Reza Mokhtarian of Capital Trust Markets has made threats against the FPA

Important information regarding Reza Mokhtarian/Oceannsky. The reason nothing has happened to him is that he is using mediation to solve his CTM/Capital Trust Markets clients issues of him closing their accounts down and emptying them. It's the perfect crime!! Tells his clients that he is broke and CTM/Capital Trust Markets is bankrupt and offers a nice guesture of 20 cents on the dollar and most clients take it as they are desperate or financially ruined. Leaving 80% in his pockets, mediation is not recorded or documented in an US/Canadian search areas of the law. We are petitioning a new law to have all mediation resolutions documented so a lawyer/judge or interested parties has the ability to understand whom they are dealing with. Please let anyone know that is dealing with issues regarding a claim or trying to sue CTM or Reza Mokhtarian to go ahead with a lawsuit as I would 100% guarantee he would want to solve it out of court so it's not registered. Please do not take any mediation offer that is presented to you, don't even discuss it. File the suit immediately with your lawyer and make sure you have all your documents ready. The more people that go this option, the judge will see a pattern and will not go lightly in these matters. Actually, here in the United States, this is considered Fraud, so anyone that's in the United States that has a case against Reza Mokhtarian or CTM/Capital Trust Markets, please do not hesitate to settle, apply for a class action lawsuit, try to gather up as many clients that have been defrauded as he is not allowed to have US clients, he would be extradited to serve trail for Fraud and Misappropriation of funds. Please forward this to as many people that you know that have been scammed by him.
Reza's MentorTips service got a review which is being disputed. The review is under an unusual name, and the person who appears to be behind the name wrote in to say the review is not his.

Normally, I'd say a name overlap is coincidence, but in this case, the name is unusual enough that I've added notes to try to contact the reviewer. I've told the person who goes by that name to write back and remind me to remove the review if the person who left it doesn't respond. This is exactly the same as how I'd deal with the issue if it happened for any other company.

Of course, Reza Mokhtarian decided to waste my time by sending another one of his lame threats....

What would happen if I put out a 50k bounty to find you...think many would participate? ;) I see your putting up fake posts on Mentor Tips now...funny I just spoke to those names and they don't know what your site even is, so just letting anyone randomly post...

Makes me wonder if I should put it out there, sounds good 50k for the individual that goes by Bill on FPA. You know someone knows someone that knows someone that knows someone...

I was tempted to turn myself in for the reward, but I already have seen for myself how hard it is to get Reza to pay money he owes. :p My response...


Are you really dumb enough to think I'd waste time writing fake reviews about you? If I went to the bother, those reviews would tell more about what kind of unethical person you really are and would all be 1 star.
Keeping my family safe from scum like you is why I and my team do hide our identities. Complaints to the police can't go in anonymously. I will tell you exactly what will happen if my identity ever comes out. At that point, the first thing I will do it file formal reports of every one of your many criminal threats you've made against me with the proper authorities.

(Name omitted) wrote in to dispute the review. I am treating his claim exactly the same as I would if it came in for any company.
Please run off and try to motivate your students. Dealing with you is nothing but a waste of my time.


Before I could send the reply to the person disputing the review or to Reza, he wrote in again to brag about himself.

what happened (Childish profanity omitted)? why didn't anyone contact my lawyer claiming money? let me see? because they are FULL OF (More profanity omitted), like yourself. Mentor Tips just hit 10,000 students, you mad? :) Not too shabby for a conman, criminal, lowlife, scumbag, oh wait, my daughter is going to have to read about daddy in the future remember? read how he was brilliant, loved by tens of thousands, how is still is, gets hundreds of fan mail per day, launched a multimillion dollar mentorship program in 3 months....proud daddy moment.

You are and always will be a loser, nothing more....but again you know lawyer is still waiting for statements of claim to be submitted lol

This relates to an earlier conversation where Reza claimed that ALL clients of his failed brokerage, Capital Trust Markets have been fully paid.

Of course, if we look at the post before this one, it could explain the real reason for the silence of some of the victims of Reza's scams.
10,000 mentees in Mentor tips? Come on Reza. I have inside intel that Mentor tips was around 1000 from 3 weeks ago. (unless you made a typo error by adding another 0). I'm actually in Mentor tips and there is no way you could have 10,000. That's wishful thinking..
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Personally, I'm not too worried about my own safety. Reza can't even keep the amount of the bounty straight. His history of keeping promises to pay people or to follow up on his many attempts to intimidate me through everything from bullying to cybercrime have all come to nothing. If my name ever does come out, I'll be filing criminal complaints over his threats with all applicable law enforcement agencies. Reza needs to pray that my ID is never revealed.

