Reza Mokhtarian of Capital Trust Markets has made threats against the FPA

I was a little busy on other things, so didn't post this. In January, Reza's lawyer, or someone pretending to be Reza's lawyer, sent this to the FPA's hosting company. He tried to get the FPA taken offline for having a client complaint thread exposing some of Reza's actions...

"Reporter's Name: Karol Pawlina
Reporter's Title: Defamation of Mr. Reza Mokhtarian on the internet domain
Reporter's Company Name: AP Law
Reporter's Telephone Number: 416-473-7233
Reported URLs:

Logs or Evidence of Abuse: I have been retained by Mr. Reza Mokhtarian in relation to damaging statements you have posted on the internet about his personal and professional affairs to the effect that him and his related business entities are fraudulent in nature. I have enclosed printouts of the subject defamatory statements for your reference.

These accusations amount to a serious defamation of my client, and have resulted in significant financial harm to his business and reputation. To make matters worse, it is clear that you were motivated by malice and envy in making these baseless allegations.

I understand that “free speech” is a valued and protected right in the United States, just as it is in Canada under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees the right of freedom of expression, BUT this right has always been of a limited nature. One of those limitations is founded in Ontario legislation through the Libel and Slander Act, which prohibits the dissemination of defamatory comments, specifically, spoken or written words that discredit an individual in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally.

Accordingly, the right of free speech does not protect illegal statements, nor should it protect malicious and unfounded attacks against prominent businessmen, such as my client. The statements we complain of are unlawful in Canada. It is contrary to the laws of Canada to post defamatory comments on the internet. This law applies not only to the author of the statements, but also to any entity that facilitates the posting of the statements on the internet, such as web hosts and ISPs. It is also unlawful in Canada to defame a person in respect of their occupation. Moreover, it is unlawful to falsely accuse an individual of committing a criminal offence, such as fraud. Without question, you, your related entities and your affiliates have contravened all of these laws with your postings.

The proliferation of this information continues to have a negative impact on my client and his business affairs. Due to the serious nature of these false allegations, and given that these postings target my client directly and contravene Canadian law, we formally request that you take immediate steps to remove this harmful information from the internet, as it has been and will likely continue to be reproduced and reposted on other websites.

Please note that my client has incurred significant costs in association with the above matter and every attempt to deal with you rationally with respect to this matter has failed, and has served only to inflame the situation.

However, in order to avoid the time and expenses associated with protracted litigation, my client’s primary objective at this time is to have these offensive and damaging postings removed. We hope that you will see that there are extenuating circumstances in this situation that justify the removal of this harmful information.

Notwithstanding the above, my client is prepared to proceed with a court action against you for damages and legal costs if you fail to comply with the following demands:

(i) Immediately remove each instance of the defamatory statements and postings on the internet with respect to my client, which originated from you, your related entities and your affiliates;

(ii) Undertake in writing not to publish defamatory statements and postings on the internet or any other medium with respect to my client (applicable to you, your related entities and your affiliates; and

(iii) Publish a statement of retraction, to be approved by my client, formally withdrawing, cancelling, and refuting all original statements that were defamatory in nature towards my client.
Comments: As mentioned above, under Canadian law, internet providers who facilitate the publication of defamatory material are also not protected from litigation. If this drastic step is necessary, it is likely that every person and entity who has played a role in the publication of the material will be sued for damages. I have also been instructed by my client to retain private investigators and forensic experts to monitor any unlawful activities by you, your related entities and affiliates in the intervening period.

I request that you provide written confirmation of your receipt of this letter and your acknowledgement of compliance with the foregoing demands within ten (10) days of receipt. Unless my office receives the requested confirmation letter from you or your counsel and I am advised of your cooperation, my client will take all necessary steps, including the commencement of actions against you and your affiliated entities in all relevant jurisdictions without further notice to you.

Please note that this letter is delivered to you on a “With Prejudice” basis, meaning that I will tender it as evidence at Trial as proof that you were given this early opportunity to rectify the harm you have caused, but refused to do so.

I hope that you will see that it is in the best interest of all parties involved that you comply with this demand.

The FPA's hosting company knows that the FPA is fully within the law having that thread on display, so passed the threat on to the FPA.
My reply on January 14, 2016, to the person claiming to be Reza's lawyer...

"Hello Karol,

I have examined the thread in question. It was started by a client who feels that he has been mistreated by Reza Mokhtarian's brokerage, Capital Trust Markets. The Forex Peace Army did not start the thread and feels that any accusations of malice and envy are misplaced.

