their homes...this is ****ed up man, all cuz of a couple reviews, I am soooo stupid for ever messaging Rob Lay to remove the original post, I feel I am responsible for all of this. I'll send you the full police report tomorrow. I am calling the FBI and Cesus as well tomorrow and RCMP. I've also informed my lawyers so if GOD FORBID something happens to anyone I have warned the parties and police know about it that it wasn't me doing anything.

I'm not sure how much claiming "I accidentally unleashed evil hackers to take down your site and to kill you" will really work as a legal defense if something bad happens.

Reza promised to send me the police report. I replied...

Send scans of the police report and your statement when you get those.

The FPA has been threatened with destruction many times. I've been threatened with violence more than once. If the FPA gave in every time some claimed hacker or thug made a threat, all companies would now have perfect 5 star records and the FPA would have no credibility.

I see that you are ignoring your other escalating legal issues. Where is the payment you promised to Phil? All the hackers in the world aren't gong to stop the CFTC. What is the status of Monamo and Yuki? Hackers aren't going to stop anti-fraud complaints in New Zealand and elsewhere. Start fixing your client issues and your crazy fan club won't have as much to complain about.

I also kept a promise made if Reza didn't pay one specific US client. I told him I'd add a note suggesting all US clients with overdue withdrawals complain to the CFTC. Reza doesn't like it when people fail to bow to his wishes...

You are just ignorant. All my job is to do is warn you as per the police. If something does happen you will remember these emails and ask yourself why you did not do anything to prevent it. What will you do with the police reports and what are you aiming to gain from the police reports if you are claiming you want to play the role of Jesus on the internet, have you seen the fraud and real legal issues Dmitri and the rest of you have been involved in? At least everything towards me is an allegation and as for Phil I talk with him daily, you aren't his attorney or anyones attorney, what legal right do you have to question anything pertaining a client and a company? You are out there to play Jesus and I'm telling you this may be the one time that these guys follow through and attack you guys and FPA in a way that will end it, from what I know they have somehow found a lot of people after you that are also willing to pay for your address and information. Why are you gambling with life? What does a stupid forum serve you? Are you that stubborn that you will risk your family and business to prove a point? You are not invincible bud, if the worlds greatest dictators and terrorists were caught and destroyed, a website Jesus can be caught too...all I'm saying is I personally feel you may get into some major problems, you don't need to worry about me and the CFTC I am well protected and I can assure you other than Phil we have NO US clients and Phil is fine speaking with me daily, now, what do you intend on doing with the police reports if you are being ignorant enough to say I am invincible and nothing can happen, as you say many people have threatened you but couldn't find you...believe me if you have a drivers license and it's on the cloud like everything else or if you ever paid a cell phone or credit card or have even farted online, you will be found by the right stop gambling and stop playing internet saviour, at the end you will see nothing will happen will change in my life and I have never been charged and never will be but you can end up regretting every moment of this...again no threat..i am merely trying to help you out. So let me know what your plans are after I send you the police report because i am certain the police will contact you on their own as well tomorrow.

My job is to not let people hide information about companies, even if I'm threatened. I don't know how this makes me into a Jesus figure. Felix (Dmitri), the owner of the FPA made one mistake one time. His part was fully disclosed at the FPA and was not a violation of the law. I wonder why Reza thinks he's got extensive criminal histories for all of us. I'd be worried about an old unpaid library fine in Kansas City, but I don't think Reza or his claimed hackers have that info. Notice that he claims only 1 US client. I know of other US clients complaining about him. My reply...

I'm waiting to see the report so I can get some information on how truthful you are being. You've bluffed too many times about having an invincible army at your disposal and having private information for me to take your statements as facts. After I can see what you said in an environment where bluffing would be bad for you, I can consider how valid your newest reason to hide all information about you and CTM really is.

