I too, was contacted by a woman with the wrong number. we started talking, shes aid she owned 3 restaurants, but her main job was trader. She has an uncle who used to work in London, now a professor. Had gotten out of relationship that lasted 5 years to a rich guy before she was cheated on. She had a million dollar apartment and her parents lived on Sentosa island. she showed me trades she made and how much makes on Australian dollar. I asked her if she ever lost money, she never answered. Things progress, asked me if i wanted to talk on phone. talked about the future, ask me if i wanted to marry and have kids. She set me up with a demo of the MT5 with a demo account. she talked about being together and living in the states. She set me up with a real account with help from a friend in London called Kevin. When it came to deposit money. I said It would have to wait to next week. She was mad that I had not added money, saying whats the point of being together if I hadnt added any money. She contradicted herself by previously saying she didn't care about her partner having any money . After she said that I did a search on ECG and whatsapp. THis is how I found this thead. Below are the photos she used. Her number was 852.9187.2365
Wow, same story pretty much – "three restaurants" but I didn't get the part about moving to the US. Also she sent different photos. The sudden urgency of me needing to get money together was a red flag. Rushing into trading is never good advice.


Lt. Colonel
Wow, same story pretty much – "three restaurants" but I didn't get the part about moving to the US. Also she sent different photos. The sudden urgency of me needing to get money together was a red flag. Rushing into trading is never good advice.
If you are having a serious problem with a company, you should open your own thread in Scam Alerts and give details.

Why your own thread?

1. If the person who started this thread has their issue resolved, this whole thread will be marked as resolved.

2. Your thread can have a link from your review. This makes your issue more visible.

3. Issues can be different. Having your own thread makes it easier to get advice specific to resolving your issue.


I had exactly this except from a different phone number. It was such a long play, as "she" didn't mention trading for quite a number a few weeks and then only in passing at first. So I didn't suspect anything.

It happens that I do in fact know a bit about trading, although not Forex, so I was interested at first.

Unfortunately for them she made some hard to believe claims such as 90% of her trades were wins... "almost 100% in fact"... supposedly under the guidance of her uncle / broker.

I did some paper trades with her using MT5 and a East Century Group demo account.

Eventually she started to repeat that I was losing money by not starting right away and asking if I can sell my investments and free up some funds "tomorrow". We got as far as her saying I should open a full account. I requested regulatory information and was presented with none. When I looked it up the first results that came back were scam warnings. There is a UK-registered Limited company by same name but I suspect this is either a coincidence or a decoy.

Having found nothing but warnings and negative reports about East Century Group Limited (or EGC-Limited) I simply blocked her and deleted the conversation.

A lucky escape. I know a bit too much about Forex to be fooled into thinking there is some secret formula that guarantees success. Fiction.
Do you remember the name she used ? This sounds exactly what I’ve experienced.


They tried to scam me too. I met a girl online who says her father is Chinese and her mother is half Polish and half Australian. She said she normally lives in Hong Kong and owns a beauty center there. She said that she is now with her relatives in Germany. She gave reasonable answers to every question I asked. For a long time she was trying to build trust. At first it is very difficult to understand that this is a game. After talking for a while, she told me that he likes me. I didn't care much. Then he started talking about mt4 when she found out that I was an investor. She kept asking me to download mt4. She was so helpful that I realized there was something wrong with this. I started courting to attract the girl. Then I downloaded the mt4 to test whether it's real or not and applied the instructions. then it told me to register with mkj global. She told she was using it. That was when doubt began to form in my mind. I thought they'd participate me here and make send money and lay on it. I searched the site online and saw that it was a scam. When I told her this, She said that she did not have a problem and that some people who lost money from the investment could say that. then when I refused to sign up she told me that I could sign up with another service provider. At this point, it appeared in my brain that it might not be fraud, but I continued to distrust. then i think she threw another high rated company but realized that this provider is not valid in my country. Then she pointed out to me that even the best providers get negative reviews and then told me to go back to the first provider. I realized it's a scam. I will send her Facebook page and number.
+48 663 371 180

I can also send WhatsApp messages.


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