I'm not sure how Reza could be suffering any serious financial losses from this client complaint. He claims to have 10,000 students in Mentor Tips. At $97 dollars per month per student, he should not be having any fiscal issues. Reza has made it plain in email to the FPA that he feels the posts on the FPA are not having any negative effect on his highly successful forex mentorship business.

Nevertheless, the FPA always goes to great efforts to remain 100% compliant with the law. Please show me exactly which specific parts of the disputed thread you feel are in violation of Canadian law as well as links to the exact law you believe is being violated. This will allow me to examine the claims more closely.

I would also like to have your opinion on several issues.

1. Reza claimed Capital Trust Markets only had one US client in violation of the Dodd Frank act. I know of several more US clients.

2. Reza's claim that Capital Trust Markets was not deregulated in New Zealand. In fact, the company ended up without any New Zealand regulation.

3. Reza repeatedly threatened to attack the FPA's servers as well as to publish personal information about me across thousands of sites...

"I give you 12 hours to remove the garbage you posted on there or I will post thousands and thousands of threads about you guys and yes go after your servers, I know more about you than you think, if you think InstaForex was bad with what they did you have no idea what I can do, I have warned you to REMOVE my personal information and now you have gone and put my personal information on there, if you think I don't have your entire information you are wrong and I will hand it over to 10000 different usenets globally, furthermore, I will make sure there isn't a dime you can make again off the FPA, this is ONE argument you won't win and you don't want to get involved in. I will control hundreds of domains like this (Link showing anti-fpa domain name removed) and also go after you servers so many times that the cost to constantly change and fix will be overwhelming. There is nothing you can do about it either other than remove the garbage you wrote and we walk away and go on with our lives, there is ZERO profitability to you for writing what you did and will do nothing but cause be to NEVER stop coming after your site and my millions of followers globally for your blackmailing ways. 12 hours you have to remove all of that or I will proceed."

The "personal information" he wanted removed at that point was his name and the name of his company. Both were already in the public domain. He had previously already discussed how to make his review page easier to find in search engines...

"Hey man thanks for updating the review page, but just to let you know it's not done properly in terms of the brokerage name, our brokerage is not searchable because you have made the entire name as one word "", it will never be found on Google, go try, or on your site unless someone browses through your entire broker links page by page. The proper way to have done it is Capital Trust Markets that's all, as that is our name. So basically we won't get any reviews this way, try searching it yourself, you won't find it."

He also threatened to hire Anonymous to hack the FPA's databases...

"Within the web is something called SQL Databases. The right person, I'm sure you have heard of the group Anonymous can attain anything they want. Let me go on with my life and you as well, there is ABSOLUTELY NO need for this, I am tired of this industry and once you remove what you have written I can assure you, my existence to you will be NULL. Believe me, this DOES NOT have to go anywhere past this email, if you choose to fight me for reasons unknown, let me be known, that we will not stop, we will not forgive and once we start there will be no stopping it. So, I ask you now, is it worth it, will it be worth it? Ask yourself that, when you walk past your childs bedroom and into your bedroom and rest your head down, where silence is the loudest noise in your head, ask yourself, will this be worth what you are about to do."

There were a couple of emails claiming to be from Anonymous. I replied to both, but got no response.

Later, Reza withdrew those threats. This further means that the display of his name and company name was no longer an issue...

"Tell you what, I slept it over and I have told everyone to stop, realize that I know close to 2Million people online, I'm not like other CEO's, I am a huge social media celebrity so for example a small message on my snapchat that gets 300,000 views would find 20,000 people who will do things, you can do the math, anyways, I've stopped all of it and pulled back on the basis that the responses I got for taking FPA down actually didn't make me feel good because YES you do have a child as well and honestly I can't do that to someone who is a father, so I will pull back all threats and understand that is natural HUMAN MECHANISM, it's not personal...if someone holds a knife at you, you won't say go ahead and hit me you will defend right? So especially you knowing how picky I am with my name on Google, going and writing that enraged me. I have pulled back any threats to the FPA and will not do anything, but we need to sort this out asap, all I want is my stupid profile deleted so I can walk away and never put foot back in this industry, it's polluted with garbage. So what are we going to do to resolve our differences and just walk away from each other?"

Then there was the bizarre threat of a group of hackers "accidentally" being unleashed and all wanting exactly the same things that Reza wanted...

