2nd Reported Scam / Fraud Million


If I have falsely accused, then I will give you a firm sincere apology and fix my case.
But if not, then let me be one to call out as a complete scam/fraud that continues to bring shame to the human race.

I've stuck with for over a year now.
My highest record account balance was 2,352,584.44 million dollars. (refer to attachment 'Milestone')
Issue: Unable to withdraw my current account balance of 1,423,420.94 USD (attachment 'Withdrawal')
Several reasons why I'm here today, but my main reason:

I don't want to be apart of the larger group of victims who goes unreported.

I only came across FPA less than a week ago for the first time and I'm very glad I did, at least it's a channel where I can deliver this tiny small voice of mine out there

I don't want to feel alone in this bad situation and I hope the future will be brighter for all the other new traders who are continuously looking for answers

The only other reported issue with this thread created here on Forex Peace Army came from a user called " Studio-dbfx " which dated back on April 6, 2016.
+Another user called " Myra02 " posted same withdrawal issue against Safe-Option, did not create own thread.
+Another user called " Riclew " posted same withdrawal issue against Safe-Option, did not create own thread.

The dangerous part about is that it actually tracks market data pretty accurately which goes up/down at same time as any other real-time market data except they will much rather not allow you to withdraw much if not at all any profits earned (refer to attached file 'Comparison1' and 'Comparison2')

I should know this very well having been here for so long -- my biggest downfall is believing how could such an accurate graph be a scam? Well who says anything about having to paid your earnings at all? claims they are EU Regulated, but they are not regulated at all (refer to 'Authorization Form I-402')

A wise man once said,

" If you want to earn money without trading forex, one method used to make millions is to open a brokerage, wait until you get enough money on deposit, then close the brokerage.

Repeat under a new name every year or two. Sadly, there's always a steady supply of people ready to throw money in without checking little details like regulation. Just be sure to have a flashy website, offer some bonuses, claim to have been in business for many years, and say you were voted the #1 broker at the Freedonia Forex Awards in 2010." -- Pharoah

I quote this because is indeed the same bodies of people from the evil organization: (attachment 'Welcome to Safe-Option'; read the last sentence)
*Do not easily confuse them with the full working legit company called

Trader's Court Guilty Case:

Examine the phone number provided by the account manager named:
Jeff Brown: 44-20-33936502 (refer to 'MANAGED ACCOUNT AGREEMENT' and 'The Earning Reports of 2016' )

It is awfully the very same phone number as Kristin Taylor: 44-20 3393 6502 as reported by the TradersKing's victim guilty case.

If you call the number now, it will direct you to a car BMW's representative.,, and all have very near-identical website build. The only changes are the background layouts.

According to a post by Riclew: is also affiliated with those three mentioned companies.

What's in common the most: all of those companies already shut down their operation. literally just started shutting down their website less than 2 weeks ago starting March 22, 2017 after I strongly demanded them to give me specific detail rather than vague answer to my withdrawal issue.

How many more companies will this specific circus-crew create? How many STILL EXIST?

Phone numbers do not work.
Representatives, Emails, Skype and Any Phone Numbers Found: Support Team: <> 44-20-38071490 and 44-203-695-3417

Jeff Brown (Account Manager) <> 44-20-33936502 and 1 (646) 851-2641
Skype: jeff.b.72 and jeff.brown729

Stuart White (Account Manager) <>
Skype: live:stuart.signals

Michael Slava (Account Manager) 44-20-37697912

Dan Williams (Support Team) <>

Calvin David (Support Team) <>

Kristin Davis (Support Team) <>

bjvoip Ltd (Support Team) <>

Richard Van Deusen (CEO/Directing Board Member refer to attachment 'Terms & condition...' )

Adam Weiss (Head of Finance Department refer to attachment 'LOAN AGREEMENT...' )

Now finally my story of how I got into this mess that most people would rather not care about because everybody is always too busy with their own lives, what does one more added to the list of "injustice" makes any difference in this world since we're all going to grow old and die anyway, right?

Story 'briefly':

I spend most of my days on PC Games such as MMORPGs and MOBA (standalone games on steam is the best right now though honestly)

I'm a complete nubcake at binary option, stock market, forex

I clicked a pop-up ad online purely by mistake which directed me to Camp Cash (a website that is now shut down)

I joined Camp Cash after searching around at the time but mostly positive reviews mixed with like 1 negative review (Youtube and Google)

Camp Cash was a 3rd Party site that forwarded me to one of their broker platforms,

I created an account with

I did not deposit money until google searched for reviews.

At the time I only 'believed' in and for reviews, but did not saw blacklisted nor anyone post about it. Only 1 youtube video from 'somewhat' showcasing how is a scam

Honestly there were reviews out there that I would have no way of knowing is true or not because too many other sites have mixed reviews and many site promoted one thing while another site promoted the opposite. It was messy.

I used Leap of Faith (assassin creed reference but that leap obviously did not hit the haystack and now I'm just splattered everywhere)

I originally only wanted to make a $500 deposit, but the broker Jeff Brown baited me into a total of $1,000 first deposit on January 6, 2016 instead.

I tried to play binary option by myself to see how does it work, my gains/losses ended up losing $102.34; Never tried again and just relied on the broker to make all the plays because he told me his company offer 'insurance trades'. Plus, I'm a newbie and automatically assumed he was the pro

I asked him if insurance trades are the same as bonuses, he said no they're not the same. I specifically told him I want no bonuses at all (I read reviews)

Account balance went down, then up until it reached a little under $13K by February 15th, 2016 (bonuses were added to the account without my approvals but I ignored to question them because I'm still believing that Jeff Brown has been doing the 'insurance trades') At this time my total deposits were $3,630.00

I attempted to withdraw $500. I indeed successfully withdraw the $500 which appeared in my bank account.

