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I have been trading with roboforex past 4 years .did have some issue with pending order and spread but I think most broker has that . I did not bother much about that. But now I think I am having my most weird trading experience with them. All the way I was reading about scam broker never experienced abut that but this time I feel I am scammed.

Currently I do have two trading account

5121702 and 5127869 account currency for the both account is gold.

Bother account has some open position almost in same price range. Monday morning all the open positions floating price was marked up to 100%-150% and blown the account .it may sound crazy but it is uploaded screenshot here but I am getting ready to lodge a case so all the document will be uploaded .i was trying to get in touch with customer support via live that. They was trying to teach me some basic math.. Then it took me couple of attempt to reach with my person customer manager but due to poor connection didn’t work out. After couple of live chat attempt finally she call me back. And her name is Natalya Korol . it took me little while to explain her . she took some time and call me back and only things she told me is she can’t tell me anything about this .since I wrote to dealing desk they will explain me all this .

I they key point to write about my incident is .. I heard investors were scammed by ironfx .. And there are many negative review about roboforx. So it is hard to judge. I am not saying they are scam may be there is a technical problem with the server. Whatever it is I am expecting them to solve the issue with compensation is there is any indecent happen due to this issue. And hope things doesn’t get ugly like iron fx .. If there is any active member from roboforex step in and settle the issue. I may wait maximum 3 working days and then will report a case here and also will report to your regulatory.


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I didn't get out a calculator, but it looks like even if the losses were 1/3-1/2 as much on that 1st statement, you would still have been wiped out.

Have you contacted RoboForex support to ask?
i spend my whole day to get in touch with them . from the beginning live chat was trying to convince me that i was hit by stop out due to lower equity . and she tried to show me some math. spoke to the customer manager she was saying the same thing until i make her explain every single order one by one . only thing she said i have to wait for dealing department to reply . and dealing department restored the account this morning 5 am. . . they did restored one account . again i need to send them email and asked to restored my second account and they did. in between i found that the bonus amount was wiped out . while i already completed 52% lot once i asked them about that bonus and also the compensation they replied . i will not get any thing it is not in their policy . then i have decided to closed all the open position and withdraw the money . but on the withdrawal section . i found that it doesn't allow me to withdraw all . i asked the live chat again .they said because of the bonus amount the fund is locked it took me few attempt to explain that the bonus amount is being removed by their dealing desk . and then they fixed it .i have request some portion of my fund which is about $150 . and another scary things happen and that is skill charged me $5.28 fees. i asked live chat about that .they replied they do not charge more then 1%. i send email to skrill and they replied me today that they do not charge fees to receive money how ever the merchant will be charged . ask merchant for more explanation .
.key things to notice

1 .had open position which suppose to hit t/p due to their server issue it did not hit t/p but they did charge me swap .
2. few pending order did not executed which suppose to hit t/p no compensation for that .
3.when they restored my account all the previous ticket (orders which hit sl was removed from the statement ) which is very scary it means they can manipulate the entry .
4. so called technical issue . what if market moved against me and my account was blown who would take the responsibility
5. their information is not transparent . and i am having a serious feeling that they will be seriously charged for money laundering . they do have deposit option using union pay but they do not process withdrawal via union pay .
6. as a trader i think i should be spending more time on trading not just requesting services to their support team . which are my rights by being their client . as i said they cost me a whole trading day and make me explain few times same thing .
my assumption :
1.i do keep track for my open position i was going through all the position this after noon . and i found that their system counted 2-7% less for some of my trade (example if for 10 pip i suppose to get $1 but they gave me 0.92-0.95 i checked few i am sure most of the trade is same i did not have time for all this so did not checked all .
2.on the account there was one or more trade which was pending order but i canceled that and it was not visible on the system but it was executed .
3. i was having serious re quote issue when my account grow 300%. there was few times when neutral market i could not close my position
4. they are purely market maker . it means if you are trading against them . every time you win they lose .
5.any account which has consistence growth more then 50% a month will be wiped out . spoke to couple of trader who has been through my situation.

my suggestion : i am not a pro. neither i am a very active on forum . if you are thinking to move roboforex or if you already have account here . i will really suggest you find some better brokers . i am sure there are many . my few years trading experience my first problem was with who did not process my withdrawal until i report to moneybookers with the clear screen shot and forced them . and guess what they runaway . ironfx has more strong regulatory guess what they scammed people . so i am pretty much sure they are walking on the same path . if you trading for long run i will suggest stay away from roboforex . or else you own your wish .


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What kind of trading account is this? On their web site they mention that they will be trading against you for some types of account (Example below). I did sign up with them buy have not started trading as there were some verification problem on my account. I thought this type of account would be great for scalping. So it's pretty clear they are Market Maker for at least some accounts.
"Pro-Cent (Forex Micro) forex account is a specific type of trading account intended for those clients who would like to try real trading conditions at the interbank market. The RoboForex is counterparty to the transactions on these accounts, but the client's order is executed as if the orders are passed on to a Prime Broker by means of a Bridge. Thus, using a specific Engine developed by RoboForex, we allow our clients to test "real Forex" without involving large amounts of money."