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I bought a strike method from Rob Booker for $1497 after receiving invitation through email on internet.Iasked if this method applied to all financial instruments .No answer was given.However after receiving course details I discovered it only works for stocks.I only trade forex and this course is no use to me.I asked for a refund or credit note or i be given opportunity to purchase a forex course but this has fallen in deaf ears.Loosing $1497 is a lot of money and is my life savings.Any ideas how this money can be recovered.
--> does this Rob Booker have a website?

--> Can you send screenshot of email? and also how you sent the money?

--> You sent money to a complete stranger.....I also do consultations on how to avoid scams. Can you voluntarily send $300 to my paypal/neteller/skrill?
14 AprROB BOOKER TRADING 6363467080 FL£1,197.22
thank you for ur reply.
I have received note credit is on its way.Will keep u fully informed
thank you
thank you for ur reply.
I have received note credit is on its way.Will keep u fully informed
thank you

Where did you receive this note from? I'm still confused about what website you purchased this course from. Can you provide the website?

Have you done the dispute process through your credit card? How does that work?
Your help has been greatly appreciated.with ur effort i had the courage to dispute this trough my credit card company.A form is on its way..I also sent a copy of the thread to Rob Booker.I have received a refund note clearly stating refund at 1725 27th april 2020.. howewever no notes or anything with it.
I will no within a couple of days when this is credited to my card.


ote clearly stated reund. howewever no notes or anything with it.
Rob Booker and his trading products
Booker claims that his office is situated on this address– Gilbert, Arizona, USA. However, we can’t find an office that is associated with his name in that location.

Rob Booker’s homepage acts as the main sales page. Here, he claims that he went from zero to $7.8 million and that he can help you make that much as well.

On top of this, Rob also claims that he has successfully maintained 2,500 community of traders on his site. But it is not clear whether these traders too make money like he does.

Booker seems to be putting more emphasis on his trade mentoring program. The aim is always to push traders into signing up for his training which consists of 24/7 access to a live chat room, newsletters, trade alerts, webinars, videos, robots and indicators.

The offer looks really attractive because Rob Booker is also targeting those who want to learn how to become rich. What is more, it is not clear why this gentleman is always willing to teach others how to make wealth through Forex trading.

Also, we see that this guy entered the trading scenes long ago. It is actually recorded that he entered this industry some time in 2006.