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We just see the no of % not know how this percentage will act in trading. In general 5% seems a low percentage but in actual this is much risk that can be difficult to handle in real trading. It means you can loose tis amount in just one trade if you are not able to get profit out of it. I will recommend to take risk less than 2% it will be enough for an average trader who is not consistent in trading or for small capitals.
Thank you , i sense the general feeling is 5% is considered a high risk.

Do you change your risk between 1 and 2% depedning on the trade or always the same fixed risk no matter the trade?


Hi, hoping for some advice on Risk % on a stop loss position.

I have read much and see advice and recommendations from 1% to 5% generally (with some in my opinion foolish people not using a stop loss at all, but each to their own).

I would be interested to hear from others about what % you risk and your reasoning for that level?
Also, do you always stick to that percentage risk or do you change it based on any ohter factors, like Risk : Reward?
the ideal risk reward ration for me is 1:4 i usually dont go beyond 1% risk