Don't just call them a scam. Explain what happened.

Love their website. Let's see . . . must deposit 150k Euros if you want to talk to support once per day. If you do that, they promise 10% monthly interest - exactly where does that money come from? Bernie Madhoff only offered 10% per year. I see a pile of awards in 2012, without a link to any. The internet archive has nothing on them until 2013.

I ran a google search on their alleged CEO Mark Bankhofer. Funny, all the pages with him on it were solely about Royal de Bank. I guess he just popped up out of nowhere and became a CEO without ever bothering to do anything else in his whole life worthy of a mention on any other website.

I see they also offer a 6% per month guaranteed managed account. I wonder if that's above and beyond the interest that goes up to 10% per month.

I know I make plenty of typos myself, but the number of misspellings in what's supposed to be a large brokerage's webpage is amazing. It looks like this thing was thrown together in a hurry and never rechecked for errors.


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Note that is a very scam.... note that thank yoiu

NOTE that you dont like them and you are saying them scam without any proof.

Bro Its easy to call you scam but its hard to explain , I`m not saying that you are liar but this is not good sign to just make 1 line statement and say they are Scam. Please share your experience with them to judge they really scam or not.


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Pharaoh says right spelling mistakes and no information on other trustful sources definitely don't go in advantage for a financial organization. I think we should think twice giving money in such suspicious financial management company.