RoboForex Scam - not responding to withdrawal request help needed

Garry Goodchild

Hi I am trying to make a withdrawal from RoboForex - firstly they would not allow me to withdraw to my skrill account . I have to withdraw to the original card that made some of the deposits . Trouble is that my card got damaged and has been replaced by my bank . I have started a live chat and they ignored me for long time then the guy said they cant help
I then requested a callback and they didn't call .
I have raised a ticket though I am yet to receive any reply from them .
I had so far found it easy to deal with these guys and hoped that it would be 2 way - Not just easy when depositing .
I read allot of bad stuff about them and gave them the benefit of the doubt .
Maybe I should have listened more to what i read .
Please advise and are there any representatives from RoboForex on FPA that can help ?
Dear Garry Goodchild.

Thank you for contacting RoboForex Company.

Kindly note that you raised your issue in a ticket to billing department on 30 of December in the company non-working hours.

You received your response on 31 of December where it was stated that you need to pass the verification of the bank card used for deposit, in order for us to be sure that you are it's owner.

On the first of January you informed us that you uploaded it.

Kindly note that due to the fact that 1,2,3 of January are considered as non-working, HOLIDAYS, you request for verifying your bank card was processed on the 3 of January.

You made another withdrawal request on 3 of January at 23 p.m in the company not working hours , that was already executed by our company on 4 of January in the company working hours and your funds were transferred to you.

Sincerely, RoboForex