Jeff Brown talked me into signing the attached "MANAGED ACCOUNT AGREEMENT" file on February 17, 2016 by selling me hopes and dreams. Baited.

The account balance grew to around $17K until later he offered to give me a $12K loan from SafeOption to upgrade to their highest tier available account package. Continued to sell me hopes and dreams. Signed and Baited. (Refer to attachment 'LOAN AGREEMENT Safe-Option & Alex Nguyen")

I fulfill my end of the agreement by depositing $2K a month. Baited hard.

By August 2016, I had already paid back $11K from the $12K loan and thought I only had to pay the last $1K by the beginning of September as per the Loan Agreement's "Payment" section clearly stated. Jeff Brown however strongly insisted I still owed an extra $2K by next month on top of the last $1K --- I naively complied thinking maybe there was somehow an interest fees associated after all but if not, then it's still going towards my account balance nothing 'bad'.

By September 2, 2016 I had deposit a total of $17,630 with my account balance at $114K

Jeff Brown traded in regards to the NFP on that very same Friday September 2, 2016 and lost all trades except one which brings the account down to just only $18,300 remaining. The account bonuses accumulated by Jeff Brown were 94,778 USD.

Tried to contact Jeff Brown by telling him it's ok we can still work together to shoot for the moon again, yet no replies from Jeff and got no reply from SafeOption Support's email

Within a week later, Jeff Brown's Skype remained offline and all previous known contact method did not work. Calling SafeOption was impossible because they do not pick up. Jeff Brown was my sole intermediary with SafeOption and with him gone, so did my sanity.

I even randomly placed trades out of frustration.

The biggest question I had was rather the obvious: Was I scammed? Or Perhaps this is how things simply 'works' in the binary option industry where account managers just disappear without any forewarning?

Alone in my need for answers, with each passing day of no reply I grew weary and disheartened. I was even in-denial of the obvious truth for nearly 2 months.

I personally thought Jeff Brown as a close true pal during our talk exchanges, one who I could confide with and be business partner in the far long run. Was I in the wrong?


You guys should've stopped reading this boring story already if you haven't done so like just stop

But if you're still reading, then I'll continue with Part 2 of the story but will try to wrap things up faster:

I later got back into SafeOption on November 3, 2016 and now am actually doing the trades myself.

Game On

I cross-reference using and as my source of news and updates.

By December 5th, 2016 I used what remained of the $18,300 in the account balance and have achieved an account balance of $2,352,584.44 with no additional bonuses.

I was able to get in contact with a SafeOption Live Support Chat representative and he confirmed that my trading balance needed to reach 2,810,200 USD before I can qualify to withdraw.
" In order to withdraw funds from an account that has been credited with a trading bonus, the trader will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of (bonus amount + Deposit) x25."

Thinking back now, there probably was no such thing as an actual bonus policy since the company had set themselves up to scam people in the first place.

Later on I created a new account just to see what kinds of reaction I can get from SafeOption and surely I got a call to my phone by this new account manager that goes by the name of "Stuart White"

During this time, my account balance was down a little under $1.4 mill

He strongly stated that I just need to actually reach $1.5 mill in order to "withdraw all I want", and in fact he will help pour money from his own personal savings to make sure I reach it without needing to risk it anymore. All he ask is that I try to "contribute" something too. This was suspicious already to me because at this time I was confident I should've far passed this bogus "minimal trading balance" requirement already and therefore be allowed to withdraw without the need to further do anything else.

I decided to give this company the last chance and did further deposited 2,550.00 USD by January 6, 2017 thereby having a cumulative deposit of $20,180 into this scamming company.

The only thing this did was increased my withdrawal 'hypothetical' minimum trading volume higher to now being $2,873,950 instead --- and the best part at the end of it all is how Stuart White later told me that 'unfortunately' he does not have sufficient money to help me reach this "1.5 mill" lies. Troll~
Last contact with Stuart White was also on January 6, 2017

Last contact with (the support team themselves) was back on March 16, 2017. They have deliberately ignored all of my several emails sent to them ever since.

Travel now to April 3, 2017 my account balance last seen before SafeOption website went down was $1,423,420.94

My recorded trades history consists of only the "investment" amount I have executed on each and every trade. No "Payouts" amounts were recorded nor factored. (Refer to attachment 'Account' as Microsoft Excel file)

Full detail of trades history may be uploaded in the future

Invitation to this thread will be sent to all known email-addresses.

Had I even caught wind of this here early enough:

Then I would've stopped dealing with Safe-Option immediately.

No representatives will bother to even join this thread discussion, very easy to tell.

*Sending all the files they got me to sign as well (pdf included)
* I cropped out my address on the "LOAN AGREEMENT..." file (saved for court and government agencies)

I still consider myself a newbie at trading the Forex and although I face a bump in the road so far , it will not stop my dream of learning how to make a living as a successful all-around traders

What's life without challenges? (I'm just trying to make myself feel a bit better here rather than throw myself out the window which is not high on my priority list at the moment xP )

This is some real-life DBZ's villains Frieza and Ginyu Force happening, they knew what's sup

In the end, I just want to wish everybody here at FPA and those out there the absolute best in their journey !

Welcome To Safe-Option.png Withdrawal.png Comparison1.png Comparison2.png Milestone.png


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The "Account" Microsoft Excel file is not an accepted extension here so instead I'll post pictures of it because not sure what else to do

As well as a "DOD..." file that has to be filled out after every single deposit1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png


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