My real concern is not only for the amount of money Reza has stolen, but for anyone in his immediate vicinity when he throws a temper tantrum. Reza Mokhtarian has already shown off having guns online, and he's repeatedly demonstrated that he has no control over himself when he loses his temper.

Just for fun, I emailed the lawyer Reza claims represents him for issues relating to Capital Trust Markets. Reza told me that I could share the lawyer's contact information with anyone who has a claim against CTM. I asked the lawyer to please confirm that he did represent Reza Mokhtarian and if I could share the contact information with CTM clients. It's been almost 3 weeks and I haven't gotten any response.

I am syed, victim of fraud and scam by Capital Trust Markets whose owner Mr.Reza Mokhtarian is now a famous global fraud person, I have been going through many forums where I found about his scams and fraud to people globally in terms of money people invested for trading purpose in Capital Markets through Reza brokerage name Capital Trust Markets, As I wrote above that I am also one of the victim who has been scammed by Reza Mokhtarian for over 100K USD, this money includes me and my investors funds which we deposited for trading purpose in capital markets, Mr.Reza shutdown his brokerage and ran away with our money and now my investors are on my head for their money, I have all the supporting details with me for my trading accounts and the funds deposited, I would do all it takes to get my money back from REZA(Mr. Fraud/Scammer) and I will not sit and let him enjoy my and other people money. I am sure no one of us deposited funds for Reza to enjoy his life and me and other live our rest of life in Pain, I wrote on previous forums that I will commit suicide as the situation I am facing from my investors is very dangerous for me and my family, Now I am into discussions with people who have been scammed by Reza as they are facing the same issues, and we all are committed to get justice for us and cannot leave Reza to enjoy our money.

Moreover, Reza has done Identity fraud under my name for which I am in coordination to authorities for his cyber crime act.

I am committed to get my money back and as per the law I will do whatever it takes to get my money back.

My skype: adeel000999
Someone should report this to the Canadian Revenue Service to make sure Reza is paying all of his taxes.

Action will now commence to remove the company.

Before removing the company a few letters will be sent to the registered office address.

Providing we receive no objections to strike off the company will be dissolved.

Yours sincerely

Fraud Team
Integrity Unit
Companies House

Syed:I got this scam shut down , the ID fraud done by Reza
I'm watching Reza's latest video now. He accuses be of trying to extort 15 million dollars from him. What I really said was...

"If you want to have control of your review page in exchange for money, I believe you could buy the FPA for approximately $40 million. After that, you can put whatever you like on your review page. You will need to hire new staff to operate the reviews. I and everyone else involved would not work for someone unethical enough to use cash to control what can and cannot be said about a company."

Normally, this is enough to make people demanding control over what can and cannot be written on their review page to shut up. To my surprise, Reza showed interest and wanted to know how much he could get the site for. After some discussions, I told him a lesser offer could be considered. I'd have to dig through the large numbers of email exchanged, but $15 million might have been the amount suggested.

As for his accusation regarding a book, I have been collecting information for bad PR moves made by company owners. My plan is to eventually publish a book to assist other companies from repeating these bad moves. Reza's self-inflicted PR nightmare was spiraling out of control and is bigger than all the other currently planned chapters put together, so it might worthy of a whole separate book. Reza's continued attempts to blackmail me, other forums, and his own clients resulted in an email where I offered to continue to help him fix his blunders with clients if he'd accept certain constraints. One of those was that he'd agree for his issues to be published with his identity concealed. My hope was to assist him and to then gain his cooperation to produce something even more educational to prevent further messes like the one he had created. I made it plain he was free to decline my offer and continue down his chosen self-destructive path.

The terms were strict, but Reza had been the #1 drain on the time I needed to deal with all FPA issues for some time. There was no point in trying to help him if he wouldn't be cooperative.

Here's my offer...

"I have tried to help you fix your problems many times. Each time, I am met with lies, evasions, insults, guilt trips, and demands. You brought all of these problems on yourself.

I do not work for you. Your actions prove that all your prior claims of friendship were lies told to try to make it easier to manipulate me. You have been the single biggest drain on my time for months now. If the roles were reversed, you would not have put up with the threats, abuse, and wastes of time I tolerated for so long. I have given you many more chances than you deserved.

You can ask your millions of online followers to fix the problems for you, like they did on FerarriChat. Or, if you want my help, it is going to be on my terms. I can try one last time to help you, but only within certain constraints.

Constraint #1 is the fact your name isn't getting removed from the FPA under any circumstances. This search proves it won't do any good..."reza+mokhtarian"+"capital+trust+markets"+-army+-ferrari

I will not waste another moment of my time arguing this point with you. You earned that thread in Scoundrels. Only by taking actions to correct what you've done will you ever have a chance of getting it labelled as resolved at some point at least a year from now. The real issues you and your company are having right now will not disappear by removing your name or the thread.