"I think you need to contact me from a secure browser asap. I've been contacted by individuals that are not too happy with what you are doing to CTM...I didn't put them up to this either, I made some jokes on social media about you attacking me and I guess certain ppl took it seriously...get on a secure line asap...ur entire information and database already got pulled...I'm going to try my best to have these guys stop but the messages they are writing me on secured encrypted lines that I've even tried having police track is disturbing...I've informed police in Toronto and US that even Rob Lay could be in danger, these guys know where everyone lives and tracked everyone down...pls stay away from ctm, I dont know what these ppl are capable of, I suggest you delete ctm from ur vocabulary and anything else to do with it, if I didn't think this is serious i wouldn't have gone to the police myself. They have all of Dmitiris personal information, current address everything as well. I suggest u drop this now...I want no ones pain on my hands."

I posted a public note addressed to the hackers asking them to contact me to verify they had any information. There was no response.

Reza claimed he filed a police report about this incident. He promised to send me a copy. He never did.

In October 2015, a review page was created for Reza's new service, Mentor Tips. In December 2015, there was a large scale DDoS attack against the website.

Later in December, Reza sent this threat in an effort to control what clients could say about MentorTips...

"What would happen if I put out a 50k bounty to find you...think many would participate? ;) I see your putting up fake posts on Mentor Tips now...funny I just spoke to those names and they don't know what your site even is, so just letting anyone randomly post...

Makes me wonder if I should put it out there, sounds good 50k for the individual that goes by Bill on FPA. You know someone knows someone that knows someone that knows someone...

Despite Reza's most recent threat, the pages for MentorTips and CapitalTrustMarkets have been given exactly the same treatment as all the other thousands of pages for other companies at the FPA. Do you believe that makes a habit of removing customer comments every time a company owner doesn't like the opinion of a dissatisfied customer?

In light of items 1, 2, and 3, are you certain that Reza is the kind of person you want to represent? If there is a legal case, would you think the originals of all of those emails as well as other emails from Reza I didn't quote here, complete with full headers, would be relevant evidence?

Since you gave 10 days, I will be happy to extend the same courtesy to you. If you don't provide the requested information within 10 days, I will consider this to be your agreement that the Forex Peace Army is within its rights to display all of the content regarding your client and that the hosting companies are within their rights to continue to serve the FPA. If you do provide the information requested, I will examine it and determine what actions, if any, need to be taken.

Best regards,
Bill K.
Forex Peace Army

So far, Reza's claimed lawyer has not bothered to write back. I can only conclude that either there is no lawyer or else any lawyer involved realizes that Reza has no case.
He also seems pretty proud of stealing too. Many sociopathic fraudsters have the attitude that if they can steal, then it's all the victim's fault for being dumb enough to hand over the money. People like this are proud of their ability to enrich themselves while destroying other people's lives.
He also seems pretty proud of stealing too. Many sociopathic fraudsters have the attitude that if they can steal, then it's all the victim's fault for being dumb enough to hand over the money. People like this are proud of their ability to enrich themselves while destroying other people's lives.
Exactly how it seems this sociopath is. I would be scared to have a young child around this man, with his demeanor. He seems to have absolutely NO social conscious whatsoever...
Scary guy...I hope his "mentees" have the "honor and integrity" to run away from him-the faster, the better....
Reza is still better than all of you haters combined. You people need to stop being jealous and find a regular McDonald's job or become successful through hard work.
Reza is still better than all of you haters combined. You people need to stop being jealous and find a regular McDonald's job or become successful through hard work.

Oh Good Heavens kiddo, GROW UP!! Otherwise, go find some other playground with kids of your own maturity level... When you finally wake-up and see the light-and can tell the difference between fantasy and reality; I'm sure you'll be welcomed back and directed to whatever agency you'll need to contact to get things straightened out...
Until then, Good Luck!
I'm not jealous of Reza. I'm sad for anyone related to him and anyone who blindly follows him. I'm also sad for his many victims. Why don't you read the threats me made against me. Quite a few other people he scammed went quiet when he threatened them and their families. Think about all that personally identifying information brokers collect. He's unethical enough to use it to terrorize his own clients so he can walk off with their money.
Reza is still better than all of you haters combined. You people need to stop being jealous and find a regular McDonald's job or become successful through hard work.

Why would anyone be jealous of a thief who's going to jail soon? His lifestyle you worship is paid for by crime and overdue loans, so will be ending soon.

Personally, I don't care if he's worth a billion dollars or is flat broke. I don't judge people based on how much money they have. I judge them by how they treat others. Reza's actions towards others prove he's a scum sucking weasel who needs to spend some serious time in prison.

The only person making money any money from Mentor Tips is Reza Mokhtarian, not his paying customers. I suggest you drop out of Mentor Tips, get a real job, and save up your money to take an Intro to Economics class and a Business Ethics class. If you approach those with an open mind, you'll be better able to understand just how evil Reza is and how he managed to mislead you and so many others.