I want everyone out there not to do business with as they are first class. They also are not on the FPA database.

I am Chibo Benson with account number 1060728 at and was in business with them since November 2014, and made nothing but losses, yet reinvesting. On the 30th of November 2015, I reinvested 500 USD via Neteller, and made a withdrawal of 552 USD on the 9th of Dec 2015. I continued making winnings, and on the 22nd of Dec, I requested a withdrawal of 1716 USD via Neteller, but was told I cannot make sure withdrawal via bank wire, so I opted for bank wire which they claimed to send on the 24th of Dec 2015.

After waiting for weeks and yet receiving my funds, my bank advised that I request a swift receipt in other to help trace the funds, but claimed they cannot provide it as it is something banks handle internally, which we would all agree is false. I was advised to continue trading while they trace the whereabouts of my missing funds, and I obliged. After waiting another month, I requested a withdrawal via Neteller, but was told I can no longer make withdrawals until my missing funds are found. Also that I should stop trading as they would have to freeze my account of 2455usd till further notice. Then I knew they were fraud, and threatened to report them to FPA, only then did Mike Hamilton who I believe to be the manager replied to me directedly, asking me to provide some documents which were successful uploaded and accepted, but then the story changed again. He said I have multiple accounts with them, of which is associated with fraud. Interestingly, they approved all those accounts USD GBP EUR.

Suddenly they stopped processing USD-Neteller clients but never told their clients that was going to happen; I am not sure they were being truthful though. After all, I was only able to receive 500usd which they said was them returning my initial deposit, but yet to receive the withdrawal that was processed on the 24th of Dec 2015, and also my frozen funds, 1955 USD, in total of 3671 USD. Thanks for reading.

PS: I have all proofs.


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Lt. Colonel
Thanks for letting know about the website, now come to solution. Invite them to join this thread and ask them to give response here on your case.


Thanks for letting know about the website, now come to solution. Invite them to join this thread and ask them to give response here on your case.
Thanks for acknowledging my post.

I have sent them an email with a link, still awaiting their response.


Claims to have been founded in 2009, but the website was only registered in November of 2014.

Claims to be registered in St. Vincent - it would be worth contacting the St Vincent and Grenadines FSA.

Also claims two UK offices. A message to the UK FSA and FOS would not be a bad idea.


This individual received his initial investment plus USD 500 and all accounts have been closed as there is a pending criminal investigation against him. His attempts to request and receive funds from us via Western Union were also denied several times as was the costly bank transfer to an account in Turkey that does not exist in his name. We are also informed by Western Union that his Nigerian passport is not authentic.

Sandton Corporation are registered in St. Vincent. Our IBC number is 21786 and it was granted in 2013. Our initial website (SandtonFX) has been updated many times since 2009 (domain name also). The newest version was created in 2015 as we are now known as Sandton Direct. We having nothing to do with the FCA. Our liquidity providers, however, are fully licensed and registered in the U.K. and are fully regulated by the FCA.

We maintain offices both in the U.K. and North America, and they are run by a network of traders and customer service reps. The U.K. office on our site is for X Open Hub. You will not find one complaint against us anywhere since day one.

Unfortunately, we cannot comment any further on this individual whilst an investigation of this nature is pending.