Risk %

Based on claims of making big profits in other posts, I think she really meant 30-50%. Otherwise, why didn't she come back and correct me.

I'm willing to bet her attempt to talk to me privately as well as that beauty-filtered avatar and claims of an account manager who makes massive profits really means she's just here to lure men to their fiscal doom.
Ahhhhh I see, thank you @Pharaoh
1% or 2% max and i guess the industry standard is 2.5%
When we are doing our trades with lower amount of Risks then it become a Safe Trade.
It may happen that we will make a loss in doing our trades.
But then we will also be able to recover the losses from the Profitable trades.
The percetage-based stop uses a predetermined portion of a trader's account. So, 2-5% of an account is what a trader is willing to risk on a trade. The percentage risk can vary from trader to trader. More aggressive ones risk up to 10% of their account while less aggressive ones usually have less than 1% of risk per trade. You should always set your stop according to the market environment or your system rules, never pay attention to other circumstances. I believe that risk percentage up to 3% is the most acceptable one as it won't let you bust your account rapidly. You'd better start from the very low risk percentage, for example 1 or maximum 2 % per trade.
I don't think that you should risk more than 1% of your deposit. That is why experienced traders advise newbies to come to the market having some decent money in their pockets. Only on condition that you have at least $5000, can you make at least more or less decent profits which will not provide you but it will be still pleasant to gain more than $1 per month. Putting at risk 5% is too risky especially if you trade with leverage, so, you'd better to be more conservative in the beginning and them reassess your risk profile in order to find the golden mean between safety and profits.
1% is all I will use. I prefer to try and refine my trades so that I can increase the risk reward by getting lower time frame entries. Remember think risk first, profit second.
1% is standard for me .
I have used 2% before but am quite happy using 1% as I set 3R on most trades leaves me in the blue
I don't tend to risk more than 3% on any one trade. I don't trade without a stop loss, I find it quite irresponsible. I think one of the best bits of advice I have ever been given is to review your stop loss as the trade goes on. Move it into profit as the trade goes well so you secure a level of profits.
Risk ration is quite an individual thing and every trader is to decide how much money they are ready to lose in every trade.
As a rule, risk percent varies between 1% and 3%. Such a proportion is considered to be conservative enough to secure your budget from the losses cause by occasional fluctuations on the market. I believe that the best way to understand how much risk you can take is to try to open the different deals with different risks and see where you feel the most comfortable. I mean that usrely, all of the people feel best when they don't have the risks at all, but you should also look at the profits. You my have 0.5% risk, but your profits will be too low to keep you motivated. You should start with the smallest risk and watch how much money you manage to make and gradually increase the risk until you feel the fear of losing this amount of money in a single deal.
Unfortunately, there is no point blank answer to your question as it is up to you to decide and understand which trading conditions and environment suits you the most.