Constraint #2 is you must clearly, completely, and honestly answer all of direct questions with no attempts to manipulate me or the facts.

There is no point in me spending another moment of my time offering advice to you if you are unwilling to give me information I need to asses the situation.

Constraint #3 is you must agree to follow my advice or present an honest and logically coherent argument against doing so.

I've been giving you good advice from the beginning and you keep ignoring it. I can't help you if you refuse to be helped. If you follow it, I expect to be CCed or BCCed on emails at my request.

Constraint #4 is you agree I may use all the issues with you, your company, your clients, me, the FPA, and FerarriChat for a book I am considering writing. If you cooperate, I agree to change the details just enough to keep your name and your company's name out of it.

If you decline, I can always write the book anyway, but it would be a better book if I can get some information directly from you. Do not worry about the book delaying other items. Getting your current problems solved will come first.

Let me make this as plain as possible. If you agree to these terms and then waver even once, you are on your own. If you do anything that even hints of deception or manipulation, you are on your own. This is a one time final offer and will not be repeated no matter how bad your self-inflicted situation gets.

Are you willing to proceed under these terms, or should I start making popcorn?"

As you can see, I did make it plain that any book items would happen after his issues were resolved for his clients, one way or another. Currently, I suspect the final chapter will be Reza finding himself in prison. Even then, I may need a few years to get over the horror of having dealt with this person before writing about him.

Reza didn't react like he felt he was being blackmailed. Instead of caring about fixing the problems of his clients, all this sociopath wanted was to become famous...

"Ok so want to know something? Lol there are a cpl people that have already told me they want to make a book on me...what if I said I'll help you push it...5000 copies turns a book into a best seller and I think we both know my fans alone would smash that number...if I said go ahead and write a book on me...obviously keeping the scandals tasteful and I'll push the EXPLETIVE DELETED out of it too and help with would you structure that for me?"

If I do write a book about him or include him in the planned book of PR blunders, I don't think Reza will want to promote what I have to say about his actions.

I love the "poor me" next part of the video. I'm supposed to be so greatful that he didn't launch dozens of anti-FPA sites that I'll make his name disappear from the FPA. It's yet another attempt to hide from the simple responsibility of paying clients. This included clients he said he'd pay and then later claimed to not owe any money to. Instead, he's going on about everyone being after him, for a HYIP that's on a site he appears to own.

Then Reza shows the PDF of Felix's "green card" incident. If he actually took the effort to read it, he'd see that Felix (legal name Dmitri Chavkerov) was NOT arrested in the incident. If Reza had bothered to do research, he'd have seen what Felix wrote on the FPA at the time. Reza doesn't care for small details, like the truth. Instead, he picks up recycled lies off of another scam broker website.

This keeps getting better. Reza wants to blame the FPA for New Zealand dumping his brokerage. He fails to mention that he'd already withdrawn from a NZ dispute scheme and claimed a pending re-registration was "normal". He even threatened to sue me over the wording. He also told me to hide his info because he was afraid of bank accounts being frozen. If those accounts really were frozen, then the authorities will be happy to turn the money over to all the people Reza owes money to. Except that Reza still claims he doesn't owe any clients any money.

I really don't care if Reza exposes carefully selected snippits of emails we've exchanged. What I see in his video is him exposing private client information. It's too bad New Zealand regulations aren't stiffer. It's also strange that he still has access to CTM information, because at one point, he claimed to have sold the company and had nothing more to do with it.

And then Reza goes on to blame me for allowing his clients to leave reviews. If they were breaking rules as he claims, I advised him to shut them down, and return initial deposits. Instead, he wanted all of their complaints to be hidden. Guess what? One client gets one review and I can't personally hack into his clients' computers to verify which ones are cheating and which ones he might be stealing from.

Reza also claims the FPA's reviews drove CTM into bankruptcy. Before earning a Scam Finding on February 1st, CTM still had a 3 star rating.. If the FPA was out to destroy Reza's company, it would have been very easy to have manipulated the rating. Instead, reviews for CTM and Mentor Tips have been getting exactly the same treatment as reviews for all other companies. The truth is that his poor handling of complaints, offering terms that might have invited some abusive traders, and ignoring my advice on how to improve things are what lead to CTM being a failure.

And Reza can't even resist another stab at Ferrari chat when he tried to blackmail the forum admin with threaten lawsuits against that forum into hiding some of his info. The funny thing was, it was only visible to paying members (I've never seen what Reza wanted to hide) and Reza suggested a poll to get people to agree to have it removed. Despite sending in his claimed millions of followers, Reza had less that 40 votes in his favor the last time I looked.

I need to thank Reza for reminding me that there are limits to how much effort I should make to help a brokerage. I know I have been a positive influence in the industry, but I need to become better at cutting off efforts to help those who don't care about anyone but themselves.