SalmaForex Rep
Salmaforex has partnered with some of the most important forex liquidity providers to assure our clients that they benefit from the most competitive prices and best execution quality.

Our liquidity pool is strong as a result of our strong relationships with reputable banks and financial institutions. We have structured our services to provide institutional trading capabilities to all of our clients, whether large or small, professional trader or beginner.

SalmaForex offers direct access to multiple destinations of liquidity in the forex markets without the usual burdens of a deal desk that had previously been unavailable to the retail investor.

SalmaForex core beliefs are that long term business relationship can only be built through honesty and fairness. While many brokers have long chosen the more lucrative approach of being market maker, hence creating a conflict of interest between them and their client, our business model is based on offering a Straight Through Processing (STP) execution to all our clients, where all orders are transmitted directly to the market with no dealing desk intervention.

Furthermore, our main priority resides in offering the best execution and transparent pricing at all time, while giving our clients access to the market without any restriction.

International financial regulator sets the industry standard in which every person must obey. We all want to be honest and transparent rules on the market. SalmaForex enforce these rules in its work. Our lawyers are now working to submit the necessary documents to international regulatory agencies. So please wait for news, SalmaForex will become an international broker regulated this year, while de facto we already work in accordance with international regulatory standards. For any questions please contact us or email directly to