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Discuss Safe-Holdings.com

General discussions of a financial company
The only connection is just one single person only. I have spent time trading and I made a small withdrawal once. Everything goes via crypto e.t.c.
I'm going to assume you are talking about safe-holdings.com.

The IP it's on hosts 285 sites. That's unusual for a reliable financial company.

The domain was first registered in 2018. Under "Meet the team" there's a claim that the CEO returned to the company in 2012. The About page says the company was formed in 2018, which means the CEO returned to a company 6 years before it existed.

The home page doesn't actually mention anything about being incorporated or holding any sort of license.

Contact info is only an email address and a phone number.

Do you want to risk your money with a broker that doesn't mention regulation, it's incorporation number, or even a postal address?