SCAM ALERT. Be aware of Nathaniel Phil, and Forex Signals Factory


I got scammed by the admin guy Nathaniel Phil who offers account management at Forex Signals Factory on Telegram.

(This was back in March 2022, but I posted this a comment on another thread)

I invested $500 - now over $2000 in loss. First he took the money I had or was supposed to have (he showed me a screenshot of the amount of money I had in my account) on the first broker account (OctaFX) he used. When I finally got access to the account there was zero money.

When I confronted him about this, he then transferred my funds to Chain Broker Trader - an unregulated scam broker ( where its impossible to withdraw. I stopped trying to withdraw after they kept requesting fees, keep giving me different wallets to pay the fee...and so on.

STAY AWAY! and report them to the authorities


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