Are you now planning to withhold critical information about a situation you created and which you say could put me in danger?
Reza Mokhtarian decided to not be in any hurry to get me that report. I gave him more than enough time for a good night's sleep, a hearty breakfast, lunch, and finally getting to the police by late afternoon. There was still nothing from him by the next evening in Toronto.

Since I needed to know if the hackers were real, and I needed to provoke them to do this, I put the following warning note up on the Capital Trust Markets review page...

"ATTENTION EVIL SUPERHACKERS! Reza Mokhtarian, CEO of Capital Trust Markets, claims that he "accidentally" inspired you to find all information on FPA employees and to take the FPA's database. He tells the FPA that the website will be destroyed and the lives of the employees are at risk, unless all mentions of Reza Mokhtarian and Capital Trust Markets (CTM) are removed from the FPA's website.
The FPA invites the evil superhackers to use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Please select General Questions. If you are real and are not a figment of Reza Mokhtarian's imagination, we're sure you'll be happy to prove your skills by getting in touch and answering a few simple questions.

As you can see, I made sure to include Reza Mokhtarian's full name. The horde of killer hackers should have reacted in seconds. There was fast response, but not from any of the killer hackers. Instead, not long after the warning went up, I got this from Reza Mokhtarian...

So you just don't like to listen and you are ignorant, I asked you to NEVER post my name and you did, if I create less than 50 websites with all of your information on them and SEO the **** out of them and NEGATIVE SEO your site spit in my face! I promise you I will own 50+ domains organically identical to yours and will put on every single site all of your information, pics, law suits, any personal information and warn the entire world about doing business with you guys, furthermore I will mass email all brokers as well including the ones you currently do business with, man I asked you to NOT post my ****ing name on your ****ing site but you are so ignorant, I will go for years after you guys, every single usenet, every single forum, everywhere there is I will create landing pages with your domain name organically with your entire information on it and full write up about the fraud Dmitri has done and the blackmailing business you have. If you DONT remove my ENTIRE name and all your bull**** within 6 hours I'm telling you I WILL NEVER CONTACT YOU AGAIN I will launch a massive campaign against you and will only stop until you have begged me for forgiveness, you guys are blatantly stupid, ignorant idiots! I will attack forever, that means via EVERY AVENUE, I'll ****ing do everything to make sure you lose all of your advertising clients and put all of your personal information online on multiple domains I will purchase not to mention FRONT AND CENTER on my major forex sites. Enjoy.

Reza Mokhtarian, CEO of Capital Trust Markets, your threats against the FPA and other websites qualify you for a place in the Scoundrel's folder at the FPA. I did my best to avoid this, but your threats against the FPA and others make it necessary.

Reza Mokhtarian, the FPA does not give in to blackmail. The FPA does not give in to bribery. The FPA does not give in to threats of illegal attacks online or in the real world.

I suggest that you start paying your clients the money you owe them very soon soon. Failure to pay money legitimately owed to traders is scam. Are you going to pay what is owed, or will you also end up earning a place as a scammer? The decision is yours to make. You should also know that every day you fail to pay money legitimately owed to clients is also likely to bring you to the attention of the CFTC as well as the authorities in New Zealand and Canada.
Good Job FPA. It was ong overdue. This guy is not only scammer but has mental issues as well.

I was wondering, did Phan Huu Tin from Vietnam ever received his refund from CTM? That guy was really desperate for his withdrawal.
Thank you FPA...

Thank you FPA for your well dedicated and professional work.

Blessings to all at FPA from Sunny México. :cool:

this should be fun.RIP forexpeacearmy.....lets face it when an evil supergenius says he will take you down you guys have no chance.wonder what minimee is saying to him right now?

o and capital markets arent actually regulated despite their live chat attempting to convince you otherwise!
LOL - looked at his site - They have a disclaimer that their servers were down (reversed superhack maybe)??? I wonder if he has any Minions - they are real cute....I'm in NZ so should look him up :)
all time ironfx manager told me that only wait ....and funding department not receive my phone call........i think they all cheat us not add more fund that company