i was opened the account on Jun 26 2013. My account number 2088529452.I have deposited 250$ and received 200% bonus.I made a some profit and requested my first withdraw 520$ on 27 jun 2013,i received my first withdraw amount 520$ to my Moneybookers account.

I was continue my trading and again i made some profit,3 july 2013 i have requested my second withdraw 1040$ on 3 july. They deducted my withdraw amount 1040$ from my trading account.But not send to my moneybookers account.I contact them,they told me,our moneybookers account blocked and we will send the payment to your paypal account on 5 july. But still not get my withdraw amount to my Paypal or Moneybookers account.
i contact them through phone number,they are not respond my call.Please somebody help me to get my profit amount.
Go ahead and send a message to SaxFx asking them to please come to this thread and explain the reason for the delay.
That's funny they have a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" in their site, I guess they meant that the company will be 100% satisfied :)
profit.erol stated that from the people behind I have not checked the connection, but I would not be surprised if we found a criminal network