Russia refutes the progress of peace talks, again airstrikes Ukraine, crude oil returns to the top of the $100 mark


ACY Representative
Crude oil futures prices rose on Thursday (17th), WTI crude oil and Brent crude oil both returned to above $100 a barrel, a partial rebound after a 3-day losing streak, due to the intensified Russian-Ukrainian war and expectations of a sharp reduction in Russian crude oil supplies. warming up.

Crude oil rose by nearly 10 US dollars again on Thursday, rising from 94.8 to 104.2. The daily line closed at 103.6. From the shape, there is room for growth. The top focuses on 105 and 107, focusing on the impact of news. From the four-hour line, The oil price is above the upper track. Let’s first look at the breakthrough of 105, and look at the breakout further. From the hourly line, MA5 is slightly downward, and there are signs of a correction, but the overall upward trend is volatile. The operation below focuses on the support of 100 and 101. Callbacks are mostly

Oil for sure is going to rise further but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Where it's going to stop is anybody's guess. A lot of fundamental issues driving it and it looks like upwards is the only logical direction for now!!